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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Arsenal weaknesses need correction

By 1970’s Gooner

I was skeptical enough when two experienced and mature players were allowed to go during the summer. Hleb’s contribution even without goals was phenomenal and Flamini’s all round play was obviously irreplaceable.

Hleb (28) was replaced with Nasri (21) who is a very good player and gets in among the goals but he needs that adjustment time to be able to replace Hleb’s overall contribution.

Flamini was replaced by no one who could step in the first team right away (Ramsey is great but obviously not ready yet) and I for one hoped that Diaby and Song in the absence of a viable experienced alternative would have matured enough to play a big part.

But Diaby has been out injured so the jury is still out on him and Wenger for some reason considers Song a centre or a right back.

So we are less than ten games into the new season and the cracks are beginning to appear. Don’t get fooled by this laboured victory against Everton. A stronger team would not have allowed us to make such an easy come back.

Hull, Fulham and Sunderland didn’t and if the three weaknesses listed below are not corrected there are going to be a few more teams added to that list.

The central defence needs changing

Even when Gallas and Toure were fit and playing Arsenal’s defending in the middle of their area left a lot to be desired.

This became very apparent last season during the tough games against the other big three in the League and also against long ball teams who can play the high direct ball into the middle to a tall and capable forward like Drogba and Davies (of Bolton).

The reason is that Gallas is not the type of central defender who will attack the long ball with force and gusto.

And because Toure’s forte is his pace rather than his heading ability you have two good but similar defenders who do not necessarily complement but rather emulate each other.

Add to that the fact that Gallas is not as quick as he used to be and you have an area in the team that will probably let you down in enough games during a season to cost you priceless points.

Wenger has allowed Senderos to go, has promoted Djourou and brought Silvestre into the squad.

In my opinion this is not good enough. Silvestre looked out of sorts against Everton and even if this could be due to rustiness he does not look the tall and commanding centre back that Arsenal are lacking.

Djourou needs to be given the chance to prove himself but even if he shows that he is up to it with regard to defending the long ball he lacks experience (like so many talented Arsenal squad players) so errors will unavoidably cost you priceless points again.

The other option is Song of course who I think is the most accomplished of the alternatives but as I have written before I am really enthusiastic about his defensive abilities in midfield rather than in central defense.

This is because his height and built do not equip him adequately enough to withstand the rigours of the long ball merchants in the Premier League.

So Arsene Wenger does really need to buy a strong, tall, agile and accomplished central defender to partner Toure.

Otherwise we will be letting in silly goals often from corners and free kicks and then running around like headless chickens (well almost like headless chickens) trying to reverse the situation.

Denilson is not a defensive midfielder

Denilson is a creative midfielder with beautiful skills and high energy levels. But he is obviously not a defensive midfielder and this is as plain for everyone to see. Isn’t it?

Look closely at how Everton’s goal was carved out and you will see they were able to move the ball through the central midfield area around Denilson who was not able to stop them or even contain the move.

A proper defensive midfielder would have been in front of his defence and not behind the Everton attacking midfilders.

If he was in front of his defence he would have been ready to tackle hard or even foul so as to stop the move.

But that is not in his nature and he is obviously not to blame for this as he is not a defencive midfielder.

I can not excuse Wenger for persisting with Denilson.

Ok the natural player for that position is obviously Diaby but as he has been out injured Song should have started a few more games than he did.

My guess is that Wenger will give Diaby his chance (hopefully starting with the next game) and review the situation at the end of season. But if he is not up for it we would have lost more precious points.

There is hardly any strength in depth in the squad

This has been talked about a lot of course but it has got really worse this season! Look at the bench against Everton if you please and you will see mostly kids who we all know are talented but not yet mature or battle ready.

The bench contained players like Vela, Hoyte, Gibbs, Ramsey and Fabiansky.

I ask you who will deputise if Clichy picks up an injury?

