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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vela’s Osasuna to agree deal with Arsenal

By Aries

Arsenal have been closely following Carlos Vela’s performances with Osasuna this season and the reports prepared by Ricardo Law, Arsenal’s man in Spain for these kinds of issues, have always been favourable.

Law himself has set up the meeting a few days ago in London between Osasuna’s President Patxi Izco and sports Director Juanjo Lorenzo. They had lunch with Arsenal’s representatives and met with Arsene Wenger.

During the meetings Lorenzo and Izco had the chance to explain Osasuna’s vision and organization and expressed a desire to strengthen further the ties between the two clubs.

This collaboration had started in 2007 when Arsenal decided to continue “parking” Carlos Vela with Osasuna in the first division of the Spanish League. He had spent the previous season with Salamanca in the second division.

It seems that Wenger wants Spain to be the parking place for Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking players from Latin America in the same way that Beveren in Belgium is used for French speaking players from the African continent.

In this way the players can get dual nationality or work permits that can allow Arsenal to by pass the more stringent English regulations.

And we all know of the differences between Arsenal and Real Sociedad who have not been using Fran Merida enough in their league games.

Now Osasuna appear to be a welcome addition to Arsenal’s link clubs in Spain along with Celta Vigo, probably replacing Real Sociedad.

Carlos Vela has greatly impressed the Osasuna coaching staff putting in some fine performances this season.

They have been mainly on the left wing in usually a 4 3 3 come 4 51 formation as Osasuna like to keep it tight due to the threat of relegation that has been hanging over them this season.

They asked Arsene Wenger to consider extending Carlos’s loan deal with them for the coming season but Arsene would have none of it of course.

He values Carlos greatly and has high hopes for him. You don’t get Wenger saying the following for any sort of player:

"He's top class. I like his intelligence and his pace. He scores goals but he can also create them. "He's a special talent and I believe 100 per cent that he will make it at the highest level."

So you can guess what Arsene’s answer was. The player himself has already said to Spanish Newspaper “Marca”that he will be happy to come back to Arsenal:

“After two years I would like to go to the club which trusted in me. Arsenal is a great team and it would be a dream to play for them"

I think we need genuine left sided players at Arsenal don't you?

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Anonymous said...

we need a left sided player and a right sided one too to replace the useless eboue

Anonymous said...

Do we still have an agreement with Beveren? I thought that went out the window when the guy who's name I forget (Wenger's mate who had the accademy in the Ivory COast) sold the club.

Anonymous said...

Vela will be a great player for Arsenal and in a position that we are in real need.He will also be ready for battle unlike some other youngsters who have to be plucked out of the reserves.

Arif said...

what we need to get the title is just another 2 players..

1 creative and healthy winger..luka modric..vela for cover

1 good, big centre back for aerial battle..

sell hoyte..and put eboue back to RB

Anonymous said...

Shut up Ebou back to RB, get rid of the plank you mean. Sagna has slotted in perfectly and it can't hurt to have a few Englishmen to keep the baloids at bay.
We need a goalie, Centre back to replace Gallas (eventually) a winger, good holding mid cover to replace Gilberto, a good attacking midfielder to give Fab a break and a shit hot forward. So just the 5 or 6 players required to plug gaps, scare the current crop into knowing they can be dropped at any time and generally improve the quality of the squad

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the above coments. We need a few positions for squad depth, and cover when people need resting, like the other bib 3 can.

Need to two true wingers (left and right footed) for both sides and give us proper width rather then always cutting back inside (needs some variation). We might be alright with a defensive midfielder as hopefully Flamini will stay, and we have Denilson and Diaby who could fill in the middle. And we definitley need a world class striker. Adebayor is ok but is not world class, and i love RVP, he's top quality when match fit, but he never seems to be able to play longer then 3 - months as season (if lucky). I would prefere to have him as a subsitute to mix things up when it's not going right. And again could do with a top goal keeper to cover Almunia, and another central defender to cover Toure and Gallas. Senderous just plays hot and cold, and you never know what one is gonna turn up !!!

Anonymous said...

Eboue RB.....what ya thinking pal !! He needs to be right back in his country, he's jank !!!