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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Arsenal's history of implosions and collapses rears its ugly head

By 1970's Gooner

Every team goes through a bad patch in a marathon season that is the PL. But Arsenal's bad patch may last a little longer or it might even result in another implosion. This is because the team has no history of success in the last 8 or so years. Rather it has a history of implosions and collapses.

And this preys on the players minds, especially when they have to play against the big teams. This explains their nervous starts (and negative results) against Man Utd, Manchester City and now Chelsea. It's obvious that they are lacking confidence in themselves. And that is why they were able to put in that remarkable run last season to finish in the top four after that confidence boosting away win at Bayern Munich.

If they can manage to shake off this negative thinking then we can see this Arsenal team6 challenge Man City for the title.

They can win the title if Wenger splashes out on another big money signing to add another viable attacking threat. Giroud showed in the last few games that he is not the same man as at the start of the season. The new signing will also have the same invigorating effect on the rest of the players that Ozil brought with him.

Ozil I fear is a one paced player. And by this I mean is that these languid even paced performances will not change by much. He is a "wysiwyg" "What you see is what you get". He is not the type of player who will get the game by the scruff of the neck and lead the team to the promised land. He is an assist master which means that the rest of the team have to play well for him to perform.

And like against Chelsea when Ramsey and Rosicky were not performing he couldn't lift the team.

Both Ramsey and Rosicky let the team down. Their passes were going astray, there was no combination play and no through balls to the forwards. Also Ramsey was playing too far up the field leaving poor Arteta to battle it out against Chelsea's three man midfield.

Wenger needs to pick the players up and pick the right team to beat West Ham. He should stick with Giroud but if he is not up to it then he shouldn't hesitate to sub him. Ramsey and Rosicky should be rested with Cazorla and Podolski given a start. Ozil needs a rest but it should be in a home game probably against Cardiff.

A win at West Ham could get the team confidence and spirit going again. All you need are a few wins and before you know it you are top of the League again!


Anonymous said...

Weak manager = Weak team - Wenger Out!

Anonymous said...

Load of rubbish will push on as last year after xmas

Anonymous said...

Arsenal like to pass the ball around laterally and backwards instead of going direct.That is why once the ball is lost, a swift counter will find the gunners a goal down. When chasing the equaliser,acres of space will appear and no wonder Mourino with Droba has won so many times.
Until this changes with Wenger tweaking his tactics or he goes,Arsenal's style style is predictable against the big teams and they continue to get unstuck or they lose.

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