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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wenger`s decisions cost Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

Arsene Wenger contributed a great deal towards this heavy defeat. Two choices he made, in the starting line up, weakened our midfield and the defence.

Firstly the decision not to start with both Flamini AND Arteta was very wrong. He should have known that City's midfield was very strong with Toure in its centre. Wenger also knew that the Arsenal players were exhausted.

What he should have done is to play a little bit more conservatively and hit them on the counter attack. But no he had to play all his creative midfielders bar Flamini in order to prove his words right, that our midfield was as good as theirs.

Secondly he started with Monreal. What a wrong decision. Monreal was not up to it. He was off the pace, mostly out of position. He was always being by passed by Nasri and Silva and that's where the most decisive goals came from (the 2 1 and 4 2).

What a sorry sight Nasri was. So desperately trying to score a goal against the club and manager that made him into a player of high standard. I bet he would have celebrated like the little boy he is!


Unknown said...

1.before the match everyones saying..arteta is out of form..he needs rest...and nw after the match..suddenly..its arsenes fault.. of monreal..everyone said he was better defensively in comparison to he needa play wen we want some solid defence...but no its wengers fault..
we lost coz the team made a loy of mistakes...which you cant make against a team like city...and you forget...we scored tbree...first epl team to do so..only bayern had scored three prior to us at etihad..
you just have to put up some sort of an analysis..

Anonymous said...

Very true..cannont bash wenger retrospectively

Anonymous said...

It infruriates me when some fans count scoring 3 at city an achievement, nonsense, didn't a.villa do it?

Anonymous said...

RE: Arpan, agree with every word you made. Although we are upset with the result we need to keep it real. The improvements we have made since our win in Germany in the Champs League last season and then the massive leap we made when Flam & Ozil joined us this season has been amazing...even more so if we all believed the crap from the small minority of Gooners for life mob that joined us when Henry was the star attraction. If and i mean a big IF, if we dont win the league this season i firmly believe that we will start next season with a even more determined group of players with a sprinkling of more top top class talent that will join the new dawn at Arsenal. Wenger with all his faults that he has apparently has created a new team and a new ethos of playing his way of attacking football that almost every club in the world wished they could aspire to. Im so disappointed "fans" have started the "i told u so" rubbish. Have we all forgotten what Spurs have done the last 2 years with AVB? I wont waste our time spouting off about Chelsea, Liverpool and Man u this season. We are still learning as a team but the strides we have made this season deserve respect and humility. We start next week top of the league still and in all competitions with a fantastic squad of players who love playing together. Lets give them a chance to evolve this season before we start hanging them high.


Soj said...

We never came to the party at all. Tired legs but we are still top and have 8 days before our match with Chelsea. I want to beat that team!

Anonymous said...

Arteta was barely walking after the Everton game - by Napoli, his legs were gone - he'd to be rested. Gibbs also struggled vs Napoli - Monreal did well considering the non help of Jack - should've played Gnabry wide left instead

Felix said...

While a disappointing result, it was interesting to see Arsenal rarely outplayed for periods. Much may have been due to tired legs; but City are a strong side reminiscent of Arsenal's 2002-2004 side without the breathtaking artistry.

However, at this stage of the season, Wenger will know not to be discouraged; the team needs to strengthen its togetherness and awareness so that the midfield seamlessly plays together with each other and the rest of the team, no matter which personnel is included.

Also Wenger can see where he needs to strengthen in January; e.g. another striker and what the best options are; another central defender maybe to help that unit through the season.

But he also needs to work out how to get the best out of Ozil. I would expect more of a player like him in terms of taking on players, being able to play deeper and make side splitting passes and I would expect more link up between he and Cazorla. The two of them together should be mesmirizing but they are not. Instead it is more like playing Kanu and Bergkamp together - pretty much the same player so in each other's way, rather than like Pires-Bergkamp.

Otherwise I would like to see Gnabry utilized today for his speed and trickery to unsettle the City defence and create space for others.

