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Friday, February 29, 2008

For Eduardo read Rooney but don’t read the Daily Mail or listen to the BBC

By 1970’s Gooner

The real victim of the Eduardo incident is Martin Taylor.

This is what you would probably believe when reading the English press. Especially if you have just been released after a few years in captivity somewhere in a war torn region.

Heck he is!

First you have all the Birmingham and related crowd telling us that Taylor is a gentle giant.

Then you get all the English press feeling sorry for poor Taylor who has never hurt a fly in his life.

Then follows the BBC’s Radio Five Live eulogizing about the young Birmingham player and saying what an unfortunate incident it was.

There follows that idiot Gordon Taylor of the FA Professional Footballers' Association. He has written to Eduardo and Martin Taylor offering messages of support after their “ill-fated” clash at St Andrews on Saturday.

"I have written to Martin and I believe he has the strength of character to overcome this. He has shown remorse and he went to see the lad in hospital. He is a good lad and I know how badly he feels about it.

"The incident happened so quickly. It was one of those things. It happened early on in the game and Martin was late but, like I said, he is not a nasty player and wouldn't inflict an injury like that deliberately."

What he is really saying is :

“Yea it was an ill fated incident. Just a quirk of nature. Doesn’t often happen. How unfortunate that old chap Martin Taylor is. Chin up lad and get on with it”!

He in fact exonerates Taylor.

In the meantime the media, especially the BBC and The Daily Mail, have been running a campaign to show Taylor as the victim of this “unfortunate” incident.

They are depicting taylor as an unfortunate lad who has been wronged by the fans sending him threats and by Wenger who after all had the audacity to ask for a punishment that fitted the crime!

Mr Hatchett of the Daily Mail has been running a campaign almost single handedly to discredit Arsenal and Wenger.His fellow journalists at the same newspaper have also been prolific.

Here are some of the headlines from this newspaper in the last few days:

“LET'S get real, Taylor's tackle on Eduardo was an unfortunate mistake”

“Martin Taylor will regret his challenge on Eduardo for the rest of his career, but can the morons leave it alone now and go and play with the traffic on the M25, instead”

It was one tackle, one mistimed tackle from a bloke trying to do his job. He was clumsy and who hasn't been clumsy?

Unforgiving Wenger tells Taylor: Only you know if you meant to hurt my striker”

And to cap it all Mr Hatchett provides a list of all the red cards that Arsenal players received during Wenger’s reign:

“ARSENAL more sinned against than sinning? Don't make me laugh - and here's 72 reasons why for a start”

Yes of course I know that the young lad did not deliberately set out to break Eduardo’s leg. But like a negligent driver who doesn’t set out to kill or maim someone shouldn’t he be at all reprimanded for his bad driving?

And if he is reprimanded with a punishment that really is disproportionate with the severity of his “crime” doesn’t it mean that the deterrent nature of the punishment loses al its meaning?

And if all the powers to be come out and support the negligent driver saying things like he wouldn’t hurt a fly and it was just one of those incidents, doesn’t it give the message :

“carry on driving negligently chaps” or in our case “carry on kicking the hell out of skilled players that go past you using legitimate means playing beautiful football”

Doesn’t it mean that managers like McCleish and other footballers will carry on their detestable tactics of kicking the opposition straight to the hospital beds and probably to an early retirement?

Because Wenger is right. When they can’t beat you at football they revert to kicking you out of football. Just like Manchester United did when they broke the Invincibles undefeated run by a dodgy penalty and a lenient referee.

But the crux of the matter is that this is the mentality that pervades throughout the football world in this country. It is embedded in the psyche of the nation.

Taylor executed the act but the moral instigators of this crime are football managers, referees and the media.

As long as the powers to be allow football skills to be countered with brutal force and feel that “it’s just one of those things that happen on the football field” then there will never be any hope for English football.

Omar left this comment on this site which I think encapsulates the state of the media in England:

“This is just typical of an English Press. If this kind of foul was committed on Wayne Rooney the English Press would be in an uproar.

This kind of injury was a long time coming. Remember Abou Diaby about two years ago?

This is the second time in two years an Arsenal player have suffered such injury.

Arsene is correct when he said that there is a notion out there that to defeat Arsenal is to kick Arsenal. The Manager of Birmingham stated before the game that they would have to put steel to Arsenal and this is exactly what Matt Taylor did to Da Silva.

