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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Most of the English press is racist and xenophobic with an agenda against Arsenal

Ed: This is a rant by a commenter on this site which I think expresses well the sentiments and comments of a lot fans, inclusive of those who are not necessarily from these shores. See what you think about it.

By Anonymous

The media reaction on the Eduardo story has been a farce and it is sheer jealousy that drives them.

Wenger is one of the top three managers in Europe and all English managers are shite.

Arsenal play a brand of football England couldn't even achieve on the PS3.

Wenger has knocked back the England job so many times.

Eduardo embarrassed England and knocked them out of the Euros.

Nothing but jealousy I say.

Had it been Rooney we'd never hear the end of it. With an ethos like this no wonder England's national side is the biggest joke in world football.

The way Taylor has been made the victim is just more proof that virtually every member of the British press is just a racist xenophobic idiot with an agenda. It is sad and pathetic.

No wonder England players keep getting sent off in international tournaments. I also love the way they try to make out all the red cards under AW make Arsenal a dirty side. Ha ha says the national team with John Terry as captain and Gary Neville at right-back.

Arsenal play some of the best football n Europe and have the 2nd best disciplinary record in the league over the past 5 years. FACT. But since when did facts matter to the media idiots?

Don't get angered by the media. Just kick back, relax and laugh at them as the national team exit and get humiliated in yet another penalty shoot-out.

Laugh at all the sad xenophobe fans who paint their faces and reckon they'll win every game 3-0 and end up getting embarrassed.

Laugh at a team that has won NOTHING in over 40 years. Laugh at a media that told the world it had a 'Golden generation' for the 2006 World Cup. Laugh at Steve McClaren.

And then compare and contrast with all the wonderful players Arsene Wenger has produced, the Invincibles, the two doubles, the FA Cups, the Champions league final, the players nominated for World and European player awards.

And also laugh at the Spuds not winning a league title in over 47 years!

It's good to be a Gooner. It’s miserable to be a jealous bitter England fan.

This country loves underdog losers like Taylor and Birmingham. There is a general mistrust of winners, which is why Gallas gets so much stick for showing how much he cares but, when Terry pisses in a nightclub or fights with his manager it is 'PASSION'.

Ha ha ha.

The more bile they spew the more I love it. It just shows how desperate they are. Imagine that. The fate of a country of 50 million people apparently, lies within the hands of one Frenchman. Can you believe that?

I love the way Arsene is single-handedly responsible for the demise of Engish football. Question: who was to blame for the 30 years before that?!

Here's another poser...Do you reckon that if Arsenal were as rubbish as say...Birmingham or Derby or if they were mid-table like the Spuds and not won a thing of note in 10 years. Do you reckon the media would be so obsessed with Wenger and Arsenal and trying to slam them at every chance?

So why the obsession with Arsene's Arsenal then? Why not pick on Allardyce who bought foreigners all the time at Bolton and Newcastle?

Or why not rant at McTwat at Birmingham for signing McFadden and playing with a team of mostly foreigners?

Why not have a go at Ferguson for not developing any English players at all (in the last 10 years) and only spending stupid cash (that not everyone can afford) on Rooney, Rio and Hargreaves?

In Fergie's case it is because the media are pussies and don't want to upset all the glory-hunting Mancs around the world. In the case of everyone else? Because they are shit.

And it is a compliment to Wenger this poisonous jealous envy. His team play sumptuous football and only serves to highlight the gulf in class between foreign players and English ones. How they must hate it...

And why do people keep going on about that Gallas kick at Nani? Is Nani and ManYoo such a bunch of big pussies that they think that was horrible? Does anybody remember Roy Keane? Right then.

That gallas 'kick' wouldn’t have knocked out a 7 year-old. Although that poor little Nani must have a graze somewhere I am sure...

And finally, funny how this FA Cup win for ManYoo seems to make them so excited. Did Arsenal care? Nope. Are Arsenal 3 points clear of ManYoo despite Mancs spending £50 million more on players?


For Eduardo read Rooney but don’t read the Daily Mail or listen to the BBC


Unknown said...

aA sledgehammer style certainly but there are a core of truths in this article.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. The EPL is becoming a joke. First it became a playground for bored foreign billionaires, then it announced a stupid plan to play football around the world, now Aliadiere gets an extra game as punishment while Taylor, who may have ended someone's career, gets off virtually scot-free and wins all kinds of sympathy for being a thug. Then the media, who now want it to seem like everything bad (including the incident) is all Arsenal's fault anyway. Mark my words, the day Arsenal finally stop playing the way they do and revert back to pre-Wenger typical English rubbish football will be the start of the decline of the EPL. It is no coincidence that the EPL's popularity grew exponentially at the same time that Arsenal played as they do. If the EPL does not start punishing violence on the pitch, the world will turn to Spanish football.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better myself...looks like a lot of jealousy out there. Now lets get behind the boys this afternoon - see you at the new Highbury!

