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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Palacios has called home and he is alright. He has impressed Wenger and the medical people

By 1970's Gooner

After reporting that neither Wilson Palacios ‘s parents or his club, Olimpia, could confirm his whereabouts, the Honduran Newspaper “Tiempo”, has now been informed by Palacios’s father that he is alright and living in London Colney!

His father, Eulogio, was relieved to hear from him at last. His son who sounded well and lighthearted confirmed to him that he has been having a trial at Arsenal and that he has been able to satisfy the medical and fitness requirements. He will learn in the next few days whether he is kept on.

Wilson for the last 30 days has been traveling around Europe trying his luck with various clubs leaving a big gap in his home side’s line up as he is considered their top player.

His travels took him first to Serbian club Red Star Belgrade where he impressed but the deal was not concluded as their offer for the player was dismissed by Olimpia’s President, Osman Madrid, as way below his valuation of the player.

There were also rumours that Italian club Cagliary was interested but again Olimpia’s president denied there was anything in it.

Palacios next traveled to France and had a trial with Monaco but they seemed unable to take him on as the quota for foreign players has already been exhausted.

Wenger has been impressed

According to his father, Wilson has made a very good impression on Wenger who was quite happy with him. Apparently Palacios has understood that he is earmarked to replace Ljumberg as they are similar players.

The financial side of the deal has not yet been discussed but the whole thing may be finalized in the next few days.

His father said:

“this is not important for us, what I want is that my son continues playing in England. The probabilities of remaining are great.”

The Honduran Newspaper has even given the Arsenal shirt numbers that Palacios could choose from!

These are indeed numbers which have not yet been allocated:

8, 12, 14, 18 and 23.

Palacios labeled the “magician” is considered one of the national team’s best players.

He is 23 years old and a right midfield player who can also play in defence.

He is most remembered for scoring a goal from the half-way line against Marathón in the final minutes of a game in 2006. You can watch it on the video window.

Wilson Palacios Fact File

Date of birth July 29, 1984 (age 23)
Place of birth La Ceiba, Honduras
Playing position Midfielder
Current club Olimpia
Appearances 102
Goals 10

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Anonymous said...

It would appear that Wenger doesnt need Morgensen then and Palacios will be cheaper.
Is he as good as Morgensen though?

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