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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spurs fly like a bee and sting like a butterfly!

By 1970’s Gooner

Well who would have believed it? After spending 40m over the summer and reaching the dizzy heights of third biggest spenders in the league, after Manchester United and Liverpool, Spurs have plunged to such low depths where it matters. On the football field.

Yet at the end of last season their weaknesses were apparent for everyone to see. The lack of creative midfielders and quality in defence.

And what does Mr. Jol goes out and buys? A £16.5m forward to add to the other four he already had (Defoe, Keane, Berbatov and Mido).

And in defence he brought in two relatively young and inexperienced defenders, Bale and Kaboul. The former was out due to injury and the latter limped out during the game.

As often happens in football, due to its zero sum characteristic and reliance on team coordination, if one or more of its parts or players is not functioning well the whole of the team suffers.

Tottenham last night in their efforts to appease the plethora of forwards at their disposal sacrificed shape and the balance of the team by playing three forwards, Bent and Berbatov up front and Keane just below them.

This had the effect of depriving the midfield of a genuine central player and putting too much load on Jenas’s shoulders to strive to control it. A task which he is not that capable of performing at the best of circumstances anyway.

On the other hand Moyes is not that an idiot to make such selection mistakes. He played a 4 4 2 even if it was an away game. But at least his team was balanced and his four man midfield had the extra midfielder to provide protection.

We Arsenal fans were starting to get sick of all this Spurs hype during pre season that they will finish above us in the League. They were even talking about challenging the top two for the title!

Lay off it please.

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Arsenal Analysis said...
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Anonymous said...

they do it every year. They elevate their hopes to such heights and then they come crashing down with a bang!

Anonymous said...

I think they might be facing relegation this year

Anonymous said...

Jol will be resigning soon. Do we want that?