I don't think he intended to hurt the lad but when managers request of their players to be physical with another team, what do you expect to happen?

This is exactly why Jose Reyes left the Premiership; because of the brutality.

Sorry to say but this brand of Football is now close to Rugby”

Thanks Omar for those comments.

Media, coaches and referees are to blame for career threatening tackles


Anonymous said...

Poor Martin Taylor, he must be feeling worse than that nasty Eduardo. Martin is a good guy who would never hurt anyone and now Eduardo's diving has made him look bad.

Lets ban all foreigners they are the reason that we didn't qualify for Euro 08 and Eduardo scored against us and set up another goal so this serves him right. Wenger is a nasty, evil man who wants "our Martin" out of the game that he loves, for no reason. Wenger is a disgrace, silly and childish. His words have left poor Martin distraught.

Martin was only smiling in that photo as he was happy that he got the ball with a perfectly timed tackle. I don't know how Eduardo got injured, I think he must have slipped or dived. Maybe he's just frail. These foreigners are a bit weak you know.

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with the sentiment of your article, I have to say that accidents do happen. The guy isnt Roy Keane and doesnt have a track-record of nobbling other players. As for the Sunderland/Diaby incident. We'd totally outclassed them and one young player got frustrated...much like Gallas kicking Nani the other week after being made to look a fool.

On a side note, thank god Reyes went - we was an absolute twat and it was great to see him gift the opposition a goal at the weekend. Bitter? Me? Never !

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Poor Martin Taylor.

Little mention of skill and technique. The media reaction has been a farce and it is sheer jealousy that drves them. Wenger is one of the top three managers in Europe and all English managers are shite. Arsenal play a brand of football England couldn't ven achieve on the PS3. Wenger has knocked back the England job so many times. Eduardo embarrassed England and knocked them out of the Euros. Nothing but jealousy.

Had it been Rooney we'd never hear the end of it. With an ethos like this no wonder England's national side is the biggest joke in world football. The way Taylor has ben made the victim is just more proof that virtually ever member of the British press is just a racist xenophobic idiot with an agenda. It is sad and pathetic.

No wonder England players keep getting sent off in international tournaments. I also love the way they try to make out all the red cards under AW make Arsenal a dirty side. Ha ha. Says the national team with John Terry as captain and Gary Neville at right-back. Arsena play some of the best football n Europe and have the 2nd best disciplinary record in the league over the past 5 years. FACT.

But since when did facts matter to the media idiots? Long may England continue to fail. Don't get angered by the media. Just kick back, relax and laugh at them as they exit and get humiliated in yet another penalty shoot-out. Laugh at all the sad xenophobe fans who paint their faces and reckon they'll win every game 3-0 and end up getting embarassed. Laugh at a team that has won NOTHING in over 40 years. Laugh at a media that told the world it had a 'Golden generation' for the 2006 World Cup. Laugh at Steve McClaren.

And then compare and contrast with all the wonderful players Arsene Wenger has produced, the Invincibles, the two doubles, the FA Cups, the Champions league final, the players nominated for World and European player awards. And also laugh at the Spuds not winning a league title in over 47 years!

It's good to be a Gooner.

Miserable to be a jealousm bitter England fan. This country loves underdog losers like Taylor and Birmingham. There is a general mistrust of winners, which is why Gallas gets so much stick for showing how much he cares but, when Terry pisses in a nightclub or fights with his manager it is 'PASSION'.

Ha ha ha. The more bile the spew the more I love it. It just shows how desperate they are. Imagine that. The fate of a country of 50 million people apparently, lies within the hands of one Frenchman. Can you believe that? I love the way Arsene is single-handedly responsible for the demise of Engish football. Question: who was to blame for the 30 years before that?!

Here's another poser...Do you reckoon that if Arsenal were as rubbish as say...Birmingham. Or Derby. Or if they were mid-table like the Spuds and not won a thing of note in 10 years. Do you reckon the media would be so obsessed with Wenger and Arsenal and trying to slam them at every chance? So why the obsession with Arsene's Arsenal then? Why not pick on Allardyce who bought foreigners all the time at Bolton and Newcastle? Or why not rant at McTwat at Birmingham for signing McFadden and playing with a team of mostly foreigners? Why not have a go at Ferguson for not devevloping any English players at all and only spending stupid cash (that not everyone can afford) on Rooney, Rio and Hargreaves?

