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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Arsenal’s title chances hanging on a thread

By 1970’s Gooner

We all got very excited with the arrival of Sanchez and Debuchy. Wenger means business, he is addressing Arsenal’s deficiencies with high quality purchases we thought.
Next will be a goalkeeper and a central defender as it is imperative that these huge gaps be filled. And I expect that this will be addressed soon enough (the Ospina deal will probably be announced when the team return from the States).

But wait a minute. Wasn’t another centre forward a top priority? Was it not the major reason that the title bid crashed last season? Wasn’t Giroud a spent force in the second half of the campaign?

But what did Wenger do in the last January transfer window?


And what has he announced that he will do this transfer window?


No more forwards he said.

And I am not convinced that Sanchez will be the devastating forward that we all want. He is a great player but neither has he the experience of playing as a forward (in a false number 9 system) nor will he have the Premier League nous in his first season in a foreign to him League.

Remy would have been ideal for Arsenal. He is PL experienced and could play in the centre forward position no problem. He could play in the wide position too!

But no, his wage demands were too high for Mr Wenger. Well I can see him punishing us when we come up against Liverpool…

And if this is not enough the other reinforcement needed in this squad, in the defensive midfielder position, is yet to be filled.

Bids have been made for Khedira and for Carvalho.

Wenger will probably not buy anyone in this position. He has said so after the Boreham Wood game!

So a centre back (if Vermaelen goes) and a goalkeeper will be your lot.

In fact I believe that we need two centre backs to cover for injuries, suspensions and loss of form. This is because defenders along with the goalkeepers are the positions that get the most injuries and red cards. Last season Sagna was able to play this role. Who will be this season?


It looks like Wenger will be riding his luck again.

And jeopardise Arsenal’s chances for the title once again.



Anonymous said...

Damn right Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Which team do you follow? And who is Aspina?

Anonymous said...

Spot on mate!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the post. AW has not accepted that it is a squad that wins the EPL and CL. Chelsea and Man City have proved it and now Liverpool and van Gaal are adding the necessary numbers. There has to be a better DM than aging Arteta, playing out of position, card prone Flamini. There has to be cover and competition for Giroud who is a decent work horse. it was lack of squad the derailed last seasons tilt, unless we build one with experience and quality it will happen again, the EPL is unforgiving....

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right. Wenger said a midfielder coming in depends on injuries to our current midfielders. So basically means no DM unless someone gets seriously injured. We're FUCKED!

Dan levy said...

Are we seriously relying on Diaby to stay fit for the seventh season in a row.... Delusional.. The Alsacian beanpole has lost it I fear

Dan levy said...

Things will look a bit more rosy if we get jones or smalling in exchange for Captain TV though

Goongoonergone said...

You mean there are still delusional Arsenal fans who actually believe Arsenal will win the league under Wenger after all his dithering and bullshitting in nine seasons?
I'm a Gooner for 46 years and I laugh when I read fans' opinions about how we are two short of winning the PL.
Joke supporters who have no clue? One of the most tactically naive managers in Wenger (yeah I know he won the league a million years ago) and you still believe he has the ability to win the league. Fans were wetting their panties last season while Arsenal were on top and then the usual shit of shower hit the fan under Wenger's management. We actually ended up battling with Everton to make fourth!!!
Now shout after me: "Under one Arsene Wenger, we will never win the PL again!"
Breathe easy now and spend some time meditating.

Anonymous said...

Title chances hanging by a thread - how about we start the season first


Anonymous said...

If Wenger can't get the gunners challenging,this shows his philosophy is outdated and he shd go. Then I will say thanks for the memories.
Remember nothing is permanent and what every club,including Arsenal want,is a manager who wins consistently not one who is found out in ths big games that matter.

Anonymous said...

The headline could be right or wrong.We will only find out come May.
I have watched videos of the Chelsea,Pool ,MC and Everton games.These were the ones Arsenal had to win but lost and lost heavily.
Wenger has poor record against MU and Chelsea.His style is too predictable and it's no surprise the gunners have lost consistently to such teams.He is too arrogant to change his mindset.Chelsea scored 3 goals in under 20 min like Germany did to Brazil.Another problem is the gunners attack is too laborious and predictable.
Hopefully with the new players,Arsenal will finally prove the doubters including me wrong.

Anonymous said...

This better be wrong bcos the reason we were crushed last season is bcos we can't match top teams in the middle. Flamini, arteta, diaby, conquelin can't match fernando, fernandinho, yay a, Ramirez, matic etc when it comes to providing a good shield. We really need atleast one DM but I'd prefer 2.

Anonymous said...

