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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why is everyone all doom and gloom? Good news on the way

By 1970’s Gooner

I couldn’t believe it when most of the so called pundits were expecting Arsenal to beat United.

Ok Utd have not been playing that well and they failed to beat a very average Fulham side at Old Trafford. But the doomsters seem to have forgotten that Arsenal were coming from a real thumping out of all proportions with a 5 1 thrashing by Liverpool.

Whatever one might think, any player and any side playing the next game after such a heavy defeat would be nervous of conceding goals to say the least. Add to the mixture that the opponents were also weary of failing again, thus adopting a defensive approach and you were very likely to get a stalemate.

I was not that worried at the end. I think that we needed to get this game out of the way and to come out unscathed and thus regain our composure and self confidence.

We are not after all knocked out of the title race are we? We are not like a boxer who has taken a punch on the face and is lying down with the referee counting us out of the fight, are we?

We are one point from the top and possibly two if Man City win their postponed game. That’s not bad. You would have beaten the hand that would have offered you this at the beginning of the season for sure!

Now we can push on. We have a series of winnable PL games (Sunderland home, Stoke away and Swansea home) which will allow us to challenge on an equal footing with the other sides for the title.

And although Theo’s absence is a harsh blow the good news is that we will soon be back to a full compliment of players for Wenger to choose from.
We do have Flamini coming back in the next game and Ramsey in a couple of weeks. The Ox is finally back and match fit and so is Podolski who is bound to get more games now that the FA Cup and CL games are coming round.

One week is a very long time in politics and in football, as they say.

I have a feeling that by then I will be a very irritating “I told you so”


frank wilcox said...

abolutely agree 100 percent,we are fine!!now lets rock and roll!!!

Anonymous said...

What drugs you been taking? Winning against manure should have been a formality and anything less is a disgrace!!! We will end up third at best and be dumped out of the fa and cl - this is the view of a reluctant realist!! I had hoped we would beat manure but knew a draw or less would be the death knell!!!

Anonymous said...

long way to go yet and arsenal had
plenty chances to win this game the so called arsenal fan that think any game is easy to win better ask chel and m c if that is so

Unknown said...

While I agree that the team would have been nervous post the unravelling to Liverpool, we didn't have much imagination in the final third and Giroud is a second tier striker. He is unable to perform in the big games and he had good chances he squandered in front of goal against Man Utd. We need 9 points from our next three PL games which I think we could do assuming we have Ramsey back and access the talented Ox and Podolski. I am still perplexed why Arsene refuses to use Podolski too with such little imagination from Giroud.

Anonymous said...

With the reliance on striker Giroud, Arsenal will be missing goal scoring chances that other strikers will bang in.

Unknown said...

So annoying that we sign players with hours of the transfer window left, I remember screaming that Arsenal needed to sign a strong midfielder and striker....Daniel Sturridge wanted to come to us!! ON A PLATE.... now look!!!!!! Somtimes I wonder if the Club is blind...Tc