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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Revealed: Inter's joke offer for Podolski and subsequent deal clincher

By 1970's Gooner

Wenger described Inter's original offer for taking Podolski on loan as not serious, a joke.

Well he was probably right because as I can reveal their offer which came from their Sporting Director, Piero Ausilio, was to take Podolski without any compensation whatsoever for Arsenal.

It is only when they came back with money that the deal was allowed to go through by Wenger giving the green light (yes he controls the money side of the transfers too).

The improved offer was indeed very much restructured:

Arsenal will get 600.000 euros ( about 470.000 pounds) up front with the loan agreement.
There will be another 400.000 euros ( 313.000 pounds) if Inter qualify for the Champions League.
In the event that Inter qualify for the Europa League then this drops to 250.000 euros (196.000 pounds).

Podolski himself will get a salary of 1.8m euros up to the end of June which converts to about 60.000 pounds per week. So Arsenal will only have to pay the rest of Podolski's contractual salary to make up the 75.000 pounds per week.

Sounds good to me!

From having a player who hardly played and obliged to pay him up to the end of June 1.8m pounds we now have received 470.000 pounds and additionally saved wages of 1.44m pounds. A total of nearly 2.0 m pounds plus additional moneys if Inter qualify for a European competition.

There is no clause in the loan agreement with regard to Inter having a first option to buy in the summer nor has a fee been agreed.

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