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Sunday, March 13, 2011

An open letter to the Arsenal players

By 1970’s Gooner

It was I think Harold Wilson, the Labour leader and Prime Minister back in the 60’s and 70’s that coined the phrase: “A week is a long time in politics”. And the same is so very true of the world of football.

You’ve all had a very difficult 15 days. The last minute defeat in the Carling Cup Final, Champions League elimination and now the defeat at Manchester United in the FA Cup.

The only game where one can say that you were truly beaten was at the hands of the best team in the world, Barcelona.

A team that you matched and beat at the Emirates in that epic first leg. A victory that made everyone all over the globe put Arsenal Football Club up there as one of the best teams in the world.

And in my opinion if Fabregas and van Persie were fit for the return leg it would have been a different story…

Do you think that Manchester United or Chelsea would have escaped the Neu Camp without a comprehensive drubbing? They would have certainly been handed a severe beating.

Your performance at Old Trafford suffered due to low moral and fatigue, coming so soon after the game at Barcelona.

Yet without playing at your best you still created enough chances to have won the game. It’s no coincidence that man of the match was Edwin van der Sar! If it weren’t for his fantastic saves a different story would have unfolded.

You now have an opportunity to write history for Arsenal Football Club. Only three points behind in the League and with one game in hand.

You have a week to rest your weary legs and more significantly, your souls.

Regroup, dust yourselves off and get going again. You owe it to Arsenal Football Club, the manager, the fans and to your selves.

Manchester United are still involved in the FA Cup and the Champions League and their long list of fixtures are bound to take their toll.

The League title is there for the taking. Win the next game at West Brom and the title race is back on again. The last 15 days will then be forgotten.

And you will then come to realise that “a week is a very long time in football”


Anonymous said...

great Article we need to get behind the lads true fans will support their team and forget the journalistic nonsense and do not even bother listening to talkshite radio or any other pundit

Anonymous said...

yeh right mate, keep on towing the party line, 6 YEARS in arrogant wenger's little experiment with people like you, perry groves, stuart robson, kenny sampson it'll just be the same year in year out
trying to play like baby barca but without the personnel to do it, when was the last time he changed the system of the way we play debending who we are playing ie bolton to barca maybe he hasn't got the ability to do so

Anonymous said...

sounds like a pep talk written by Wenger.

No wonder we don't win

Anonymous said...

well said! the players need to step up now, earn their wagers and the respect of the doubting fans, they are the only one's that can do that, prove the faith that arsene wenger has put in them and prove they are proud to wear the shirt, i am expe cting them to win the leaugue and I don't care what they do to get it
come on you gooners

Anonymous said...


wrapping them in cotton wool isnt the answer

what really needs to be said is..

'ive got 16 players coming back from loan and ive got a 30mil transfer kitty, ive already got a list of players who are out of the door in the summer, youve all got 10 games to prove your any use to the club or your definately gone and replaced, if we dont win the pl your arsenal days are done, no more new contracts and pay rises for losing, win a trophy or its the transfer list'

then we'll see a few of them get their act together

Jekyll said...

anon at 7.10 has it bang on. Wenger's been telling them they're great and unlucky for years now - not working is it? Time for a change of tack. That's the kind of support they need the type that makes them wake up. scares them a bit, not more platitudes that keep them in their comfort zone and nothing changes.

Not going to happen with this manager though is it?

paul said...

I am sorry, but that does not sound inspirational at all. Feels more like the string of excuses that we all hav been using for the past 2 weeks. This teams needs to win their next few days or get their asses kickd. simple as that

Anonymous said...

a good attempt to spin what has happened but the truth is that we are a team full of bottlers with an accountant/dictator/comedian for a manager.

we have been here before and most of us with any sense know that we will not win the title.

like i said long ago: groundhog day, groundhog season.

there is always next year or as those manc scum sang: one more year one more year one more year...

Anonymous said...

more of the same wenger crap.
its ok to lose, its ok to go out of 3 competitions in 2 weeks. its ok to show the world that we are a team of bottlers with no desire to break a 6 year losing streak.
dont worry, your pay will still be lodged in the bank.

Anonymous said...

