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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Arsenal lose out on Ghanaian wonder kid

By Aries

Hearts of Oak Ghanaian prodigy, Tawrick Jibril, had been handed a two-week trial period by Arsenal which was announced in June of this year.

However his club had refused to allow the player to go on trial at London Colney as they cited interest from other clubs in Spain and in England.

Jibril is reported to have been recommended to Arsenal by the scouting agent Steve Rowley who watched the youngster play in one of the inaugural African Nations Championship qualifier against Niger. He was due to begin his trials in July.

The 16-year-old midfielder has been a target of some European clubs after breaking into the Hearts of Oak senior team this season. His impressive performances have resulted in his call-up into the national team.

It now transpires that he has, during the last three weeks, been on trial at Portsmouth were he has impressed Harry Redknap and Tony Adams.

Jibril was supposed to have spent seven days there but his stay was extended for a further two weeks.

It is reported that his technical skills have astounded Portsmouth who have made an initial offer but Hearts have made counter proposal seeking an improved deal.

The previous club to have made an offer for the player was Athleico Madrid for £700,000.

Jibril will be farmed out to Belgian side Zultew Warengem to gain European experience and the necessary documents to play in England.

He will in the meantime travel to England each month to train with Portsmouth.


Anonymous said...

It's 'lose' not 'loose'. Can't anybody spell? A Young Guns headline today had the same problem . . I don't know . . young people nowadays . . moan . . moan . .grump . . grump

Anonymous said...

Are you illiterate. The word should be LOSE not LOOSE as in something that is not tight!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be a question mark after "illiterate"? Or were you being rhetorical and implying the poster IS illiterate..?

Anonymous said...

Wow, lot of grief for the spelling mistake!

I've read quite a lot about this kid and fully expected Arsenal to be signing him, if any English club would. Surprised to see him at Portsmouth though.

Nice article.

P.S. It's cited not sited ;)

Anonymous said...

And it's "cited" not "sited".

By the way Upson is available now that West Ham are on the rocks. Is he worth buying for 8m?