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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Flamini probably out of the Dinamo Zagreb game

By 1970's Gooner

What can go wrong will go wrong!

Is it a curse or is it something else? I won't go into that debate for now. But to have two players go off during the game with injuries is too much to accept. The same thing happened at Sheffield Wednesday remember?

The most important game is the next game they say. But not on this occasion for sure. Because now Wenger's team selection for next Tuesday will probably determine Arsenal's fate for the rest of the Premier League season.

If the best available 11 are selected for Tuesday then Wenger will be taking a hell of a chance. He will be risking further injury and fatigue for his players. His main aim should be to rest key players and keep them fresh for the next League game.

And first on the list of non starters should be Flamini. If he does play and gets injured then Wenger might as well resign for he will have made a major error in risking the only fit and available defensive midfielder left in the club.

In the same vein the 'returning players' such as The Ox and Ramsey should also be left out altogether so as to give them another week of recovery.

Sanchez really needs a rest and since we don't have any other fit forward then Giroud should also be protected but he will probably have to start.

What I am really saying is lets sacrifice the Champions League.


Debuchy Mertesacker Gabriel Monreal

Cazorla Chambers

Campbell Ozil Gibbs



Anonymous said...

Unwise.. Short sighted... Unimaginative... Defeatist... Cowardly...

Not very Arsenal.

Unknown said...

I agree with that post. Too many out and not gonna win cl anyway. Save our tired lads and those coming back and focus on the pl

fed up goon said...

And that just about sums up Mr Wenger!
But you forgot to mention STUBBORN!!

Anonymous said...

Mr wenger only listen to no one except himself.....his sturboness is what is keeping our team down,b4 dec. runs out arsenal will be fighting to be in the top 4.....

Unknown said...

I have said it so many times Wenger is the problem at Arsenal so stubborn he wont listen to anybody but himself and has not done anything since David Dean left Dean was Arsene Wenger and if Cronke dosent bring Dean back he might as well get rid of Wenger

Anonymous said...

No way Wenger will sacrifice the CL. He will be thinking of the club's status. Even if we end up in the Europa, we could win it andbe sure of the CL next season. Go for it.

Unknown said...

Think this post as much as I understand the reasons does not make sense to me, Arsenal MUST qualify for the champions league knockout, otherwise it is Thursday night football and that over a season will bring even more problems to the team !!

We either go out all together and finish 4th (which I would prefer) or we MUST finish 2nd and will probably get our arses kicked in second round as usual

My main concern is this constant injury list, Chelsea won the league last year playing about 15 players all season, Arsenal this year have probably used 30 already .. This is the same every year so can NOT be a coincidence

If we could have a fully fit squad season after season we would have won more leagues and cups by now, rather than screaming for players, all i want is our squad fit !! Thats it and if it is its probably the best squad in the league !!!

Anonymous said...

Quite a few people who think they know how to manage a football team better than Wenger just because they once played a computer game.

It's particularly amusing to see people who claim to know everything about management and Arsenal but can't even spell Dein or Kroenke................

梁爵 said...