This is all true, the problem is they are unlikely to beat Man Utd or Tottenham without a lot of luck, however, I hope you are right. The only problem will be if we do win the league Wenge will believe he was right, and he palpably isn't

Kapil said...

nice letter but that time's over.. Like one OF anonymous said- players have got 10 matches to prove .. Denilson and Diaby Eboue should be thrown straight out without delay.. These players are just not good enough if you want to win things.. We do not play as a team and take ages to reach the D from our own like we saw yesterday giving them too much time to react.. Just see the Invincibles counter attack.. It would make most defenders shit in their pants.. Now only Walcott and occasionally Arshavin Nasri do it..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with anon 7.10!
No more of this "its ok boys, it was badluck that we lost" or "it just wasn't our day" bullshit, kick the f@&kers up the a$$ and tell them either you shape up or you can piss off!!!
Enough is enough!

Nik. Sydney, Aust.

Unknown said...

i can not understand this we was unlucky theory

The boys played predictable football no pace what so ever in the attack
they looked and played like a team that has no idea on how to score

you can not pass the ball around and hope to make a chance at some point you have to shoot and i dont mean from 5 yards that was a predictable effort once again

im thinking its time to let wenger go


Anonymous said...

I think everyone missed the point with the last 5 or 6 years.

We haven't won silverware. We have challenged and have been to finals and have not had enough to cross the finishing line.

But the remarkable thing is, whatever we have done has been done with a certain financial constraint and blue print that essentially means that Arsenal are almost certainly set up for a seat at the top table for the next 100 years. Multi-billionaires are pumping money into lesser clubs and we find ourselves in a position where we cn look them in the eye (on the pitch at least).

Well done Wenger. Herbert Chapman revolutionised not just Arsenal but the way football was administered and percieved in the UK. Looks like Wenger has done the same and his legacy will be felt for many generations to come.

Sack him?

No way. He deserves a standing ovation and it looks like the medals and silverware are going to start arriving sooner rather than later as the team HAS been edging closer and closer.

Keep the faith,it will come and this week will be forgotten.

Unknown said...

Wenger should go..enough said

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with this article, i back Arsenal FC to the end, and i have not given up on this team. They will win the league this season, and all the so called "Supporters" that keep on bringing this team down need to shut up, support their team or get a new team. Wenger needs to stay, what he has done to this team is amazing, and no other coach will be able to replicate what he has done.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys enough is enough. We have been watching game after game after... and this guys are not up to it. Imagine the energy and ambition little jack has. Why don't these stupid Densele, Diaby, Ebou, rosciky, bedtner, and co didnot learn a wining mentality from him. he is just 19 but he is fighting like 27-30. If not why they are still with the club. I didn't get it also why wenger doesn't have a plan, tactical change depends on the team we are going to face? The only time I sow him changing is last week against Barcelona. That was even tactically wrong. Barcelona were without there first choice center backs and we should attack them from the beginning to the end so that their creative midfield players to push back and get space for our players. Do you guys think wenger is doing his job as a manager(not as economist)? Is not a manager suppose to develop wining mentality among players? How on earth Man UTD scored two goals with 7 defensive players in the pitch and we didn't??? I hate this, coming to the dead end and we are going to finish the season empty handed.

Down is Arsen wenger

Anonymous said...

Yes. Great post, unlike the anti this anti that of some blogs.

Anonymous said...

That the gunners are predictable is a fact.After god knows how many passes to reach the box, they are dumbfounded at the sight of massed defenders anti fotball ,.They then try to weave a way thru.
It is during this phase they are most vulnerable to the sucker punch.
It has happened many times before and will happen in the coming weeks.Wenger refuses to address it and carries on with his pretty weaving soccer resulting in more defeats and pain.
Frankly I have lost my trust in him . He is forever blaming others but not himsself.
He has to think of something else or becomea director.

Anonymous said...

When exactly was it that we had a better team than one of Arsene's? I simply don't get the level of criticism on boards, given that we are so close to the title again and everything the man has done for the club. I wonder if UTD fans are calling for Fergie's head now that we have effectively caught them up? There will always be players that fans do not take to, but what happened to supporting your team? Do none of us remember the early and mid 80's? Was that better??

Anonymous said...

Great article.

The overreaction and lack of rationality shown from the media and large sections of the fanbase is laughable.

The worst result over the last two weeks was the Sunderland one, and the only one that really mattered. The worst things that've happened are the injuries to szczesny and jd. Bar that losing at the camp nou and old Trafford is hardly a surprise for any team in the world.

Obviously any loss hurts though and a great deal of fans are unable to retain any objectivity when experiencing the emotions associated with losses, not to mention the fact that the media love an arsenal "crisis"

Anonymous said...

