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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Get rid of Eboue Arsene

By 1970’s Gooner

Eboue is a disgrace. We all gave him the benefit of the doubt when he had that awful substitute appearance against Wigan as he was unfit. But he has been, along with Adebayor, the worst Arsenal performer since.

He has been lucky in that almost all other alternatives are injured and Wenger has been reluctant to play Vela there. So we have had to endure some pathetic performances from him.

He is a player who doesn’t play with his brain and when you are positioned in the more creative areas of the pitch you have to do that. Simply passing the ball to the opponent is just not good enough.

He started well however in this North London derby making thrusting runs and getting a goal that was wrongly disallowed. Maybe he sensed that his days were numbered with Arshavin’s arrival. But to get himself sent off is just plain stupidity.

He got the first yellow for arguing with the referee who had already warned him three times to step away. But to trip Modric like he did when Arsenal had possession anyway and then to stand above him and pretend that Modric was faking it just goes to show how immature he is.

I’ve had enough. He should go and if Milan or any other team would are stupid enough to take him then please Arsene get rid of him.

The other player that Arsene should get rid of is Adebayor.

He has been a shadow of himself this season; lethargic, late on the ball and when he jumps we all know he will not get the header. Bendtner at least tries. Adebayor’s injury could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Robin Van Persie needs a decent support striker in front of him and at the moment there is only Bendtner.

If Eduardo and Arshavin get match fit quickly then Wenger can find a way to play Van Persie with one of them along side him. We do need to get these two players playing again soon.

The other area that needs to be addressed is the central midfield.

Denilson I am sorry to say was inept throughout the game. His passes were almost all overhit and his decision making of whether to hold the ball and gain time or to pass it let him down.

We wait and hope that when our injured players come back especially Fabregas, Eduardo and Walcott then we will find that balance and quality that we have so evidently been lacking.

Notwithstanding the above it was a fantastic performance defending for almost an hour with ten men.


Rahul said...

Injury picked by ade.. Arshavin signing looks a miracle now eh? For the life of me, y does eboue have 2 b such a character!!! He could have been a lot more effective if he wud hv kept his eccentricities to diving. But it looks as if it is a blessing in disguise.
Now Wenger has to play arshavin!! LEGALLY!!! :D
The back 4 looked solid though.. and Almunia marshaled them well.
Now if only we have our first string midfield back. I guarantee.. we at least will have the 'TOP 4' position. (Hopefully by pushing away Chelsea!! :P)

Anonymous said...

I agree, we should sold him to Ath Madrid, Name one thing good that he did since 2007?

And everyone went soft on him after he got boo last year, well if anyone now come and say we should not boo him, then f==k off.

Anonymous said...

Usual knee jerk reaction. In the first instance, why not give the player the benefit of the doubt on the first yellow card. He was Arsenal's most penetrating and liveliest player up to the sending off.

We are a team, absolutely decimated by midfield injuries, unlike Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky and Diaby out. Plus Eduardo and Arshavin not really match ready.

We are paying for the lack of concentration and bad results in November. The current form isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Song was immense today. He was everywhere - putting his foot in, passing weel and keeping the ball. He was showing the clas he had in the ACN. MotM display !

Anonymous said...

song was brilliant today. the most under rated arsenal player. his presence kept forcing them out wide to a player with little end product,A.lennon. i thought we were very good considering we had 10 men for 70 minutes. anyone who is dissappointed with a draw considering the circumstances is as much a fool as eboue, who should be replaced. i would take robbie savage, and i hate robbie savage.

JonJon said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody should give Eboue the benefit of the doubt he is the worse signing Arsene has ever made. Thank god we have got Arshavin, with Theo and edu due back shortly. Agree about Song, getting better and better

Anonymous said...

get rid of him...simply a liability whenever he,s booked.

Anonymous said...

Forget Eboue, get rid of Wenger!!

Anonymous said...

