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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eduardo on course for earlier than expected return

By Aries

Eduardo has been in Rio de Janeiro attending Ronaldo’s Clinic R9 every day.

As we have reported first on this site his doctors who Arsenal entrusted for his recovery programme headed by the Brazilian National Team doctor,Jose Luis Runco, have come out and put his expected return on the training field in four months.

This has encouraged Eduardo who said to Brazilian that he wants to shorten his time of recovery even further.

“I prefer to look forward and I am dedicated to my physiotherapy programme. If necessary, I will spend 24 hours on the treatment table. If God gives me the right to hope, I will fight for it – completely”.

He also revealed that Martin Taylor has not yet apologised to him!

When asked about the punishment of a three game ban that Taylor received he said that it was disproportionate to the damage done to him.

He compared his situation to Dutch player Niels Kokmeijer who broke his leg after Moroccan Rachid Bouaouzan (now with Wigan) tackled him. He was sent to prison for six months by a Dutch court.

He thought that Rachid Bouaouzan’s punishment was too excessive.

“I think Rachid Bouaouzan should have been removed from football for the same time that the victim remained in recovery. As the player can not go back to work, the aggressor deserved to be excluded from football”.

Eduardo's return is now expected in September of this year.

This will probably encourage Arsene Wenger to utilise any transfer funds he has in strengthening other areas such as in central defence and in midfield especially if Flamini leaves.


Anonymous said...

I would still like to see Wenger buy a real quality striker like David Villa or Huntelaar. Wenger's myopic belief in supposed starters who can't be fit enough to be starters like: Van Persie-Rosicky is a massive problem. Look at the number of injuries we've had in the last three/four seasons. We don't have the strength in depth. Unless you call 18-19-20 yr. old players, depth. Those are exactly the types of players who aren't winning us games, we need that extra push from the bench, like any other big team offers. We need four signings, like Bacary Sagna or Eduardo caliber, to win next year.

Anonymous said...

Tie Taylor Up. Eduardo should do a shit on his head and piss in his face. Martin Taylor you are a cunt, I would love to shit on your face!

Anonymous said...

haha im not sure many are feeling the body fluid fetish of the last guy but for sure taylor ad mcleish are a massive pair of holes, as for seb larrson calling wengerchildish and idiotic for saying taylor should be banned from football, well, pot kettle black., incase it escaped his obviously limited intelligence wenger not only retracted his comments but was also the man who gave larrson his break and wasalso good enough to let im move on when he wanted first team football, i dontthink hell be playing champions league football anywhere else in the near future!

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