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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi everybody... I am from honduras... n i would like to tell everyone that Wilson Palacios is one of the best players in Central America

By 1970’s Gooner

Ever since we broke the story of how close Wilson Palacios is to getting a transfer to Arsenal we have received messages and comments from Honduras itself.

They are about the player and how the fans of Olimpia, his club in Honduras, view the prospect of him playing for Arsenal.

Here are some interesting views:

"Hi everybody... I am from honduras... n i would like to tell everyone that Wilson Palacios is one of the best players in Central America.

“Many people don’t agree on your team (Arsenal) signing him up because you don’t know anything about Honduras.. and you think our level is shitty compared to that of other countries; well I would just like to tell you we DO have great players.

I think everyone knows David Suazo? Well he is Honduran and he plays for Inter Milan. We also have players like Edgar Alvarez in Roma, Julio Leon in Genoa, Carlo Costly playing in Poland, Carlos Pavon playing in the MLS for Galaxy (next to your Beckham) and a HUGE list of (other) players...

I also would like to tell you that if Arsenal DOES sign Wilson Palacion they will make a VERY GOOD decision; all you should give him is time to adapt to your team and style of playing... sign him, and you won’t regret it!”

Ed : I don’t think that Arsenal fans necessarily think that the level of football in Honduras is “not high”. I certainly have not seen any references on other sites stating such an opinion.

Another visitor to Arsenal Analysis writes that in fact Olimpia is having a bad time right now and was eliminated from the Central American champions league.

“But I think most of the people in Honduras want to see him play in a great team like Arsenal…. and make us feel proud of our players”

As it appears, Olimpia’s fans are all for Palacios signing for Arsenal. But is Arsene Wenger?

All you football fans in Honduras (and elsewhere) keep your comments coming especially your views and opinions about how good Wilson Palacios is and whether you think he will adapt to English football well.

We will be publishing a selection of your views on the site as we have just done.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope this player is as good as these people from Honduras say

Anonymous said...

This if it goes through will be a typical Wenger signing. Someone has never ever heard off!

Anonymous said...

He's signing for Birmingham.

Wenger thinks we have too many midfielders.

Unknown said...

Honduran players tend to do better overseas than at home, I think because they are more motivated to prove their worth. Sometimes its frustrating to see our players score in Europe and fail when playing on the national team.

Anonymous said...

To aaron,

This is often the case. Its difficult for the exiled players to adjust so suddenly to a different style of football and surroundings.

Let's hope that Wilson gets taken on at Birmingham and does well there.

There are some other Arsenal players there. Djourou is on loan until January and recently they bought Muamba and Larson from Arsenal. They are both doing well. Also last season they had Bendtner there on loan.

I hope you keep supporting Arsenal.