I really think none of this shit helps really but he is frustrating most of the time. It's funny but he was really trying today. Maybe that was a bad thing. I thought the defense and Song done very well. I don't wanna hear any Song bashing no more. He had a good game today and a very good game against Liverpool a few weeks ago. He's not a great passer and he looks asleep most of the time but he does what's expected of him and thats tackle and win balls.
If Eboue wasn't sent off we would of seen Arshavin at some point and maybe even Eduardo both of whom we will need in the next couple of weeks.
Still a long way to go friends. Hopefully Walcott is back soon so we don't have to worry about who plays on the right of our midfield. If Diaby was fit Eboue would of been on the bench so maybe we should blame him too.

Anonymous said...

At this moment Song's stock is a buy while Denilson's stock is a sell. The latter game is digressing one will never guess that he is a Brazlian because he lacks the Brazilian Jenga. However one can not argue that the duo has not given a galliant effort to save the point.

Eboue's childish behavior has shown us that
has no place to be on starting 11 on Arsenal
team that is fighting for a spot on CL. At best
he is a back up for left back.

Anonymous said...

Ade's hamstring injury is a blessing in disguise. Educardo will take his place and score more goals! Dudu looks sharp during the reserve match and now just need a couple more matches.

We are now defensively sound, keeping a couple of clean sheets in our last few matches. We just need our injured attacking players back, and of course for Arshavin to get match-fit before we start dominating matches .....

Atishay said...

Denilson had a shocker?! Denilson worked his socks off for the team today. Please don't expect him to be another Cesc..He's not a good creative midfielder, but he works extremely hard all over the pitch, and his presence along with Song (Who was awesome) was vital in us not conceding a goal with 10 men on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Denilson does work his socks off but sometimes his passing can be woeful! Like today there were a number of times he gave the ball away in dangerous areas or times when we could've had a break away. I'm sick of people who say we didn't need Arshavin,that we need a strong DM in the January window. How many goals have we conceded in the last 2 games? How many goals have we scored?? In the summer yes we definitely need a tough guy in the middle but right now we need a more attacking creative threat!

Anonymous said...

What a shame seeing all you gooners arguing between yourselves .... !!!

Champions league NEVER AGAINChampions league NEVER Champions league NEVER AGAIN

Anonymous said...

I thought Song was average today, Gallas was Arsenal's top performer IMO. Palacios for Spurs gave the performance that we need in the middle of the park, strong on the ball and in the tackle, lots of energy supporting attack and defence.

Anyways, a good point in the circumstances but it will still be a struggle for 4th.... Should be interesting

Anonymous said...

Eboue is a tepramental little twat that need to adjust his tampon!!
The word's "prfessional fottballer" should'nt be mentioned in the same sentence as him.
He is dead set a brain explosion waiting to happen!!!
It is now 100% clear that the risks out wheigh the benefits of having him on the field.

Anonymous said...

Eboue is a tepramental little twat that need to adjust his tampon!!
The word's "prfessional fottballer" should'nt be mentioned in the same sentence as him.
He is dead set a brain explosion waiting to happen!!!
It is now 100% clear that the risks out wheigh the benefits of having him on the field.

Anonymous said...

Get over it children. You should be railing at Mike Dean for denying a good goal and giving Pavlychenko a free ride all day. Song was great; Denilson usually is, but as all players do had a poor day. Not as poor as Clichy, so howcum none of you geniouses mention how Lennon made mincemeat of him?

Before he was sent off, Eboue was the offense, but you only rag on Ade, not RVP or Nasri.

Eboue played dumb; those were stupid stupid yellows. He lets his emotions get the better of him, and hasn't learned that only white English players can get away with doing that. (Rooney, Terry, Gerrard -- or is it ok because they are better talents?)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't of said it better myself.Great comment!

The problem is since flamini and gilberto left we have exposed our defence and song and denilson are not top 4 premiership players.

Eboue,Song should be sold they have had more than enough time perform and we cannot afford to finish 5th -Denilson and Adebayor to warm that bench up...

I am completely shocked why wenger didn't try to sign Kevin Nolan(he is english,big lad,hard in the tackle,has premiership expeirence)
He was also cheap but let me guess he isn't a pretty player...never mind the fact that he could patrol the defence and let cesc destroy teams........

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