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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lets hope Emery doesn't make this big mistake against Man City

By 1970's Gooner

To be honest I haven't seen enough to convince me, during pre season so far, that the players are putting into practice what Emery has been preaching in his press conferences so far.

He has been talking, sensibly so, that he considers it as important to be alert not only when in possession but when we loose the ball. 

However the practice session of holding hands in a circle with three players in the middle (also holding hands) trying to win the ball in unison doesn't seem to have done the trick in the real games. No wonder the assistant coach had to get in among the three players and really show them the aggression needed to win the ball back!

But I haven't seen the pack mentality adopted by Pep's teams when not in possession. We have only been pressing with the players playing up front but, hell, we have been doing that even under Wenger.... If you don't transmit this mentality to the rest of the players then what's the use. 

The second issue that worries me is that the team appears to be playing a very high line with the defenders pushing up to the half way line. 

But in the absence of pace at the back I would be really worried. A ball over the top and I don't see Socratis nor Mustafi having the pace to catch the Leroy Sane's of this world....

Again a throw back from the Wenger days....

And lastly, and this is my biggest worry, Kolacinac has been dreadful so far. He was at fault for both of the goals we conceded so far (against Athletico Madrid and PSG) by either being too slow, out of position stationed too far up the field or both.

He is not good enough to start as a left back and if Emery cannot get Monreal ready enough to start against City we will be in big big trouble. 

All you will need will be the long ball on our left side over the top with the centre backs unable to accelerate to cover and you can kiss good buy all the good work that will have been done during the pre season.

 I am sorry if I appear too pessimistic but I have to call it as I see it.  

We do of course have 12 days more to get things sorted out (and get Monreal ready).


Unknown said...

You've shown as much football insight as a plumber undertaking computer forensic analysis. Really poor! If you expect instant transformation of tactical structure of the team,you must have a poor understanding of realigning a team. And to say Kolasinac was dreadful is wrongfully hyperbolic.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up your day job. Very poor article.

Anonymous said...

You better get your skis ready mate
the harsh winter is waiting for you
for your own sake treat quickly your sunstroke before it's too late

Unknown said...

Hey,guys don't push him so hard,he was just saying what he feels and i think he is right in one or two areas

Unknown said...

Let's not be too harsh on the writer, however, I agree he is too quick to judge and expects too much too soon.

OSK said...

The 1970s Gooner has a valid point. 51 goals were let in 38 games and having strengthened the defence but with individuals who are without any competitive pace to keep up with the likes of Mane or Salah and the like; It is suicidal for the defence to press high ! The author of the article is correct and sensible !

Unknown said...

I think they still need time to adopt to new coach's system

Unknown said...

I agree with you on the fact that kolaainac was at fault, he hasn't learn that you mark an attacker facing the opponent goal, not your goal, but I hope they will get aggressive with pressing, getting back the ball as soon as possible and being alert with each opponent that might get the ball next, plus i still see the senior players passing the ball predictably at non threatening areas and away from goal and holding possessions in their half, only the young ones played with intent thats why we created many chances in the 2nd half against psg

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