In Fergie's case it is because he media are pussies and don't want to upset all the glory-hunting Mancs around the world. In the case of everyone else? Because they are shit.

And it is a compliment to Wenger this poisonous jealous envy. His team play sumptuous football and only serves to highlight the gulf in class between foreign players and English ones. How they must hate it...

Anonymous said...

And why do people keep going on about that Gallas kick at Nani? Is Nani and ManYoo such a bunch of big pussies that they think that was horrible? Does anybody remember Roy Keane? Right then.
That gallas 'kick' wouldnt have knocked out a 7 year-old. Although that poor little bitch Nani must have a graze somewhere I am sure...

Also. Funny how this FA Cup win for ManYoo seems to make them so excited. Did Arsenal care? Nope. Are Arsenal 3 points clear of ManYoo despite Mancs spending £50 million more on players?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

I have been shocked but not surprised by what has been written this week about this incident. I agree that in the England team, we get the football and results that we deserve.

Sadly, the malaise is not just with football, I feel, it runs right through our society. This week, on our local news, I saw reports of two murders in the same street, on the same night in two completely separate, unrelated incidents. Nobody gives a shit about other people any more; they just take whatever they want. In the end, the perpetrators know that they will get counselling and sympathetic treatment, while the victims can go to Hell.

The Daily Mail is a vile, irresponsible pile of trash in every aspect of its reporting.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to buy or read The Mail on the basis that it is so anti Arsenal.The author of their article regarding Arsenal being more sinners than sinned against needs to ask himself one question;how many opposing players have Arsenal's footballers fouled leaving the injured player needing treatment and reulting in the injured player missing matches?I can only name one;Diaby on Campo.
On the other side of the coin we have been subjected to fouls such as;
Smith on Diaby
Taylor on Eduardo
Prutton on Pires
Ruud Van Nistleroy on Cashley
Bolton took two of our players out in a 5 minute(including Freddie who was never the samre player againand needed an operation on his hip) period when we surrendered a 2 goal lead and the the cunts at The Mail run with the view that "Arsenal don't like it up them".
The Mail
Richard Keys
Clive Tydsley
Garth Crooks
Ian Mcgary
Brian Marwood(listen to his commentary when Diaby's leg got broken)
Mark Bright......the list is endless but they all share the same hatred of Arsenal.Do you think that we could have David Dein doing the ITV commentary on a couple of games as we all have to put up with David Pleat doing it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember how vilified Aldo Duscher was when he broke the metatarsal of a certain David Beckham ? It was a fair tackle, but the nation was in an uproar. Daily Mail would have loved for the british mob to lynch "Villain Aldo Duscher" going by the provocative stuff they wrote. So forget Rooney - we have already been here before and it wasnt even a career threatening injury.

Anonymous said...

This article is very good. English media are trying to defend Martin very well. However, mark Wenger's words. One day you will see the same media which opt for defending this bad tackle, will be complaining how bad the same kind of tackle if applied to certain beloved english player. I say again mark wenger's words! What goes around comes around. I am real going to see what kind of hypocrites these medias are.

Thanks mate for your good insight.

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree, agree, agree!

This week has been unbelievable - first the appaling injury but then the messed-up reaction by those in the media and in the game.

We love Arsenal and Arsenal love good football. Maybe the opposite is true for some - not all as there are decent fans of other clubs who have also ben dismayed by the media reaction - of those who don't support the Gunners...

Anonymous said...

You weren't so keen on skill being protected when Fabregas, Gallas and Hoyte were trying to break Nani's legs the week before. Or Eboue's groin high tackle. Which way do you want it skill protected or not?

Anonymous said...

I actually wrote in to the Daily Mail about their treatment of The Arsenal and always dragging our name through the dirt. Guess what it was never put in print or acknowledged. Still waiting to hear from the BBC as well.....I wont hold my breath

Anonymous said...

Accurate and logical assessment of an event which has protracted much media and nationalistic bias in my opinion [and evidently yours]. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many in a coherent and intelligent article.

By the way Van der Vaart has just been offered a preliminary contract offer from Arsenal. Apparently he is waiting for a Barcelona offer but his wife Sylvie is warm to the idea of moving to London. [Apparently she is confident in pursuing a career in British television as she is already well acclimated with the language].

