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Monday, December 19, 2011

Arsenal very near to achieving great things again

By 1970’s Gooner

What a terrific game that was against Manchester City. We gave as good as we got but in the end it was just short. I say just because if we could have played with our full first team we would not have lost and probably have won that game.

And everyone would have been talking us up as title contenders.

The game was lost because our two full backs were not full backs. Djourou was awful on the right hand side and Walcott kept loosing the ball thus putting him under even more pressure.

Most of City’s attacks came from that flank but they scored their goal from the other side and that was because Wenger moved Koscienly there from centre back. He was way out of position when the through ball to Balotteli went past him and Song, who got back to cover, was too tired to block his shot.

There is another reason why were less effective in this game and it has to do with the full backs again. We lacked the width and the outlet in the attacking positions that our normal full backs usually give us.

Sagna and Santos (or Gibbs) would have given Arsenal a more defensive nous and strength but also ‘balance’. The result of the game would, I am convinced, have been different.

Even with these deficiencies our defensive performance was still very good. We don’t let in silly goals anymore, Szczesny (along with Friedle) is the best keeper in the Premier League, the wide attacking players track back consistently and the whole team defends as a unit when we loose the ball.

This augurs very well for the near future for when Sagna and Gibbs return we will become a very stingy outfit.

And when Wilshere returns then that little bit of creativity and steel that Ramsey is still lacking will make us quite a formidable unit.

Our bench will need to be strengthened too. The two attacking subs were awful. I would have preferred Chamberlain instead of Arshavin. At least he would have been enthusiastic to do something.

We really have to get rid of Arshavin and Chamakh in the January window and get in another centre forward.

And we will be achieving great things again.


Anonymous said...

Stop talking bollocks...

Anonymous said...

Comical post. We will achieve great things when we buy some decent players. This team and this manager will achieve nothing

Shane said...

PLEASE STOP selling fale hope to fans, "Arsenal very near to acheivieng great things"...
This was the reapeated iluusion fot the past 6 seasons, as much as i love arsenal i have made peace with the face that arsenal is noting more than a team that flatters to DECIEVE

Anonymous said...

Spot on!! I agree entirely with fullback points. Despite, previous comments, I think article was exactly how I feel - keep it up!

Anonymous said...

wenger should start giving benayoun some games same to alex. why is wenger sticking with chamack and not trying out park?

Anonymous said...

It is very obvious that Ramsey is not up to Arsenal standard yet. While he cannot be blamed entirely for our loss, he is not just doing enough. He is not delivering those killer passes and when he is presented with one he couldn't score. He must be creating and scoring goals. Gevinho may still need some time to be taught how to hit the back of the net although the signs are positive. Arshavin and Charmak are just not it. They should go before their performances create a negative atmosphere for the entire team. Well, Walcott has been wonderful before this match but I believe Wenger should have brought in the Ox to replace him. He actually struggled in this match. For once since the past five years I sincerely believe Arsenal are unto something special if only Wenger would become ruthless with his Team. Clear out the non-performers, bring on the goal getters. Come on you gooners!