Otherwise, well done on slowly finding the strength in Bendtner's role and confidence: a shame his header was unfairly ruled offside.

Finally - no-one has mentioned that Negredo was in an offside position when the ball was passed to Zabaleta who then crossed to Negredo. Arguably therefore City's second goal should have been flagged offside. However, what can any Arsenal fan really expect from a game refereed by Martin Atkinson.

So to conclude; less about taking away the positives and making excuses and need to look at genuine ways to improve the existing performance between members and units of the team and any vital addiitons that will help add the quality. Wenger can do this and should have learned what needs to be done and I trust him to tweak things against Chelsea and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Very sad post, how would we feel if our players didn't make effort against teams we bought them from? no longer our players so move on. Our full backs always look weak against better sides no protections for them. Jack was very poor should have replaced half time. Also we really lack pace with our dm midfielders especially.

Anonymous said...

Wenger's keep ball style is going to cost the gunners dearly.The gunners breakout from defence to attack is too ponderous and gives defenders time to regroup.
Unless this changes,it will be difficult for the gunners when defences dig in.
Perhaps the fm shd look at how other teams beat MC and Chelsea and change his style.

Anonymous said...

City were very strong at their own pitch. I thought if Arsenal could draw it would be very ok. We also wasted some golden chance through Giroud and City of course in the heavy mood and high spirit wanted to beat Arsenal leader of EPL. We have already faced a tough test. The other one is Chelsea. and we we still be at the top. Hopefully all players will come up strongly after this game. I think Arsenal play their worst while City at their best. But one thing City away form are not consistent even when they face mid table or bottom table epl team.So it is not a disaster. I am more dissappointed we lost point to Everton at home. BTW congratulation to City for their excellence performance.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with the line-up was Wilshere, he was so poor I am afraid to say. Wenger is arrogant, but we all know that, so it wasn't a surprise to see Wenger not replacing Wilshere. Flamini was so legged in the last 15 minutes, but yet he was allowed to play.

My thoughts, on Wenger's defense,is that Wenger wanted to rest Arteta for the following game against Chelsea, maybe he thinks we can get points if not a point from the London derby.

All in all, we need to strengthen the squad this January, one striker and one holding midfield, this is not a request to Wenger, we need to put pressure so he buys players, and not 'panic-buy' in the last minute. We have a very good chance of progressing in UCL, and one-in-eight year massive opportunity to grab EPL trophy, come on Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

Naive manager, no tactical nouse, highest paid in the world, how many years without a trophy do we have to go before he’s replaced? 13?..14?…15? Wenger out!

Unknown said...

The decision to start Monreal over Gibbs was a no no for me even before the game started. In fact, this along with not starting Rosicky over wilshere is where the mistake was made. Where not starting arteta over ramsey I totally support that decision. Arteta has been off pace of lately and he just doesn't seem to be his self and with the speed of city's attack he wouldn't cope.

Anonymous said...

Wenget out

Anonymous said...

I am furious with Özil's performance and attitude. As a record-signing, he should be playing much better. And as the apparent "best #10 in the world" he should be creating more chances. He's been too lazy on the field, walking off the ball. As player myself, walking is seen as a sin and we are told not to do such a thing. I think he's been cocky since his arrival. Hes thinks his shit don't stink because of all the hype. This is causing him to under-perform. I am a huge fan of Özil, but I am an ever greater fan of Arsenal. He needs to learn that he isn't all that and that he isn't indespensible.

Anonymous said...

Harsh on Monreal, He got little or no help from Wilshire. He has regressed so much and maybe some time on the sidelines is needed. Santi offers so much more

Anonymous said...

Wenger's mistake was to play wilshere on the left side. Wilshere has always struggled on this side and is not disciplined enough to track back and mark his man, or stay wide to mark his man. Man City took advantage of this and kept switching play to their right flank. Monreal look exposed, partly because of wilshere not helping out sufficiently. Ramsey and flamini in the middle was the right decision. Wilshere should have started on the bench with Rosicky or Cazorla starting in his place.