I wonder what is going on in Wenger's head? I have a lot of time for Rafael but I don't quite see how he can possibly fit in to the current midfield group. I personally believe that Wenger has looked at his choices of available goalscoring mid-fielders and identified Van der Vaart to have the requisite talent to match the price tag. But even so, Fabregas is beginning to improve in this aspect as well as Rosicky. Looks like the Bundesliga is Wenger's new talent pool. Strange but true.

Again, great article and I hope I've added something which Arsenal fans can discuss and hopefully be pleased about.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, poor arsenal are getting bullied by those nasty players from other teams again.


it was a bad tackle with the worst possible consequence, luckily Flamini's 'tackle' on Nani the previous game didn't have the same result, although the intention to cause it was there with Flamini.

Before you get up on your high horse sort your own house out, arsenal (since wenger's arrival) have been the most petulant bunch of sulkers in the league, all smiles when the opposition roll over but crying foul whenever anyone puts up a fight or out plays you.

Anonymous said...

You have a good recognition from Spain.
All press, commentators love the Arsenal way. I'm saying all with no exception.
This is a reason to be proud of being a gooner.
I'm Spaniard that loves the football played by Arsene Wenger.
Gooners be proud.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to anon 7.49

Can you let us know where you got your info on Van de Vaart so that we can credit you with an article about it?

1970's Gooner

Unknown said...

Thanks Arsenal Analysis for quoting my comments. I've watched every Arsenal Game the past five years over here in America. I was so distrubed by the injury to Eduardo that I really did not care at the moment or the couple of days after if Arsenal won the Premiership. I can only guess how the players on the pitch felt at the moment and then had to play the full 90 mins of the game. After the injury I really did not expect us to win, but we showed true character.

There is nothing wrong with Arsenal, if they would have play the rest of the game like nothing had happen i would have been even more disturbed. Let us all just hope that our team is over what happen last week, this could be a very lasting effect. If any one read Micah Richard's column on BBC he even stressed how affected he was by the pictures and could not really tackle very hard against the game at Eventon.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the article,

and just thought i would leave a comment to the idiot who was tryin to compare the tackle on edwardo to the tackle on nani, which is basically impossible one was an extremely bad studs up sliding tackle and one was a small kick on the leg. and if you are syain arsenal fans are moaning about the tackle at least this one is bad enough to moan about and its a tad hypocritical to say we are moaning when you are moaning abotu the slight scratch on nani's leg

great article though:)

MeteorMonster said...

True "Blue Blooded" Englishmen will never take to Arsenal as long as we have a "lowly" French coach and most of our players are not English.

These Reporters will consistently criticize Arsenal until hell freezes over and fawn over Manu and Sir Alex, forgetting that he is Scottish and not English.

These same Neanderthal sport writers do not seem to realize that Football is an International sport and not just English. They also can not understand that this lack of objectivity has contributed tremendously to the lack of success by their "GREAT" English squads since 1960.

By constantly praising their English lads for "showing grit", "sticking it in", "Playing with metal", "having courage and desire", has only served to create a bunch of non-technical, underachieving, gooner like,unimaginative squad of players who can never compete at the International level.

Points to consider:

1. Constant world Cup finalists, Brazil, Italy and Argentina produce the best technical players who compete globally.

2. An English Coach has not won anything period for such a long time I do not even remember when last.

Manu = Scottish
Arsenal= French
Liverpool = Spanish/French
Chesea = Portugese/Israeli
Manchester City = Swedish
Tottenham = Spanish

3. Even Jamaica has a "National Football Academy". Failure of England to have a central source for cultivating and motivating their young talent is unforgivably stupid,

Should this not tell us all it's time to throw in the towel and move in another direction in order to elevate ourselves once more.

It's just so unfortunate that these Neanderthal sports writers basking in the glory of the centuries old reign of the mighty British Empire have failed to come to terms with the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

This is anon. 7:49. My girlfriend's cousin is a short term friend of Sylvie Meis. They met when they were doing an episode of a dutch programme named 'Pista'. My girlfriend told me today that she had spoken to Chantal [a massive Ajax and Vaart fan herself] and that it had come up in their conversation. This is of course not 100% full-proof but certainly more accurate than what one would read in 'the Sun' or 'the Mail'.

Basically Rafael wants to go to Spain. He is partly Spanish and is waiting for Barca to come in for him and he has apparently rejected a move to Turin as his girlfriend has claimed 'Turin is too boring'. So it could all hinge on Barca and Sylvie.

