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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adrian Durham anti Arsenal what an absolute clown!

By 1970's Gooner
I feel sorry for Adrian Durham.
It seems that he is and feels inadequate to be a smart, objective and penetrating journalist like so many journalists serving their profession. So he tries to make a living for himself by adopting the most distorted and extreme views on anything that is news.
He does this intentionally to rile and wind up the fans so that he gets the reaction and the readership that justifies his continual employment.
His latest tirade is against Arsenal for the Daily Mail. His take is that Arsenal fans intentionally talk up and elevate their players into heroes with fantastic ability compared to the top players in the world.
Here is what he wrote today:
They don’t win big trophies, so in order to try to keep themselves in the picture towards the top of the table, and keep up the image of a big club still up there with the big boys, they have to over-promote their players on a rotation basis beyond their true abilities.

If Arsenal were as good as their fans believe, they would top the Premier League and be favourites for the Champions League'.

Here is a summary of what he wrote:
  • Mesut Ozil cost £42million and was billed as Arsenal's world-class star
  • Aaron Ramsey was next big thing before attention went to Alexis Sanchez
  • Francis Coquelin was also supposed to be the next shiny superstar
  • The spotlight has turned to Spanish playmaker Santi Cazorla
  • But few managers would sign him over Eden Hazard or David Silva
  • Arsenal fans keep themselves in the picture by over-promoting players

He compares Mertesacker to Kleberson!! He forgets that the BFG won the World Cup!
He concludes that Real without Ozil won the CL but with Arsenal only the FA Cup. He forgets that Germany with Ozil won the World Cup.
He says that no team will sign Cazorla ahead of David Silva or Hazard. Yet he accepts that Athletico Madrid might want to get him on board. Yes Athletico who have won La Liga ahead of both Real AND Barcelona.
And he goes on and on...
I borrowed a description that a Stoke fan used to describe him on Talksport radio: 
'What an absolute clown'
He ends his piece in the Mail with this:
'If these players really are as good as Arsenal fans want us to believe, the Gunners would be top of the Premier League table and favourites to win the Champions League.  But they’re not'.
And I ask him:
So therefore all the Manchester City players are crap because they are not top of the PL and are not favourites to win the CL!!!!
All Chelsea players are crap since they are not favourites to win the CL!!!
All PL teams are full of crap players because they are not top of the League and are not favourites to win the CL!!!!
Adrian Durham: What an absolute clown......


rellends said...

he's a fucking first rate gobshite who i would gladly cross a motorway to punch. obviously, i am an arsenal fan and i know other arsenal and we don't talk any of the rubbish that he claims we do as we are very realistic about the club. he is obsessed yet repulsed by arsenal in equal measure and he needs to go to a psychiatrist in order to get to the bottom of the deep seated resentment he has for the club.

Anonymous said...

People like Adrian Durham are best left ignored. Whilst I agree with your opinion of him, this is probably exactly the kind of thing his click bait Daily Fail columns aim for. He's probably already cracked one off to this article.

I can only assume his wife/husband or whoever cheated on him with a Gooner and these columns are his weekly therapy sessions.

CB said...

He is the greatest commentator on the English game.

OK, he comes out with ridiculous stuff, like the above, just to get a reaction.

Like internet trolls, ignore them and advise everyone else to. They are all tw*ts.

Anonymous said...

Why even bother reading his tirades of foolishness? he is perfectly entitled to his opinions and you have to make your own mind if he is right or wrong? I have been a life long Gooner and find his ramblings amusing as its plain he carries out no research before his extremist views on Arsenal Fc

Anonymous said...

I heard Stuart Robson is a big fan of Adrian