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Sunday, April 13, 2008

We will get it right next year. Player analysis and ratings Vs Man Utd

By 1970’s Gooner

Well, we discovered another weakness in the last few games. We can’t keep leads.

We play well enough, dominate throughout large parts of games (we had 75% of the possession during the earlier parts of the first half), play football from another planet, score the all “crucial” first goal but we can’t keep the lead.

For Christ’s sake why oh why don’t the players concentrate when the other team are kicking off after we have scored?

You would have thought that after having done exactly the same thing at Anfield only a few days ago we would have learned our lesson. But no.

The only explanation I can think of is that fatigue has something to do it; as when you are tired we all know that decision making falters and when you’ve just scored you tend to relax and drop your guard.

And to close the circle on this thought process I can only point out the lack of sufficient depth in the squad.

A lot of the players have hardly had a breather with Wenger resisting to rotate, as the alternatives were on the injury table and their deputies were exciting but unproven youngsters.

If this is corrected with a few additions in the summer transfer window who will add experience and nous (especially when the other team are kicking off) I really believe that next season we will be champions.


For a goalkeeper who has hardly played this season he really impressed me with his agility and significant saves. He had no chance with the free kick (the wall should have jumped) but he made two saves from Rooney which looked certain goals. 8


The best Arsenal player on the field. Strong and tenacious in his defending and always going forward at every opportunity. It is amazing that such a young player can put in such quality performances. I think he is the best left back in the Premiership and way ahead of Evra who was good today but not as good as Clichy. 9


Looked tired to me and also short of confidence. He was not penetrative enough going forward. Has not been at his best since the Africa Nations Cup. 5


Should have kept things calm after we scored, quitened everyone down. He didn’t and then proceeded to miss clearing the ball from a scuffed shot by Park and stuck his arm up to stop it. 5


I was worried when Song lined up as a central defender and he did have a couple of hairy moments especially when he missed his touch on a stray ball which led Rooney in one on one against Lehmann (which he saved with his legs). But overall Song had a sound game I thought. Does this men Senderos is going? 6


Had for his standards a quiet game. He was more concerned with defending especially in the first half. This may have had something to do with Hleb playing in a more central role who was doing more of the playmaking.

Cesc looked very tired in the end which is indicative of the fatigue that this team has been feeling by the end of this season. 6


He had a very good game. Almost back to his best, defending in front of the back four winning most of the tackles and setting up attacks.

He did falter however when he panicked and just kicked Ronaldo just outside the area in the most dangerous position. You would have thought he would have had more composure. 7


Had one of his best performances, running the show with most of the best moves that Arsenal put together coming from him. I hope we keep him for next season as he is vital to the type of football that Wenger’s style demands. 8


He was much more composed in this game passing the ball to his teammates for a change, attacking his defender and also tracking back well when Man Utd tried to counter attack.

This is probably the reason Wenger does not start with Walcott yet. Faded off in the second half and was replaced by Walcott. 6

Van Persie

Added attacking quality to this squad which has been missing since he and Eduardo went off injured. Created the goal with some ingenious football on the left wing crossing for Adebayor to handle the ball into the net. 7


We created at least four very good chances which he failed to take. Not the mark of a quality goalscorer (Eduardo would have put the ball in the net). His touch was a little bit better this game but overall he didn’t perform to standard today. 5

Man of the Match : Gael Clichy


United , Arsenal

2 ,Goals, 1
0 ,1st Half Goals, 0
7 ,Shots on Target, 7
8 ,Shots off Target,7
2 ,Blocked Shots, 6
6 ,Corners, 5
12 ,Fouls, 10
2 ,Offsides, 2
2 ,Yellow Cards, 6
0 ,Red Cards, 0
78.3 ,Passing Success, 81.9
35 ,Tackles, 40
65.7 ,Tackles Success, 65
53 ,Possession, 47
45.8 ,Territorial Advantage, 54.2


Anonymous said...

Arsenal may be the top few on the LEAGUE table but definitely the last on the LUCK table.

Recently i begin to wonder if we are under a "penalty deceision" curse..

Venture Guy said...

Toure kept Ronaldo quiet the whole game. Why does he get a 5?

We were missing 5 regulars today. 5 other players came into their positions? Does that not count as rotation?

Anonymous said...

Yeah next year, and next year and next year we'll get it right... always next year. Cliche better than Evra??!! Do me a favour. All pace and no composure. was a blatent handball, and a blatent penalty, there's no "penalty curse", just a massive chip on your collective gooner shoulder.

Unknown said...