It seems that Wenger goes for players that do well against us, Pires, Rosicky, Walcott against our reserves, Eduardo and a few more which do not come to me at the moment. Van der Vaart had a pretty good match against us with Hamburg, scoring a rasping long range drive and passing assuredly throughout.

Like I said before 1970's gooner, I am not sure how he would fit in but he has a great goalscoring record for his clubs and maybe he sees Eduardo's injury as more serious than he is letting us believe. I certainly hope this is not the case.

What do you think? Would it be a wise decision considering that he doesn't look like he has the attributes to alter his position drastically to a winger like say Rosicky or Hleb and I can't see the centre of Flamini and Fabregas being altered. Maybe 4-5-1? Hope not, despise the formation.

Probably not the source you were hoping for but a source nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! Its a good source as any.

I think that Wenger has enough midfield talent even with Diarra leaving. There is Cesc, Flamini, Diaby and don't forget Song. Plus a few promising youngsters like Wilshire.

He has to create room for the existing midfielders to grow in.It would be strange to go for a 15m player and its not Wenger's style is it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think. With the influx of money from our 'reported' new improved revenue it could be a possibility. But like you said it is unlike Wenger to stunt the growth of young hopefuls... but he has done it before. Gallas' acquisition did not aid Senderos' cause, Sagna is keeping Hoyte and Gilbert out of sight and out of mind and Eduardo may have had an adverse effect on Walcott's growth. If Wenger thinks we need Van der Vaart then he'll try and get him. And apparently the contract was based on the assumption of a €17.8 million bid. I checked it out and it's rouphly 13.7 million pounds. Which seems fairly feasible don't you think?

Anonymous said...

To anon 12.01
Thanks for your info on Van De Vaart. keep letting us know...

Wenger bought Gallas for experience which was lacking with only Toure, Senderos and Djourou the other central defenders and also because on average you need two players for each position if the squad is going to last.

On Van De Vaart who can double guess Wenger eh? Maybe someone is leaving....

Anonymous said...

I have heard Martin Taylor saying "he is sorry but .... this is the nature of football!". Only in the UK you get the perpetrator of a serious crime feel morally right to make such a statement in public! No Mr. Taylor, this is not the nature of football. This is the nature of British football! Football is an elegant game; it is not rugby (even in rugby you don't such horrible injuries). But how come Taylor feels so right to make such an outrageous statement only days after Eduardo was nearly crippled for life? Because of the media, the coaches, the referees and a culture he grew up in which justifies such actions. I mentioned in a previous article that it may take a generation for things to change in England. Judging from the reaction of the Media and the officials I think it take a little longer.

The Coach

Anonymous said...

No problem 1970's gooner. Anytime you need any info just e-mail me at I must admit Chantal's calls aren't a regular occurrence but I will do my best to attain any information I can. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angelos. Let me know if something crops up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm really getting tired of Arsenal never getting calls. This would go largely unnoticed if not for webblogs like this as the manager would never whine endlessly and complain about such things.

I don't see why anyone would need to come to Martin Taylor's defense, its not like the opposing coach did something as incredibly moronic as call for him to be banned for life for a tackle that was slightly worse than average...

Wenger's complaining and the complaining of Arsenal fans will make it 1000x better watching Arsenal blow this lead down the stretch while they blame it on their players getting "kicked constantly" while the week before they had intentionally tried to injure a player 3+ times. I've already heard Arsenal fans giving up. Lolol Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

A special mention to Patrick Barclay of the Telegraph who gave a superb balance and analysis of the incident and the media reaction which gunners would appreciate.

I agree and appreciate your observations in your article. Well done, this site is an unsung hero in the blogosphere. It seems that only in this 'sphere can we get balanced and (fairly) objective views as much of the mainstream media is sinking into a void of self-serving, myopic, sycophantic, jingoistic and downright bad coverage.. i wouldn't say there's an overt anti-arsenal bias, however the element of glee when we experience misfortune is palpable. God forbid another bad injury to a footballer, but if it did happen to an England man, the difference in media reactions would be painfully clear. The lack of recognition for our prem position despite the investments of our competitors alone really rankles with me.

Thanks for the hot tip on Rafael Van der Vaart. The speculating on how he'll integrate is a moot point - REAL quality such as he has must be incorporated in to our team, and the squad will have to show maturity to accept and adapt if as I think Wenger will, he brings in 4 or 5 players of Rafael's quality to flesh out our increasingly over-worked and top-heavy squad.

Anonymous said...

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