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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why did Ozil have to start? Why did 9 other players have to start?

By 1970's Gooner

It was a shocking performance from every one of them. There was no urgency, tactical awareness or a plan of how to break the opposition down. There was also no width which allowed Monaco to flood the middle of their defence and defend well.

Giroud missed three clear cut chances. A header, a cut back from Sanchez and skying the rebound from the goalkeeper after Walcott's shot was parried. If he had scored from only one of them the outcome would have been very different.

Sanchez was just a busy bee again. Welbeck tried but wasn't good enough.

Cazorla was ok in the first half but faded in the second. He played too deep and there was gap between him and the rest of the forwards. There was no urgency nor did he make enough of those surging runs.

All four defenders had a bad game. Mertesacker the worst. He was so much at fault for both their goals. The first one he could have moved his body out of the way. The second he sold himself  way beyond the half way line thus allowing them a clear run on goal outnumbering the rest of the remaining defenders i.e Koscienly!

Why oh why does Ozil have to start? He offered nothing tonight. He offers nothing in big games. He is dozy, shies away from the rough side of the game and gets so frustrated that he just gives up. Like last season we are playing almost with 10 men. Wenger has to own up that he made a dud buy.

Still why did he not sub him at half time? Why did he not sub him in the second half then? We would have had a better chance to come back.

We had a terrible night where nothing went right. They had a great night where everything went right for them. It will not be like that in the return leg.

We can turn it round at their place and run them close. We might even qualify....


Anonymous said...

The loss reminds me of the games Wenger used to lose to Chelsea and MU in the epl and cl.He will attack,a hundred times threading intricate patterns which at times confuse even the gunners.Gaps appeared in the defence and Rooney .Ronaldo and Drogba were scoring dozens of goals and laughing all the way.
You do not need to be arocket scientist to fathom how Wenger/Arsenal play.We need players to run at defenders instead of engaging in endless passing in the final third.
If reports are true,this could be Wenger's final cl campaign.I for one will not shed adrop because he is tactically naïve and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is still trying to play pretty soccer when it shd be direct .Less passing and defences
will have less time to react.If the gunners are denied time and space,they become impotent and liable to the sucker punch as it happened in this game.
This is not the first time Arsenal have lost in this manner.The trouble ,according to respected Sky analysts,are the gunners gunners have too many similar or creative players.We need thugsto break up the opponents play,something Wenger is not good at.
Sanchez and Cazorla were heavily marked. Note how Monaco scored their golas. Berbatov scored although there were 3 gunners near him,not close enough to deny him time and space to shoot.
If this season end in a 5th place,expect Wenger to go.He has been given endless time and has failed repeatedly on the biggest stage.

Anonymous said...

We need atop,.top,top gk.Neither the Polish stopper and Osian are good enough.The big german is another liability. I say get Reid.
As for the custodian,hopefully if Wenger is still around,will buy a top keeper.
Wenger has been lucky to survive so far.If he can't finish 3rd/4th he will have to go.
Arsenal have been on the slide the last ten years.If you think qualifying for the cl is a trophy,Wenger is speaking for himself.
I think the main problem is the fm 's brand of passing soccer. Too many passes.Watch Monaco or any other team.
They make with less passes and are more direct. Until this changes,Arsenal will be forever stuck in a rut.

just said...

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