I don't care how many goals he scores or how good he may be in a few years, Adebayor is killing us right now. His finishing is horrendous and his first touch is the worst for any forward in the league. And Gallas is the worst excuse for a captain I've ever seen. He lacks any semblance of composure and it trickles down to the younger players.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I don't think you've got the ratings right.

Fabregas was better than 6
Eboue was worse than 6
Van Persie was awful, fluffed some good chances
Gilberto was appalling, giving away needless free-kicks, one of which led to the second goal.

I agree with you when you say next year though!
Vela and maybe Merida and Barazite will be ready, and great back up or even starters

Anonymous said...

1970’s Gooner, I just find you comments precise and balaced,As much as i aggree with you that we can do it next year, we will need some experienced additions to the existing team.

gurvind said...

wenger will not buy any top players because it will put pressure on him to win and that what he really don't want and please sell adebayor,eboue,gallas,senderos i think if we replace them with top quality experienced footballers we will win the league next year and wenger has to buy to keep players like flamini,fabregas at the club he has to give them confidence that they can be successfull at arsenal if he will not buy it will be same next year

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that Arsenal have now failed every big test aside from AC Milan over the last few weeks. The team has been unlucky, but it can't all be bad luck amd the small squad. Wenger seems to lack Ferguson's ability to instill his team with an iron will.

Anonymous said...

whats sad is that Arsenal outplayed Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U but only got 1 draw, from a weakened liverpool to show for it. earlier in the season we were winning games wee only just about deserved to win. something changed and you have to feel fatigue played a big part.

Anonymous said...

Correct to say the team has yet to acquire the inner strength and conviction to reach the very top. It's like as if they're out passing even themselves, rushing on the shots on targets, hoping a few might trickle in. Luck had played a big part in the demise, i must agree, but the most obvious defect's the lack of depth in the creative department. Rosicky automatic replacement must arrive next season and a final sympathy to poor Fabregas, who'd been grossly overplayed. Congrats to Man USA, and they can only get better, along with us, next season.

Anonymous said...

by august, adebayor's hair will return.

1979gooner said...

we have run out of luck,

I think sometimes you just have to move on and reckon that you can't be that unlucky twice

Anonymous said...

i believe the number one reason for our demise as been the refs calls however not in this match, that belongs to Ade! it hurts m eti say that as i have been defending him against what i would say was unjust criticism but today and against liverpool he was very sorry. Ade seems to want to score just like Henry does but lacks the vision and composure. He rushed his chances in the last 2 matches w/o even lookin at where he was on the field. I believe he can be great but has talked too much, remember him talking about outscoring Ronaldo? we dont need him to outscore anyone but just score his chances, PLEASE MAN!!!

For the dude who said we r always talking about next year, who said we would win it this year?


God Bless!

Anonymous said...

If you can forgive Cesc for being tired, I think the least you can do is give Ade the same acknowledgement. His finishing today was that of a tired man. The loss of Eduardo on top of RVP and Rosicky was a bridge too far, but considering all the setbacks, the team made a good effort for the title for 2/3rds of the season. Well-played I say.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Does Wenger trust Denilson or Diaby? If yes, why they weren't allow to play as CM when clearly Fabregas need to have a break? Denying a chance for the pair will not be good for them or the team. For now, lets give the remaining matches to our youth/reserve squad. Much of them desperately need some match practises.

We really miss Eduardo. Adebayor seems to be getting arrogant as Henry but yet, the latter is still much much better than the former. If Henry is still with us, given the chances we created, he probably score something like 50 already. I really hope the cause of the ade's abysmal finishing is tireness. But my head continually tells me it is not.

Anonymous said...

Our young team has done extremly well and that musnt be overlooked just because of our recent form... Cesc is looking like a tired man and he really deserves a rest. hes not performing as well as he is capable of...

Anon April 14 10.04... youre dead right, why not throw diaby is the middle for the last few games?? i know hes banned for 1 more(well i think its one)I would also love to see more of Denilson, does anyone know where he is??

Now were only 5 pts ahead of Liverpool but i doubt they will catch us but i would want 3rd place confirmed before the youngsters play the last few games... i would especially like to see Barazite play in the last few games... hes on fire for the reserves at the moment...

This is the first time that this team has been involved in a title race so it is a big ask for us to win the league first time round... we will have been throught this all again next season and i'm sure we'll do better

we have done well: Semi-final of CC(and thats our reserves), 5 mins from the CL semis, top of the log from day 1 untill march... thats a f**king good season for such a young team!!


Anonymous said...

agree 100% with anon 3.22 !!!

We have outperformed and will be much better next year.