Not Traore as he is on a season’s loan at Portsmouth. It will probably be the slow and rusty Silvestre or a player playing out of position like Song or Eboue again.

Song in particular was lacking positional awareness against Everton yesterday who were quick to exploit it with all their good moves and their goal coming from that side of the pitch.

Other positions that lack ready made viable deputies are:

Goalkeeper (Fabiansky is talented but inexperienced in the Premier League).
Central defence (as explained above),
Both central midfield positions (who is really Fabregas’s deputy?),
At least one of the two wide midfield positions
The striker come front man position (is Bendtner ready to be as effective as Adebayor? I am assuming that Eduardo returns unscathed and would be vying with Van Persie for the number 10 position).

Don’t get me wrong, all the “deputies” are very talented exciting players with a very bright future ahead of them.

Players like Bendtner, Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere and all the others are going to be gracing the Premier (or some other) League in the future.

But they are a work in progress, like Arsenal Football Club has been under Wenger for the last four years.

Wenger now runs the real danger of imprisoning himself in a football model which could get out of control; where buying more mature players may be seen to infringe on the progress of the young starlets.

This however could end up with Arsenal being a nursery for world class talent who once they get disillusioned by the lack of success re emigrate to other clubs.


Brian said...

Totally agree with you 1970’s Gooner.

Would you please add my blog to your blogroll?

I've already added yours:

Anonymous said...

forget our weaknesses for one week

Just laugh at the Spuds and be proud that we r not in the regulation zone

After this week then we can focus on Arsenal. This opportunity doesn't come along that often xD

Anonymous said...

Denilson is a defensive midfielder, his best attributes are his reading of the game and interceptions etc. He's played as a defensive midfielder throughout the brazil youth teams, and in club football in brazil, it's his position. It's just the fact that he's also very good on the ball that people choose to ignore the number of times he wins the ball back. Every manager who's ever managed him has seen him as a defensive midfielder.

Anonymous said...

I completely and vigorously disagree with you.

Alex Song is, apart from Djourou, our tallest centre half.

I think your views are Tottenham Board-like. We need to go and get a tall centre half and all will be well in the team.

It's the oversimplication that's poisonous. The same way the Spuds think they just need to "spend big".

Real Social Dad said...

Come on cant have world class cover in every postion our youth policy wouldnt work at all. Were not chelsea and they have noone breaking through from there youth team.
Gallas is a great defender and a good captain he leads us well. defensive errors i think have been down to marking. not just by gallas but toure. And is still a
our best defenceive partnership really think untried partnership would be better.
I know song did well last season with gallas but toure did play on right must of help.
But song had a mare yesterday so dont see that happening any time soon.
As for playing denilson this season he is only filling for diaby
By the way 8 min camo by diaby was fantastic hope he can get back to his best was awesome at his best nb the cup final where he ran the show till he broke his foot on jt's face shame.
Would think sanga might move left if clichy get injured or silvestre would come in. but dont tempt fate.
Will have injury free season.

Real Social Dad said...

agree with ole gooner

And lets all laugh at spurs. top 4 this year LMAO another reason to laugh

pdkamath said...

Great site ..

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Silvestre was pretty solid yesterday. Won almost everything in the air and did some proper old school defending; hoofing the ball out of the danger areas.

To say we are missing Hleb is boll*cks also. Nasri has already meant the Ice cream kid is a dim and distant memory.

Flamini aint been replaced and that IS a real issue.

But, gotta say 70's Gooner, you are whining like a bitch, so i feel you should get back in the kitchen and get the dinner ready.

Gooner08 said...

what a negative and blinkered blog. you slate the bench and the but conveniently forget to mention the number of players out injured - Gallas, Djourou, Sagna, Bendtner, Rosiky, Eduardo....
do you go to the games? Silvestre had a very good game especially on his debut and he had to cope with Fellaini who is 6'4" which he did very well.
i agree that Song/Diaby should replace Denilson but due to injuries they havent played and Song has also been forced to play out of position, so give Wenger a chance with a fully fit squad before thinking about writing anymore.

