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Friday, December 30, 2011

Is Henry a viable option or an excuse not to buy?

By 1970’s Gooner

How will Henry fit into this Arsenal team?

I was at the Emirates Cup as a guest of Arsenal Football Club and I had the chance to see Henry play against us. 

I was not impressed.

He played as the front man in a 4 5 1 formation and was not up to it. He was too slow and didn’t have the pace to chase down balls. All he was good at was keeping the ball and making intelligent passes. That was all.

I then thought that may be he was in preseason or coming back from injury. He was that slow. None of those were true, unfortunately.

In my opinion he is not good enough to start games. If he does then he will be slowing the game down and getting caught in possession. There may come a time when Wenger will want to rest RVP or replace him when he gets injured. He will then look to Henry.

I hope I am proved wrong but he will not prove to be a viable option in my opinion.

Can RVP and Henry play together? 

For this to happen then Henry will play at centre forward and RVP on the wing (to replace Gervinho). Alternatively the system will have to change to 4 4 2 or 4 4 1 1 with Henry behind RVP.

Wenger will not change the system that’s for sure. That will disorientate the players who have been training hard in the past seasons to play 4 3 3. It will be pretty stupid to change the system for a month or so to accommodate a player.

And to move RVP to the wing will of course be suicidal as you will then be removing your top hot scorer away from the firing line.

So this option is ruled out. What’s left then?

Wenger’s other option is to bring him on only as a sub. Remember Gervinho will be away for most of January and one would expect that Wenger may start with Arshavin (god help us) or my choice Chamberlain.

So is Henry a viable option for Arsenal or an excuse not to buy? I think it id the latter.

We need to get rid of the dead wood like Chamach and Arshavin (also Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela etc). Park doesn’t seem to be a Premier League player nor does Benayoun.

And we desperately need to buy a viable alternative to RVP in case he gets injured or wants out (he has not signed a new deal remember). We also need at least one more wide midfield player.

I doubt that Wenger will buy anyone.


Ken21 said...

we play the same style as barcelona, Henry played there for 3 years on the left wing, he will fit right in mate, don't be a drama queen all your life

Tom said...

Weak analysis. Henry played the left side of the front three for Barcelona. A position in which up until the end of the 2010 season he scored 49, had 26 assists in 121 games. Not saying he will be able to replicate this. But your analysis did not even touch on this. Therefore your piece is redundant.

Anonymous said...

Henry's pace is bound to be expected. What I am afraid is he could be cut down while running with the ball in full flight.There are many thugs in the epl.
The thug might tackle ina 50/50 with Henry but could use excessive force.
That is why the epl refs should be like those in the cl.The hatchet man might feign to go for the ball but would deliberately taget the knee. We don't want another Eduardo 2 incident.
The ref should take immediate action against thuggish tackles and give a red if necessary. That would really make the hatchet men think twice about going into full blooded tackles.

Anonymous said...

The Wolves player's red card has not been rescinded. FIFA should disallow sliding or two foot lunges. Then players like Henry can play without fear of injury.
I believe any sliding and two footed lunges be punished with a red.
The ban should be for ten matches or two months. Then the current injuries suffered by players could be reduced significantly because the perpetrator of such tackles will be deterred.

Anonymous said...

ban sliding tackles? oh dear

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