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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wenger's pursuit of Higuain moving fast according to RaiSport

By 1970's Gooner

At last Arsene Wenger is getting his finger out. He has realised that he will soon be left behind by the new coaches/managers in the PL.

They have already started recruiting for key positions which will make them far stronger than last season. And if Arsenal are left behind then he runs the risk of leaving the club in shatters in his last season and thus tarnishing his legacy.

At least I hope that this is what he is thinking as the apparent generous offer for the transfer of HiguaĆ­n to Arsenal indicates so.

Arsenal are offering £42.2m plus Olivier Giroud to the Serie A side, but they are willing to go as high as £50m without the Frenchman. This is what journalist Ciro Venerato said at RaiSport. Higuain's  salary will be £6.8m-a-year for a four year contract. 

And Wenger has asked for a meeting next Thursday with Napoli to finalise the transfer... Things are indeed moving fast.

If this deal is concluded then it will be a major major statement by Arsene Wenger. He will have brought to the club a prolific goal scorer in a position that we were clearly proved weak. He has scored 36 goals in 35 League appearances for Napoli last season, a one to one ratio!

And the title challenge for the coming season will be the strongest in the last decade.

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Belve said...

No way we lose Giroud in a swap. the statement would be to ask Napoli how much it would take to get Higuain (they'll say close to 65) and then offer Everton something comparable for Lukaku - I would think 43 - 45 would make them blink.