To my own view i support wenger not to a stricker again, with joel campell i think asernal as already have a backup, also alexis can also play as a stricker, theo is also there, so i hope mr wenger should go for a DM, and a Defender, goal keeper, and let pray for dat we should nt av too much injury.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this.

I understand that the Arsenal team is no favorite to win the title, but it is clearly a team that can win it with a little luck.

Last season we had injuries of Walcott, Ramsey and almost every other midfielder. Wenger can't predict everything like you expect him to.

Some Arsenal fans, like the writer of the article, maybe want a team that will be sure to win the PL after 38 games. Who do you want? Ronaldo? Messi? Iniesta? Everyone?

Even if all of them were to join, the title would never be a sure thing, just as we saw in La Liga last season.

I think this article is shit.

bob scratchet said...

We are doomed.. Sanchez is a poor mans David Bentley.. Debuchy is average and slow .. Wilshire smokes and Ramsey a one season wonder.. No class players at all .. Utter shambles. .. Doomed I tell you

Anonymous said...

I believe the defence is still a problem. I have nothing against the big German but I believe in a one to one encounter he could easily be brushed aside as Eto did in the Chelsea game.
A good defence can win you games.Moreover as we all know the gunners like to play possession football with passing all over the pitch.This will play into the teams who flood the md like red face did and Mourino is doing now.
Until this changes or Wenger can beat Mourino, I will reserve judgement.

Anonymous said...

Are you naysayers mad? The f**king season haven't even started and you are throwing in the towel???!! We are GOONERS true fans support the GUNNERS regardless.

Belve said...

If the article had stated that AW was taking a gamble on the squad as it is currently configured (the window closes the end of August. I remember a year he said Henry/RvP/etc were not likely to go and we all know how that turned out)against what everyone else has now. I don't think a striker should be the priority at this point. If you take how he used Sanogo least season, it is clear he sees something in him and is going to give him a decent shot. Same for Campbell.
He is clearly working on the defense but the TV situation is causing headaches for all involved and I think if he can get 2 talented and young CBs or better yet have a CB that is challenging the BFG for a place AND can work with Kos as well as replace/spell him from time to time. If he gets that this will have been a VERY successful summer. Getting a DM has to be at best 2nd and possibly 3rd on the priorities list.

Before last season for going on 3 or more seasons, the complaint was the squad was out of the title tilt before Dec. Last season shows that things can go in the right direction. A reasonably healthy squad can win the league. We CAN be that squad.

Anonymous said...

Last season Arsenal had a great chance to win the epl only to choke as usual. Fortunately he won the Cup otherwise the calls for his head will resonate all over the Arsenal Football Fan Base world wide.
I don't know if Arsenal can challenge and go to win it. The name of the game is winning not finishing in the cl only to be cannon fodder or playing pretty soccer without winning.
Wenger has a poor record against MU and Chelsea and even MC. If he wants to win the epl he has to look at the tactical side and make the gunners less predictable especially in attack.
When Arsenal conceded goals galore against MC<Pool,Everton and Chelsea,there were yawning gaps in defence.Is it any wonder why all these teams could not score with ease?
Contrast that with the gunners. The series of passes give time for the enemy to regroup. That's why the gunners find it hard to score against such defenders in numbers.
The problem is Wenger expects his players to be given unfettered access to goal.How naïve.
As said if he can't get the gunners going,with the greatest of respect,he shd make way.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid post, we have Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo who can all play in that position.. that is already two additional quality attacking players replacing bendtner and park.. ie 2 more than last season.

Injuries were our main problem last season and we now have cover up front for them, we just need another centre back and possibly a defensivley minded midfielder and we are good to go.

Anonymous said...

Drivel.... We have Theo, Sanchez, Giroud, Podolski, Chamberlain, Cazorla and Gnabry. That’s a lot of excitement and that’s a lot of pace. Remember, City, Chelsea and Liverpool are about individual talent, we’ve tended to play more as a team. We’re about the interlocking pieces rather than the one man who changes a game on his own. I expect to see a lot of positional rotation, which might be able to combat the lack of a world class striker. Giroud isn’t good enough to lead a world class outfit, but surrounded by pace, he might be enough…

Anish said...

We don't need another striker. We needed someone who was both different in his style of play to Giroud, and an upgrade in terms of quality. Hence Wenger bought Sanchez. We didn't need another top class target man like Giroud, rather a different player, and hence we have Sanchez.

Also I don't get the hype about Remy. He scored 14 goals last season, and that's probably his highest in a single season. And he failed his liverpool medical.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal Analysis - the title of this blog should give an idea of the requirements for posting your opinions. However, there is precious little analysis in this blog.