And Eduardo a no.10!?!? WHAT???

this blog is written to support your own arguments rather than make any worthwhile and valid points.

Gooner08 said...

oh forgot to mention

Nasri is leagues ahead of Hleb.

I hate you people that bang on about how we're missing Hleb and how great he was. I didnt know one Arsenal fan who rated Hleb when he was here, if you want close control go to skills skool on siccer am you mug.

HE WAS SH:T. No end product. No assists and no goals, slowed the play up, wouldnt shoot and in three seasons played well for half.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about?
IS ADEBAYOR IN ANY WAY EFFECTIVE?I can't see him scoring 25 goals this season,he scored 5 and 3 of them were a hattrick. Thanks god that RVP is fit.
I'd rather have the inexperienced Bendtner or Vela rather than him in my team.

It was like playing with 10 players...we need a player that can score goals out of nothing...that player needs to have football intelligence and adebayor does not have it. I don't like him and i am sorry that we didn't sell him in the summer, at least we should get a good sum of money for him.

Anonymous said...

This blog article is quite possibly the biggest load of b*llocks Ive read, and Im incvluding the Gooner Forum here!

Utter garbage.

The slow and rusty Silvestre??? Erm, you mean experienced.. but cant use that word as you have been banging on about how everyone else in the squad is inexperienced. Twat.

Djourou, in experienced? B*llocks again, Fabianski inexperienced? You guessed it B*ll*cks!

Who will replace cesc? Erm, Denilson, nasri, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshire.......

We need cover in every effin position according to this grumpy old c*nt!


Anonymous said...

Some reasonable points but!!! - Adebayor was awful beyond words yesterday and Silvestre played well and challenged for every header and won a lot of them. The real problem yesterday was Arsene's insane picking of Song at right-back instead of Eboue. If injury was the only reason he changed it then he was very lucky.

Anonymous said...

This article is such utter rubbish. 'Is Bendtner ready to deputise for Adebayor?', considering some of his performances like the one against Bolton I would say yes, especially 'cos Chelsea (a team you must admire so much) have Anelka and Drogba and then who? Kalou who they play as a winger who scores less goals than Bendtner did in his first season last year. We have the best strike force in the Premier League apart from Man U and you want even more strikers?

And what is this illusion that a team has to have a target man and a 'number 10'? Have you ever seen how well Bendtner and Vela play together? Bendtner barely acts like a target man but in their last game together they scored 5 goals.

Silvestre was pretty dominant in the air (even Djourou or Senderos would have problems dealing with Fellaini). And as anon 6:34 pointed out Denilson IS a defensive midfielder, he's just inexperienced and therefore inconsistent.

I don't see Song as a centre mdifielder long-term (he's not mobile enough and his passing isn't good enough) but as a centre back he's very good at bringing the ball out of defence and he's quite dominant in the air.

Oh and the directness of Theo and Nasri's clever play more than compensate for Hleb's loss. We've also got Vela who's a good left winger (if Wenger ever plays him there if we have injuries).

Why don't you just look past Fabregas' poor performances this season? And Adebayor's too.

Anonymous said...

I for one agree with a lot of the points made in the article. it seems that a lot of fans dont want to face the truth. Arsenal are a work in progress which may stay like that....

Anonymous said...

Some people really cannot understand the difference between truth and opinion, judging by the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

I really feel we are missing Eduardo more than anyone else at the moment.The boy knows where the goal is,and unlike Ade and RVP does'nt miss.Toure and Gallas does'nt work but i feel Djourou will step into the fold sometime this season and oust the ever frustrating Gallas!We will sign Flamini's replacement come January as this is a must!

Anonymous said...

