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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why don’t you see what we see Mr Wenger?

By 1970’s Gooner

We see a team that is stuffed with young kids, who have tremendous potential and who on their day can outplay anyone including the eventual Premiership champions.

We see a squad that has been shorn of its experienced players in the last four years which have not been replaced by anyone near their quality level.

We see a squad that when a few injuries fall upon first team players young kids are asked to do a man’s job.

We see the young kids surrender leads in the last few minutes of injury time because they do not possess the cunningness to run the clock down.

Yet we see phenomenal football, football the way it should be played, football that even Brazil would be proud of.

And we wonder in amazement that a team, our team, can pass the ball so well, weave so many pretty patterns and score so many beautiful goals that each and every one of them is a candidate for Goal of the Month or even of the year.

And we try and overcome our instinctive reactions to one defeat after another, to another victory snatched in the dying embers of an epic match, to another draw that should have been an easy win.

To another year of what should have been, if only…

If only we had a few more experienced players who don’t have to do the pretty football and yes who are over the age of 22.

If only we could buy ready made footballers in positions we are really weak rather than trying to blood in the promising youngsters and wait for them to reach adulthood.

If only we had the time and luxury to risk losing our world class players again as they grow impatient and disillusioned when they see their exceptional talents and aspirations disappearing down the sands of time with nothing to show for it at the end of their short professional football lives.

If only we had the time to wait for all of those talented youngsters that proliferate the whole squad, from the first teamers, those hugging the bench to those getting ready to come out of puberty and join the first team squad, to grow up together so that at least one day we really could say that



Anonymous said...

Dear fellow Gunners,

Dont be surprised to see Arsenal competing for 1st and 2nd position in end of February. Its a matter of time where we can put string of wins which will provide momentum to the team. Juz wait for Eduardo to return and I believe AW will buy in January.So plz be patient. I'm sure AW has the upperhand compared to Rafa and Scolari. Dunt care bout Aston. Its a flash in the pan.Form is temporary,class is permanent. Goonners ALWAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

The poster above me is utter deluded ^.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the article above...We need to buy some experienced players, yes players...more than one of them. How are the young guns going to get the experience if there aren't any experienced players in the squad.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we fail to see something he can...

Anonymous said...

In the seasons prior to 2005 Aw was able to keep pace with the red faced.He started changing tack,I believe, sometime after 2006 with his buy young loan out policy.
If he had carried on his old strategy, Arsenal won't be in such a slump.
Btw his emphasis on pretty soccer over results is going to backfire with the gunners unable to clinch the fourth cl spot

Anonymous said...

I have been reading posts like the first for 4 or 5 seasons now. I admire the optimism and agree that patience is a virtue. But frankly there comes a time when you have to start believing the evidence of your own eyes. Arsenal cannot hold a lead to save their lives. We have got NO CHANCE of winning the title this season, and unless we bring in some decent midfield and defence reinforcement we'll not get into the Champions League either. Wenger knows the score, he's just too stubborn to admit he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

agree we need new keeper, 2 new cb at least 2 new experienced midfielders 1 a holding. Sick of hearing how yong the team is.
yes we have got lots of talent in resevers coming through, but in 3-4 years they will be sold. wake up wenger please.......

Anonymous said...

we need to buy players already in the premiership,such as j Bullard who can score from free-kicks and a good centre back to replace Gallas.

Anonymous said...

the young players come in and play in a weak team surrounded by hardly any experience or role models. rather than developing these players to the peak of their potential we are harming their development with the policy of too many youngsters. the balance is simply not right despite the fact that some of these young players are as good as any around.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Gallas has all he experience in the world but he still let Villa back into the game.

You folks keep looking for easy answers but the problems defy those kinds of answers.

leon said...

idont believe this has to with experience all together that fact arsenal lack a quality dm,but with the likes delinson,diaby,ramsey are clearly good enough they create enough oportunities but there is no pace in the team or width,wenger is no fool he is awear of the problems but he has cope the players he has until the tranfer market opens and you dont get the best of your players by publicly critizing them.when i look at the vill agame evon without fab and there top players they created enough chances to score at least 4'5 goals so there no problem there but i think you forgetting arsenel were 3 strikers and only 1 real winnger. there is no dought that wenger does need to a buy quality centrel midfield player a dm player.edwardo wll welcome addition to the squad but needs beefing up