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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tottenham is doing all the deals that Arsenal should be

By 1970’s Gooner

We have seen it all seen it before.

During the pre season Arsene signs a few unknown, usually French or French speaking, players with immense potential.

During their debut season, they show that they are stars in the making but unfortunately the whole team implodes when the business part of the season descends upon them.

I say the whole team because the rest of the players are mostly all foreign and young.

And as soon as one of the players reaches maturity and actually achieves that star status that was predicted he wants off because he realises that he will probably miss out during his prime years on those trophies and titles that he feels he richly deserves.

Fabregas and Nasri this year, van Persie will be next and Wilshere in a few years time.

We also all know as well that what is needed for this squad to achieve anything is not only height as Mr Wenger seems to believe but British height and British experience. And these I feel are the important parts of the missing jigsaw.

This is an English League and it is played in a slightly different way than on the continent. This is very evident in defence. You need a goalie who will be comfortable in coming for crosses especially from dead ball situations.

Equally you need defenders who can get physical if required as well as deal with the high balls into the box. Sadly we have been missing all these.

Midfielders too, both central and wide. They need to be tenacious in their tackling as well as be prepared to track back and help their full backs. Something that Nasri and Arshavin often failed to do last season.

Brad Friedel is American but he has been playing in the Premier League for the last decade. His goalkeeping skills have been twigged to fit in and respond to the rigours of the highly demanding Premier league.

Would not Sczezny benefit alongside a so experienced goalie as Friedel? Who being 40 would provide the experience, maturity and stability that a young goalie surely needs.

Yet it is Redknap who has snapped him up not Arsene Wenger.

This looks like another gross error that was committed a few years back when Edwin van de Sar was available and willing to join Arsenal from Fulham on a free!!!!

That was in 2005. we haven’t won anything since 2005.

In midfield Scott Parker looks to be on his way to Tottenham rather than Arsenal. Granted he is 30 but he has a few years left in him. Enough to provide that British steel that we need in our midfield.

Yet once again Redknap is stealing a march on us.

Our patience is running out. It is obvious what Arsenal need to make that step forward.

But it is Redknap who is doing all the deals that Arsene Wenger should be….


Anonymous said...

I really think that you, as english citizen overestimates the power of english players they are good, as we can see with walcot but they when they are available they are OLD its true that the team needs experiense in the field but if you are going to invest 20 M for 3 year and a player that can be seriously injured cause of his age ... i dont think it's the solution !.. karim benzema could be fantastic to complete the attacking team and for midfield gourcouff it's i think the solution ! i know they are french players but we know thats arsene's way! and they will feat prefectly in the team... for goldkeeping i really dont know who feets but please no USA made! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

superb english man! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Those tenacious English players fared really well against lowly Switzerland didn't they?!!

peter said...

lets not cod ourselves if arsene brought in brad I for one would be devastated at 40 come on. to take u point that Sczezny would benefit but he had lehmann there an do u not think he'd have done the same job? no spurs can have them as for parker mayb mayb not.

Belve said...

I thought Arsene should have tried for Friedel 3 -4 yrs ago and you are TOTALLY right about Van de Sar. But you miss an important ingredient as for as the GKs. Van de Sar didn't think he would get a look in for 1st team against Almunia and he didn't want to come in knowing he was 2nd choice. He went to ManUre knowing that a 1st XI spot was up for grabs and he got it. We all know that is not how it would have happened for Arsenal.

As for as defenders -- I don't think coming to Arsenal is very prestigious for great defenders. The identity of our squad (which you attribute to AW) is attack-minded. Defenders don't like to feel like they are on for the ride but part of the success that comes. While folks talk about the defense of the club its not as if we are bottom of the table in goals against. Ever. It's that we let in goals much more so than other clubs that are at the top of the table. Top 2- 4 offense .. middle of the table defense. The issue isn't that coming into the new season. Short of the fullbacks. Clichy wants to go and will find the money he seeks but I think he above all others has been the weak link on the back 4. If Arsene can bring in a new LB AND keep Gibbs healthy, I'll be pleasantly shocked. On the right side .. Mr Consistency aka Sagna needs an able deputy/competition. The real need is DM .. he needs to bring in 2.. not 1. Diaby is a liability and while I will hate to see his talent go.. he is better served in another league. Denilson is delusional. He would be best perhaps going to Portugal to really get the playing time and real education he needs.

The Sp*rs for all the great deals you think they have done or are doing simply haven't had the talent we have and if you think about it.. our castoffs.. could go there and flourish IF they had the right attitude. Thing is. .if they did they wouldn't be castoffs.

Anonymous said...

finally, a new post!! :D Awesome.

kathy said...

thank you for your sharing~

James41 said...

Arsenal play really attractive football, they play the beautiful game the way it should be played. Their passing philosphy is briiliant to watch.
Some say they over do it and are always looking to score the near perfect goal.
Arsenal need to spend big and get 3/4 tough players in who will not be fazed or bullied. Sadly Arsenal have lacked mental and physical strength, a few tough skillful players and they could have won the premiership last season, no doubt!
The fans know whats required lets hope the board and Arsene Wenger share the same vision.

Anonymous said...

Here is the official position of FC Barcelona with regard to transfers this summer, as stated by Sandro Rosell in a recent televised interview: Barca’s maximum transfer budget this summer is 45 million euros. However, Rosell stated clearly and unequivocally that Barca WAS NOT willing to spend more than 40 million on Cesc. Unless Arsenal is willing to sell Cesc for less than 40 million, he is NOT going to Barcelona. End of story. Also, while Rosell did appear to confirm that Barca was in negotiations over certain other players, he claimed that he had “no idea” whether or not the club might try to sign Cesc this summer. Personally, I would read that as “no.” However, if Barca IS in negotiations to sign other players, that would take an even bigger chunk out of the 45 million before Barca would have money to spend on Cesc. Reading between the lines of Rosell’s interview, I don’t think that Barca is even planning to make an offer for Cesc. Finally, I want to address the issue of Cesc’s supposed “dream” to return to Barcelona. I have heard Cesc state publicly on more than one occasion that he is happy at Arsenal, and does NOT want to leave Arsenal to go to Barcelona. All he’s ever said is that he would enjoy having the chance to play at Barcelona SOMEDAY, but he has no idea whether that will ever happen. But he’s perfectly happy at Arsenal. Personally, I would suggest that you take Cesc’s word on this, as opposed to the words of various “others” who have attributed to him this supposed “desire” to leave. Ok, that’s the end of my “Cesc transfer saga” rant. In truth, if you don’t believe me by now, you probably never will, so I’ll leave you to it. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Oh, and on a related note to the above post:

I would also like to make it clear that Barcelona DID NOT make a 27 million euro offer for Cesc, as was reported last week. If Barca had made an offer, it would have been formally announced by the club, which has not happened. We’ve also had no official statement from Arsenal about any “offer.”

In fact, the whole story emerged from an EXTREMELY dubious and completely unsourced claim in the Sun that Sandro Rosell had called up Ivan Gazidis and made a “verbal offer” of 27 million, which was immediately rejected. Personally, I don’t believe it. And in any case, a “verbal offer” isn’t really an offer at all. So, Barcelona has not made any offers for Cesc this summer, and I don’t expect them to.

Think about it. If Barcelona is so short on money that they can’t afford to make color copies, then surely they don’t have enough extra paper lying around to be sending it straight to the rubbish bins in the Arsenal offices. It doesn’t make any sense

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