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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arsenal’s two key players against Liverpool

By 1970’s Gooner

In games like these all players obviously have to play to the maximum and beyond of their abilities. But there are two players from the Arsenal side that by performing their duties properly can swing the game for Arsenal.

Nasri I mention first because he is very important in that he gives Arsenal some kind of width.

Not the width that a real winger like Walcott or say Reyes did actually provide.

But nevertheless when compared to the alternatives available for tomorrow’s game in the likes of Diaby, Denilson or Eboue it will be a great improvement on that front (Wenger doesn't seem to trust Vela yet).

In one of my recent posts I lamented the lack of wingers in this Arsenal side (especially after Walcott’s injury).

I believe that this is one important area that when corrected will allow Arsenal to be up there closer to the leaders of the Premiership.

This looks like happening when Walcott and Eduardo finally become available for first team selection. The latter probably in two to four weeks time and the former a little later than that.

In other words I expect Arsenal to be far stronger in the run in for the title than presently. We just have to hang in there for the moment, by beating Liverpool on Sunday…

Width against Liverpool will also be created as always by the full backs as with all of Wenger’s teams.

Sagna and Clichy will attack Liverpool at every reasonable opportunity and the combination of Clichy and Nasri on the left wing will really test Liverpool’s right back and right midfield player (which could be Kuyt).

One other important benefit that Nasri gives to this Arsenal team is goals. He has the knack of getting into goal scoring situations and once given the opportunity will hurt the opponents.

He has done it so often this season especially those two marvelous goals against Manchester United at the Emirates.

The other player that I think will prove to be a very important for Arsenal is Alexander Song.

He would be the one to play the defensive midfielder role just behind Fabregas and in front of Arsenal’s defense.

I would expect that Denilson will be shifted to the right sided midfield role and Diaby will be on the bench.

I expect Song’s performance to prove pivotal because in the absence of Torres, Liverpool’s most effective player is likely to be Gerrard. Subdue him and I doubt if Liverpool can get a result against us.

If Song can stick close to Gerrard, limit his movement and track his runs into the box then Gerrard’s threat will be kept at bay.

And so will Liverpool.

Probable line ups



Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy

Denilson Fabregas Song Nasri

Van Persie Adebayor



Dossena Carragher Hyppia Arbeloa

Riera Alonso Mascherano Kuyt



Prediction: Home win

Arsene, give the team its wings back

Arsenal’s lack of width Vs Boro’s makeshift defence


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 70's without Torres all we have to do is stop gerrard from playing and we will win easily. 3-1

Anonymous said...

We need speed to attack their defense, so I hope Eboue play right winger,he also play better with Sagna before. Nasri play lefe winger no doubt. Song or Denilson partner Cesc, I prefer Song becuz he has defense predictable feeling than Denilson.In otherwise, Arsene still possible play 4-5-1 formation.

Anonymous said...

I prefer 4 4 2 we have to play attacking football and go for the jugular.

leon said...

arsenal in recent times i think have width and pace ,arsenal most important players will be song and nasri,song i think is mush more suited to dm podition than delinsonwho i think is a very good player. i hobe he plays eboue on the wright wing,sanga and clichy will have to play well we will need the pace.

Anonymous said...

are u kidding me? Song? he is the laziest and sloppiest player in the team, drop Song altogether. And gunner are going to lose because wenger will stick with diaby on the left, an he is useless

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see this line up:

Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy
Eboue Fabregas Denilson Nasri
Adebayor Van Persie

I think that Eboue offers more on the right and combines better with Sagna than Denilson does and I also think that Denilson's better than Song at CM, mainly because he thinks a lot quicker and passes better, although he does need to track back better.

Israeli Gunner said...

Despite that I don't like Nasri and I think that he doesn't contribute to our game (apart from goals he disappears for most of the 90 minutes and has no impact on the way the team plays), I still think he has a pivotal role in today's match. I also agree with 70's that Song is an important player today, and currently he's our best Defensive Midfielder, wenger should stick with him in the 11. I think Denilson should be dropped to the bench as he contribute nothing from the wing (as well from center) and Eboue should start in the right midfielder position. I believe we are going to win the game this afternoon.

Another point, your previous article was about the lack of width, and you were absolutely right. Not only that we played without wingers, our right and left backs didn't go up much, and that's because we're without wingers.