I think you are slightly being harsh but I get what ypu are talking about.
1. Hleb added balance and creativity- not to mention great at keeping the ball. What I would give to Nasri he gets into scoring positions more and has good balance. Sometimes he goes on the outside like Pires used to.
2. I think someone should partner Gallas. He is more vocal, better positionally. Someone such as Djourou who like to header.
3. Denilson I would agree is not YET good enough but can get better. It id about whether Diaby and Song have the discipline.
4. The depth is decent but can be better. We have a better crop of youngsters than last year especially attacking wise. Traore is not a big miss and Silvestre is not slow at LB. Trust me.
I have a summary of the tactics against Everton at:
Keep it going. Great site

Anonymous said...

I think you are slightly being harsh but I get what ypu are talking about.
1. Hleb added balance and creativity- not to mention great at keeping the ball. What I would give to Nasri he gets into scoring positions more and has good balance. Sometimes he goes on the outside like Pires used to.
2. I think someone should partner Gallas. He is more vocal, better positionally. Someone such as Djourou who like to header.
3. Denilson I would agree is not YET good enough but can get better. It id about whether Diaby and Song have the discipline.
4. The depth is decent but can be better. We have a better crop of youngsters than last year especially attacking wise. Traore is not a big miss and Silvestre is not slow at LB. Trust me.
I have a summary of the tactics against Everton at:
Keep it going. Great site

Anonymous said...

if u look at the last two games, particularly the one between arsenal v everton, Song was clearly responisble for the goals... playing at right back, he seemed to lack enthusiam, and failed to track back when he got out of position on numerous occasions.toure's injury might be a blessing in disguise, allowing for a song/gallas partnership... which might work better for arsenal.

Anonymous said...

"Hleb’s contribution even without goals was phenomenal"

Yes, phenomenally detrimental to our style of play!

Anonymous said...

i broadly agree with what you have said, with the slight exception of the criticism of silvestre who looked pretty good on saturday, and did attack the ball as you have criticised gallas for failing to do.

My one major complaint is that you along with half the bloody arsenal blogs out there seem to believe that diaby is a defensive midfeilder. He isn't even a central midfeilder. All i can attribute this to is the midly offensive comparison of his appearance to that of patrick viera. Yes he is tall, lanky, bald and black,and french but he is an attacking player, his main skill is his close control, i've practically never seen him make a convincing tackle and on the whole he plays very little part in winning posession off the opposition, his positioning is poor, he is and he is quite timid.

While i agree that denilson is not an acceptable successor to flamini, he is much better equipped than diaby, who is a soft touch to say the least.

Please can anyone on this blog tell me an instance when diaby has played in the centre of a four man midfeild, i've seen him play support striker, i've seen him play both left and right side midefeild, and i've seen him in the midle when we've played one up front, but only when gilberto, flamini or diarra was also there.

anyone who continues to claim that he is our solution to the loss of three defensive midfeilders in six months is suffereing from a case of mistaken identity, he is no patrick.

That said i think he is apromising member of the squad in an attacking dimension as it seems wenger does too.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are a one dimensional team
even in the days of Henry who when shackled made Arsenal in effective. The reliance on one particular player is dangerous and foolhardy.It's akin to putting all eggs in one basket.
Allied to this is AW's fondness for buying youthful players of potential. How can they ever grt the experience if you don't play them.Furthermore playing them is a risk at the expenxe of results. As someone pointed out AW has ditched the policy that served him so well
pre 2004. It has backfired and if he were to persist in buying baby faced players it will come back to haunt him. There is a Yankee saying that if it aint broke don't fix it.
That I'm afarid sums up Arsenal's season injuries not withsstanding. He has failed to shore up the defence with the acqusition of a battle hardened pro. The red faced must be laughing at the purchase
of Silvestre.

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例如:像跟一群人去錢櫃好樂迪參加聯誼會那種形式,認識交際不同的人,一樣是跟客人單純的閒聊、喝 酒炒熱氣份,但只是變成工作,還有錢可以賺,不好的是因為吸毒而去做酒店,甚至賺錢去養男人這是最笨、最愚蠢的作法。

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