Anonymous said...

I think this is over paranoid, even though some of the points are valid. I think certain sections of the media - Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun etc are xenophobe. Get over it though, criticism comes with success and all the top teams get it at some point. It's the ay of the media, as for referee decisions you have to hope that they basically even themselves out over a season. I believe you generally get what you desreve and if we desreve it we'll win the title this year.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Shame that not one person with authority in the media actually have a pro-bias to Arsenal.

I have an aim to be a journalist. It is my goal in life to either write about football or music. I think that I will have to settle for music because they would not allow my opinions to be heard. There would be no pussy-footing around.

Anonymous said...

It's so true, but the media will once again try and fudge it and throw it back at Wenger and us.

They really are the most dispicable bottom feeders know to man.

I fell of my chair laughing at that half-wit, "lawro" in his mirror piece this morning "It's time for Wenger to appoint a new leader

This brainless wonder is stupid enough to say the following "A great captain should lead by example and be everything his team stands for. That's why John Terry, Graeme Souness and Tony Adams fit into that category."

Does he even BEGIN to realise quite what he's just said?

Honestly, the idiocy just makes me piss myself laughing, the guy has to be seriously stupid, and that's being polite.

Anonymous said...

@March 1, 2008 12:26 PM

You had me laughing my ass off when reading those names as idols and examples to follow.

I agree with this article as it is a belief I have had for many years now as I noticed the bias of the media and the sheer hypocrisy.

TonytheGooner said...

Thats why its great when Merse is on Sky. It feels strange to hear Arsenal bias on TV. I have felt that we are victimised for years, as i'm sure many other gunners have. The events in the last week have made everyone angry enough to express it. It was nice to see AW felt the same when he suggested we have been victimised in the last 3 years. I dont think its paranoia when all gooners feel the same.
I have said this on another site and i'll say it here. Lauren got a 4 game ban and fine for taunting RvN at OLd Trafford in 2003. Taylor lunges at a guy and almost ends his career and he gets a 3-game ban. Now there exactly is the problem with the football mindset in England.

TonytheGooner said...

And anyone who doesnt believe the FA favours and treats English players and what happens to them differently, I remember Alan Shearer playing for Newcastle in 1998, on the ground on the sideline with Leicester's Neil Lennon right in front of the cameras. Shearer looks at Lennon, then kicks him full force in the face, and the FA did nothing. Cowardly. Coincidentally he may have missed the FA Cup Final against Arsenal if he had been suspended.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Xenophobic? Perhaps, but downright racist is a big stretch.

Furthermore, I don't like this constant assumption that the entirety of the British media are against us. Certainly there is a large section of the media where that is the case, but every fan of every team in the premiership thinks that the media is against them so sometimes it just doesn't wash. Aside from that, we really do receive some great press sometimes, from various outlets, but typically that's when everything's going ok, which is to be expected.

Meanwhile, Eduardo received nothing but sympathy from all corners of the football press, even if this lead to an major imbalance with the sympathy jointly shown for Taylor. To say nothing of the numbskulls that criticised Eduardo for having the temerity to be too quick/good for Taylor.

You do make some valid points in your article though, the football mentality and culture in England is all wrong at the moment and the press have a large share of the responsibility with that.

Anonymous said...

Well at last there is someone or two who have realised that our press & media is run by a bunch ignorant, biased racists. I am Londoner,white,65 and a Gunner for 57 years, and since I was a kid it was obvious the jealousy of the Northern journalists made AFC the target they have been and will always be. The Liverpool & Manure love in as always been there and in turn the constant chipping away of the Arsenal standards has been their objective.

If you really care you also study the control our media has in what we are fed re; health care, sport, Europe and mostly politics.

Is it healthy to have our press owned by a Ozzie/ Yank/whatever who tells his eitors in the press and TV what they to think and who to vote for. Sadly we have an imbalance in sport support from the papers 75% for the North and 25% for the South. AND worse still for our future we have an 85% Tory owned press against 10% Labour & 5% the this healthy debate or opinion? No! Will it change ? No!

All we ask is a fair balance of comment about our team etc...just try for one year and see what a difference it would make!

Anonymous said...

Liverpool fan here and couldn't agree with you more. The only thing I think you have wrong is that Wenger is the best manager in the world mate. No-one could have spent as little as he has and won what he has won while playing the football you guys do.
Credit where its due from my perspective....

Fierce Monkey said...

Nice rant. I'll have to bookmark this one.

Just remember we can all pull a Thierry goalscoring celebratory (the silencing-the-crowd celebration) when we prevail this year in whichever com petition.