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Monday, September 15, 2014

The real reason why an equaliser was conceded

By 1970's Gooner

Mr Wenger was baffled as to why the Arsenal players could not see the game out after netting in the 74th minute to make it 2 1 with that wonderful goal by Sanchez.

Was it Debuchy's injury he wondered?

Hell it was Debuchy's injury.

Mr Wenger has only himself to blame.

He really does and it has taken me the rest of Saturday, the whole of Sunday and the best part of today to get over it.

I couldn't believe how inept Wenger's management of the game proved to be after we scored what should have been the winner.

It was evident right after we scored the second goal that Man City were pushing forward to get the equaliser. Our players were having difficulty to gain possession of the ball and thus gain valuable time.

Ozil was having another average game and was beginning to tire.

Given these circumstances that were so obvious to everyone watching the game Mr Wenger did not make any substitutions until he was forced to.

Remember the goal was scored on 74!

The first sub was Chambers for Debuchy on 81!!!!!! 7 minutes after the goal.
The second sub was The Ox for Welbeck on....89!!!! 4 minutes ATER their equaliser (not before as it should have been)
And the third was Arteta for Flamini on.....90!!!!

What he should have done much much earlier was to take out Ozil who can't defend for his life and who was tiring and either put Arteta on to bolster the defensive line in front of the defence or if he is loath to change the balance of the team put The Ox on.

The Ox would have run them rugged on the flank keeping their defenders pinned back and he is not bad at defending either.

What an earth Ozil was doing on the pitch when the referee blew the final whistle is beyond me.

Wenger should have INTERVENED. He should have managed the game. He should have helped his players manage the game....

I am sorry but he didn't.


Anonymous said...

ok, if you are so clued in, get off your bumb, work for the training badges and do a better job. have the b*lls?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but 1970's gooner is right and Mr wenger aka the professor either see' s it and can't be arsed to change it or he is not as good as he once was and should be either looking for help from his side kick or passing the chair to someone else now

Anonymous said...

I kind of see it the same way too for all the same reasons. We should have locked it down ASAP.

Anonymous said...

The king has got no clothes on and as is always the case no one will say anything. AW has become more and more bizarre in a every area and I seriously wonder if he has the beginning of senility. The should have had Welbeck on loan comment was unbelievable. His failure to reinforce the defence and the defensive midfield was negligent. His tactics have become stale and he will never see the Wizard of Ozil unless he plays him in position . We are already fighting for 4th place.....the game has changed since he was effective and the palliative effect of the FA cup win will soon wear off.....aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the writer.However Wenger is Wenger never bring his subs at the right time.

Mr Doubtfire said...

You diagnosed the problem as:

"It was evident right after we scored the second goal that Man City were pushing forward to get the equaliser. Our players were having difficulty to gain possession of the ball and thus gain valuable time".

Please explain to me how subbing Ozil was going to help the team gain and retain possession.

Next, please also explain which substitution was going to make sure someone contested with Demichelis to stop the goal.

You're a fool.

Anonymous said...

You're the fool Doubtfire.......Ozil never tackles so he never gains possession only uses it when someone else has taken it ie Arteta......

And if we had kept the ball better we would not have had to conceded the corner that they scored from....they got the corner because that had possession in our final third...

Try netball you might find the analysis easier...


Mr Doubtfire said...

The good thing about the Internet is that any fool can lead an army of fellow fools.

You want to keep possession, so you sub your best player in possession. Makes sense.

There was a magical player to bring on, to solve all our possession problems to ensure that City wouldn't have a set piece or corner.

Wenger should have started this magical player. We wouldn't have conceded possession to start the counterattack that led to the first goal either.


Anonymous said...

Mr Doubtfire when you have worked out the difference between tactics and strategy you might be with interacting with until then your linear logic is best suited to draughts , you will be able to move on to chess when you learn to think have my sympathy, however you will find that a fool left to his folly will eventually become wise....

Anonymous said...

Why don't u all manage a football team ? I am sure you do a better job.

Online Sports Betting said...

managing a football team is a very tough job and don't blame the managers because they only doing what they think is right and they are in the right position to decide.

Ifeanyi Okagbue said...

He should have also removed Ramsey as he clearly wasn't 100% fit and was tired later on.

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