No they won't be forgotten. Winning the Premier League by default and at the expenses of another team's continuing success iof other competitions isn't good enough. The league hasn't been a case of who's best this year, it's been who's least worst. And we'll still always be known as the team who surrendered 3 cups to win a league. It's just not good enough. And you know what?! It's not even going to happen. I can see a slippery slide down to 3rd or 4th now. Wenger has taken the club as far as he can. He just can't compete with the big boys anymore and has lost his way. He needs to leave at the end of the season! End of!

Anonymous said...

Wenger now expects a fast recovery against Albion. I'm afraid if he carries on his game plan as used the last five years,be warned.He could be in for deep disappointment.
I expect Albion to play anti soccer and stifle the gunners in midfield. If the gunners carry on with the pass here and everywhere game, it is a recipe for an Albion
hit and score.Don't be surprised Albion can win the match if Wenger
plays his usual game plan.

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to differentiate between the team and the club. I think we all love the club, but a lot of people now HATE the team. I know I do. GET Arsèhole Wanker OUT!

Anonymous said...

I did witness the 60s onwards & AW has done great but his concepts have been taken on by our opposition in the EPL, witness this year's surprises.

AW lost his momentum about 3 years back when he didn't buy a GK & DMF, now he needs a top DMF & striker, not a trainee. He also needs someone who will speak up, drill the defense & teach the 'wingers' how to cross!

Anonymous said...

Like the article there's only one problem some of our players are not good enough, and I doubt they care about the club. Wenger needs to buy top class players and build the team round super jack.

The Editor said...

It's not about systems and motivations - although they are important, over time the better team wins. That's why the best team wins the league.

Wenger's signed kids - some work out, some don't. He needs the chutzpah to move them on quickly when it's clear they won't make the grade.

Denilson. Too slow, too weak, not enough forward motion. Decent player, not a world beater. Must do better.

Rosicky. Very, very good player. But if you're going to be that advanced and out wide, you have to be able to score, and he can't in the PL. Need to be able to beat a man too. So, he has to play centrally, and he's 3rd choice there. Has to go.

Bendtner. I actually like a great deal, but he should be playing week in weak out for Birmingham or Bayern. If you're coming off the bench, you need to be bloody clinical and offer a unique threat: i..e Hernandez in the box for Man U. Walcott on the wing. Something different and better. Brntdner is just a not-as-good-as Van Persie or Chamakh. Too slow. Must go.

Nonetheless, IMHO if you compare resources with results, Wenger wins. Occassional world class signing to bolster a squad would also be good. And a midfielder who can competently score from distance in midfield.

And we should have a defensive coach at Arsenal too. We did, one year, and we made the champions league final.

GunnerPete said...

Sadly I am a Gunner a real Gunner ie; I have supported the club since I was seven 61 years ago so Ive seen the periods bewteen 1953 and 1971. Then Ive suffered througout the massive trophyless years created by our disgustingly selfish board of directors who refused to invest immediately after our successes 9in fact they sold stars who took us there!).

Now I read the brave anonymous posts above and realise just how many spoilt brats follow AFC nowdays.

Yes Arsene has long since lost perspective re; building a blanaced squad. And yes AFC have spent on a great new stadium (which should have been a max capacity of 65,000 from the start.

Yes, AW has built a 50/50 squad that means that if we have a full first eleven we would have won at least 2 trophies per year for 6 seasons, but because the second 50% of the squad is 1st div class only, we fall apart as soon as the cream gets injured.

Yes thsi is his fault only and yes he should be told that we and the board will not accept it anymore. Either he adds great quality to our crap defence (as Herbie Chapman said 'dont let in goals and you dont lose) or we have to say goodbye to the experiment of youth production.

Personally...I would love to see 4 top quality defenders in the Rias mold to give us massive authority. This would allow us to play Koscienly,Djuorou, Sagna in DM roles when needed and that is nearly every other week!!

I would sell deadwood who have failed for 5 years and a few bad buys ie; Sqillaci & Diaby. Denilson, Rosicky, Arsharvin, Clichy, Bentner...have all been second rate against first rate opposition...this remains the reasons we fall apart in Feb/March every year. The money from their sales would buy some of the defenders needed and at least one great goal scorer/poacher (like EDUARDO !)

Until AW can accept this is the way we will (A) stumble on with big hopes and little acheivements or (B) Our beloved club becomes another Tottenham ie; second rate with high hopes and nothing to show for it.

