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Sunday, July 03, 2011

What the hell is going on?

By 1970’s Gooner

Firstly, why have Clichy’s and Nasri’s contracts been allowed to run down to their final year? Especially when Cesc’s imminent departure was written on the cards the year before? Now we have three first team regulars leaving the club all at the same time! This sounds like bad management to me.

Secondly Arsenal’s failure last season to strengthen the defence with English experienced central defenders as well as a goalkeeper cost us dearly again. Now we are desperate to sign Cahill and Samba and Leighton Baines! Isn’t it a little bit too late?

Thirdly Arsene Wenger’s model of development has proved short time and time again. As I wrote on this site before the basic flaw of this approach is that there is a distinct lack of experience in the team as well as a distinct lack of Englishness. This inevitably means that the young stars that the club so beautifully develops become disillusioned with the lack of trophies and soon want out.

Fabregas and Nasri this year, RVP next and Wilshere along with Ramsey in the next few years.

What the hell is going on? Are we on a fire sale?


bakrima said...

I do agree with every word you have said . i am an Arsenal fanatic , but I never believed that Wenger is a good Manager . This is not the first time to allow players to come to the end of their contracts.Wenger signed the most hopeless players to arsenal because they are cheap not becase they are good . You have pinpointed the cause of Arsenal troubles, poor management. wenger should go now.

rog said...

yes i agree, i think wenger should have gone after the carling cup final, the contracts is bad management, this would never have happened if david dein was still at the club, wenger and the board out, dein to come back.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of ungrateful lot. You must b spud fans. The manager is a gr8 manager. ? 4 u who would u av in that cd do a better job ? Only fergie would fit the bill and he ain't never coming. I blame the players they get paid 2much money and they dnt care. Nasri I hope he goes little do do they forget what the manager fans and club done for them. They hide behind not getting medals when it there fault the didn't get any. Arsene bring them in makes them 2ce as good as they were and they shit on him fans and club but here something for all them greedy players that think the grass is greener on the other side name 1 recent player that left the gunners and won something and b4 u say Henry is 10mins not he pitch dnt count

Anonymous said...

I agree wit u man, jst leave these bunch of annonymous usless fans comenttin there nosens, six years with out any trophy, u call that achievement, its time u wake up, buying kids and those cheap, cheap players will never help us, fuck wenger, we need experiencend and world class players, more love 4 arsenal.bunch of annonymous usless fans comenttin there nosens, six years with out any trophy, u call that achievement, its time u wake up, buying kids and those cheap, cheap players will never help us, fuck wenger, we need experiencend and world class players, more love 4 arsenal.

Ryteous said...

Wenger needs 2 sign gud players.i agree wid that but d man has had better days before these throphyless era.lets find out wat is missing

Anonymous said...

What is going is you falling for the the usual annual media fantasists diatribe which in reality is nothing more than Arsenal bashing. If you can't laugh at it-- ignore it. If you believe any of it- you need your own psychiatrist.

Tristam said...

Nasri's contract has been ready and waiting for him to sign since the autumn. It's the player who keeps postponing the signing and I don't see what more the club could have done. Most certainly they should not pay him more than what they think he deserves. Otherwise it would set a precedent for all other players/agents to follow.

Anonymous said...

You cant blame good players for going if they do not think they are going to win any medals at Arsenal. Their career is short and every good player wants to have medals to keep at the end of their career. The question is this, if so many of his players no longer believe in Wenger why do so many fans go on blindly believing in him year after year?

Anonymous said...

lets face it, we’re finished

when we have got a player who isnt even the best left back in london opting to move on (for whatever motivation) we have got serious problems.

fab and nasri will be next and then for the next 5 years (if he stays that long) it will be summer after summer of speculation about jack and who is after him. and that is an absolute cert.
the merry go round will start again.
who would blame any player for wanting to leave when all they see is firstly inferior players leaving and earning more elsewhere and secondly the lack of ambition within the club.

the only hope is to sack wenger, replace the board and freshan things up!

like i say………….we’re finished!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So today is the supposed day that AW will have the 'showdown' with Nasri. If it is the case (as you all know how skeptical I am about the media) then I am happy. For once the manager and the player can lash it out one to one - without the agents trying to price it all up. We all know that Wenger can be very persuasive when he wants to be. Players in the past have had their mind set on leaving only to be 'convinced' by Le Gaffer to remain at the club. In Samir's case he says he wants Arsenal to strengthen the squad before he signs a new deal. That is the biggest load of rubbish. A month ago he was saying that this Arsenal squad was the best in the league! Link to that article is posted below. I think it's simply a case of money. Nasri's head has been turned by huge wage offers elsewhere. I can understand him thinking of the salary he could earn at a club like City but wouldn't it be refreshing if he turned his back on those riches? That said he wouldn't be going skint at Arsenal would he? It will be hard for Nasri to remain at the club. He hasn't exactly endeared himself to the Gooner faithful but I'd say that maybe that is down to bad advice from his agent. If he stays, and I'm sure that Wenger can persuade him too, it will take more than a six month cameo to win over those who doubt him. There is loads of speculation but lets see what happens after Wenger has spoken to him.

James41 said...

Seems like much unrest at the club at the moment, the bookies make arsenal 9s to lift the Premiership, no confidence there then.
Wenger just does not want to spend money and sadly titles cannot be won without buying quality skillful players which can cost mega millions these days.
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