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Sunday, February 09, 2014

No wonder Rosicky doesn’t start games and what Wenger needs to change

By 1970’s Gooner

Remember that recent records show that after a bad defeat Arsenal find another gear and go on an unbeaten run.

It happened last season after that bad defeat at Tottenham after which we went on an unbeaten run to pipe the Spurs into fourth place against all odds.

It happened this season after the humiliating 6 3 defeat at Man City.

It can happen again now.

But things need to happen and there are two important changes that Wenger needs to introduce from now on if we are to use this defeat as a springboard to magnificent glory.

The first is to change the personnel.

As many have commented on this blog Monreal is not a big game player. Gibbs is. This is because Gibbs has more grit and determination and can do the basic defending that is needed in the PL.

Monreal has been raised on the Spanish League which a little bit different. He had been found wanting against the City attackers and failed. Other teams have realised this and now target him. Brendan Rodgers did so by placing a pacy winger on his side who took advantage more than once.

So please bring Gibbs in Mr Wenger.

The Ox didn’t have such a bad game but he is not yet a player for the big games. Podolski is and he should start games. He has the experience, the physique and he can track back and do the necessary defending.

So bring Podolski in Mr Wenger.

Rosicky should start every game. But it seems Wenger is reluctant to do so because he is a direct player who turns with the ball and surges forward taking the game to the opponent.

This will not do for Wenger who likes to play at a slower pace, keeping possession with tiki taka football in the first half of games. And then quicken in the second half with maybe Rosicky coming on. But this often backfires against the big more bold attacking teams who are set up to press you high and go for your throat when they get the ball.

So rest dopy Ozil and go with Rosicky from the start of games Mr Wenger.

After a change in personnel the style of play needs to change. We have to be more direct, press opponents in their half and play with a quicker pace right form the off.

The slow passing and possession game that is adopted no matter who the opponent is gives the chance to the more confident teams to put you out of your stride, press you high up and unsettle you. Southampton did it, Man City did it and now Liverpool did it.

Don’t let Man Utd do it Mr Wenger.


sanket kambli said...

man Utd have had a shitty season..I hope arsenal dont give them something to brag about..

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Rosicky.His direct style unsettles defenders is correct. Wenger's preference for the slow build up plays into the opponents hands.
This give the defenders time to regroup and stifle the gunners. Wenger hasn't learned from his mistakes in the big games and still persists with trying to pass a ball through the packed defences with fatal consequences .
I doubt MU can score 5 but if the gunners continue with endless passing and reluctance to shoot ,it could happen..

Anonymous said...

According to the Sabotage times by SS .Wenger is trying to make Arsenal play like Barcelona. He slams the fm for being the most naïve of the top bosses. I agree with him 100%.
The Spanish league aint competitive at all.Unlike the epl, Wigan can beat MC in the cf.
Wenger better note how other teams beat the top teams. This is without being disrespectful.
If the fm continues to play like
Barca,Arsenal will continue to lose the top teams.

Anonymous said...

To Wenger the best form of defence is attack.He had forgotten or chose to ignore that MC have scored the most goals at home with an average of 4 agame,a frightening stat.
I believe he is too arrogant and wants to prove he is the god of attacking soccer.
That is why ,unless he changes strategy,Arsenal continue to lose the big games.