Anonymous said...

what a load of old bollocks! Surely by now you should know that Arsenal suffer this 2 week capitulation on a yearly basis?!
I actually look forward to this, after listening to my gooner mates harping on about being the best team on the planet all season long blah blah blah only to fall out of every competition like falling down stairs. Face it boys you bottle it everytime a big match comes round. Then it's ah but we were cheated and oh we had someone sent off - same old lame excuses from the goners.

Anonymous said...

Trouble with football fans these days, they want it all. Do these people really think a change of manager and personal will guarantee arsenal 100% record, pathetic really. If you don't like it go an support team. Club is better off without you.

Anonymous said...

Trouble with football fans is they are getting mugged off by managers and players talking a good game but never really pulling it off. And what do to we get in return
1- disappointment
2- uncertainty about players staying
And 3 my favorite- increased season tickets because the team has done so well this season.

Pls tell me if I'm wrong in any way

Anonymous said...

Yes you are wrong. What do you think is going to
Happen with a new manager and set Of players? We are going to win the quadruple?... No.. It's highly unlikely? Who said arsenal has a god given right to a trophy?

Why do west brom fans support west brom? Why are they not always annoyed with not winning any silverware? What about the other teams in the bottom half? are they calling for the managers head, do you think they whinge?

It's unfortunate we have not won anything, that's life, we have got to finals, we are always in the top four and we play football the majority of the teams can only dream of, I've watched many a game when another teams pulls off one decent move In the whole game and get applauded. Arsenal do this week in and week out, and entertain millions around the world?. Isn't that why we watch football?

Support arsenal because it's arsenal.

Chris said...

I've been a football fan for fifty years. I grew up watching Derby County and Forest but since moving to the London area many years ago I've fallen in love with the Gunners, who I felt were the first team I'd seen whose football not only excited me but pleased my sense of what was beautiful about the game. I've been disappointed these last few years like everyone else - after watching the Invincibles and the double sides it was easy to believe the trophies would keep on coming. But trophies aren't easy to win and sometimes teams go through patches when they struggle to reach their own highest standards. Arsene Wenger has transformed the Gunners from a run of the mill outfit with a history of some success into one of the world's great clubs with a team that is a joy to watch at its best and, yes, frustrating at its worst. But let's be serious here: we can't abuse AW after every setback and demand success as if it's a commodity you can buy off the shelf like a packet of fish fingers. This side had done brilliantly this year even if we win nothing. Vermaelen's injury has been covered and in doing so we've found an intelligent and skilful CB pairing that will get better. Wilshere has arrived, Nasri is looking a wonderful player and Walcott is at last coming of age. There are too many pub managers out there who rant and demand that we buy a great new centre back or a great new striker. Money no option. OK - who are these players and where do we get them from? According to the loonies they must be brilliant straight out of the box. Cristiano Ronaldo then? Gerard Pique? Let's have Messi while we're at it...and we haven't even started compiling a list of managers who are fit to lick AW's shoes, never mind take over from him. Too many of the loonies - and there are plenty contributing to this blog - live in Wonderland. My advice is to cool down, grow up and enjoy a bloody good side that's only going to improve. If you want big money antics and the "stars" they buy, head off to the Bridge or Citeh, where they are less successful this year than we are and it has cost them not only piles of money but a great deal of dignity. Up the Gunners!

Anonymous said...

Well said chris.

Anonymous said...

Where did I say we need to get rid of the manager. Read correctly before you go off on one.

Chris said...

I don't know which Anonymous you are - so I couldn't have accused YOU (whoever you are) of "wanting to get rid of the manager". It's looks like there are a number of people wanting that and it's those people I'm talking to. But, if you're one of those moaning about the current side and crying out for big signings then, yes, I mean you too.

Reggie said...

When was the last time the scum finished above us. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

The problem was started by Wenger and only he can solve it. Tactically he has lost it.He still insists on playing the same way with results going his way agaginst some of the lowly teams. Where matches that mattered,he has been found short. Yeah I know Chelsea were beaten but then he had a fully fit team.
The manager earns his keep when his first team players aint fit and here he has been found negligent short if you like. On hind sight,he shd have got at least one defender during the Jan tw.
All is not lost provided he plays his cards right.If he is arrogant and plays the same way for the remaining games,that's it.If he wins ,ok. If he were to lose the big games, then he will be a danger to Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

wenger is the problem. good to see ramsey back, can anyone tell me what qualities does rosicky possess