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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It seems the national papers are taking notice of this blog!

By 1970's Gooner

It was a whole week ago that we here at 'Arsenal Analysis' published a list of all the Arsenal squad players involved in the Euro and Copa America. We also calculated their likely return dates for preseason taking into account the holiday time that Wenger normally gives to his players after such events.

Have a look here: This article was published a whole week ago but only now have the national papers began publishing similar conclusions as ours.

It was clear form the analysis that at least Arsenal's major players like Ozil, Giroud, Koscienly and Ramsey will be out for the first game against Liverpool.

The national papers are sensationalising of course when they suggest that Apkom will be the only available striker for this game.

He has been told that he will not go out on loan in August but as you will realise Walcott will be fit and available.

Not a satisfactory state of affairs but hopefully HiguaĆ­n may be on board by then!

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