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Monday, February 18, 2013

No one is giving us a chance against Bayern. Yet there is a way

By 1970’s Gooner

No one is giving us a chance. Bayern have fantastic players, are sitting on top of their League, have scored 57 times in 21 games and have let in only 7!

Yet I feel that that we can do a runner against them.

They are a team that, like Arsenal, like to have possession and dominate the play. I say let them do this but when we have the ball we must adopt a fast tempo. Pass the ball quickly to feet and move up the pitch in determined fashion. Just like we did against AC Milan last season and scored three against them.

It would be wrong to try and play sideways passes, maintaining possession as we move up the pitch as we do with our opponents in the PL. It works against most teams (maintaining possession I mean) but it usually ends in defeat against the bigger teams.

That is why the Arsenal’s formation and player selection should reflect this style of play.

As a starter and starting from the front, Giroud should stay on the bench. I cannot see us playing the high ball to him from either the wings or the midfield and risk giving away possession. He is too slow to fit in this type of high tempo game.

I think that Walcott should get a start up front. His pace and penetrating runs would create a lot of problems for the opposing defence.

I do think however that we need to have a two man midfield shield in front of the defence. This will provide the basis for having enough bodies to win the ball and distribute to the more creative players further up front.

I am also of the opinion that Jack Wilshere should not be one of those two players. He is far more valuable and creative when he is playing further up behind the main striker. We do need to win the game after all. We are playing at home in a two leg game.

The two defensive midfielders should be Arteta and Diaby.

Diaby has played against Blackburn last Saturday so it seems that he may be overlooked and Ramsey preferred. Maybe so but in my opinion if he is fit he should start as he is a far better defensive midfielder than the inexperienced Ramsey who will be playing out of position.

In the wide midfield positions Cazorla and Podolski would add penetration, creativeness and a goal threat. Cazorla could come inside to top up the midfield and on such occasions one of the defensive midfielders could cover for him when we are defending on his side.

Podolski is good at covering for his defender and/or doubling against the winger. He will also be a threat from dead ball situations.


Sagna  Mertesacker  Koscienly  Vermaelen

                Arteta          Diaby


Cazorla          Walcott            Podolski


Anonymous said...

if u want a quick tempo n quick forward passes, then Diaby should nt even be on the bench

Anonymous said...

I think Wenger will play Ramsey on the right wing to add more defensive cover.

Ifeanyi Okagbue said...

I fully agree with your selection.