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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eduardo: “It cannot be true. I am not injured”

By Aries

Eduardo has expressed dismay with regard to the news, apparently given by Arsene Wenger after the Columbia- Arsenal game, on his fitness.

Wenger was quoted as saying that Eduardo will take another two months to return to action and the media of course made a big meal out of it and started writing stories that Eduardo had suffered a relapse.

Wenger said: “… in the next two months we’ll have Eduardo back as well, so we have offensive options, but you do not want to lose important players before the season starts.”

Well, according to Eduardo himself this cannot be further from the truth! Speaking today to Croatian paper “Jutarhji” he said:

“I do not know anything about the statement made by my coach. It can not be true. I am completely ready physically”

He went on to say that he has already been told in which games he will play in Austria and even for how long in each game.

“I was told that I will play between 20 and 30 minutes on the 27th July when we play against Szombatelya. Two days later against Hannover 96 I will play a half” he said.

So if we are to believe Eduardo then we can only assume that Wenger was referring to the time that will take for Eduardo to get back to proper fitness after being out for such a long time.

“I feel great, next week I will play for Arsenal, and I believe that everything will be OK” Eduardo concluded.


Anonymous said...

I think Wenger meant "for the next 2 months..."

ie, Eduardo will be available to make up for Nasri being missing

Anonymous said...

The two months was the amount of time before Nasri returns,. Wenger was just talking about who he had available to replace Nasri. It had nothing to do with Eduardo or his fitness it was just poorly phrased on Wenger's part

Anonymous said...

Wenger clearly meant that he is healthy to fill any gap over the next two months with Nasris absense

Anonymous said...

Wenger clearly meant that he is healthy to fill any gap over the next two months with Nasris absense

Anonymous said...

Anon, @ 9.52 pm - however articulate Arsene is, we have to remember that English is not his first language so he should be given some slack for the fact that he missed out a word in his sentence, which left it open to misinterpretation. Rather blame the harbingers of doom who are only too quick to leap on the slightest thing and start making a negative mountain out of it.

If people are going to presume to write about the club, they should take some time to visit the official website to check out the accuracy of these reports before leaping on the media driven sensationalist band-wagon.

Unknown said...

Were Wenger's words really that misleading? When I heard him saying that in ATVO, I understood him at once. Of course what he meant was that during the next two month (which Nasri would be absent), Edu would filled in the blank.
I never misunderstand "in the next two month" as "in two month"...

But I am not an native speaker myself, so I guess English people see it differently?

Anonymous said...

I hope that doesn't mean that wenger's going to try to play eduardo as a holding midfielder. What on earth was nasri doing there last season? molten poker rakeback

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:28

Anonymous said...

haha i also heard on atvo wenger said in two months but fix the statement to avoid misinterpretation

"And in [those] two months Eduardo will be back as well."

Unid05 said...

In the next two months = while Nasri is missing

How in the world can someone whose mother tongue is English not understand that? I understand if the Croatian media got some bad translations, but if it was NOTW publishing stuff like this, well, they've just sunk to new levels of stupidity. said...

Thanks for the good job man. I had known Dudu wasn't injuried.

Those that reported him injuried needs to be registered at a physco or my kid's kindergarten.

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