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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nasri, Djourou and Vela mess up Arsene’s transfer strategy

By 1970’s Gooner

Will Wenger buy anyone of note? Will he decide at last to bring in more experienced players to compliment the exciting young talent that there is already there?

As we are about to enter the transfer window these are the questions on every Arsenal fan’s lips. And the tabloids as well as those papers that would like to call themselves broadsheets (which they are not when it comes to transfer speculation) have began to splutter out self made headlines.

It is obvious to a lot of Arsenal fans that buy buy should be Arsene’s motto for this transfer window. We would all like to see significant additions and some fans would like to see them almost everywhere in the team (they are so desperate).

The areas most expected to be strengthened are in central defense, a creative and a “destructive” midfielder and in wide midfield.

A centre back, a replacement for Fabregas, a defensive midfielder and another winger please Mr Wenger..

But I am not so sure if Wenger will go into the transfer market in any big way. Why?

Take the need to replace Fabregas and add a creative player in the middle.

This is indeed needed at the moment but Nasri’s performance against Portsmouth was so good I am sure Wenger would begin to seriously consider giving Nasri that midfield slot.

This would create the need for another wide midfielder but knowing how stingy Wenger is he would probably prefer to wait for Walcott and Eduardo to come back as well as Rosicky rather than splash the cash for a player that would take some time to fit in with the rest of the team let alone English football if he is from abroad.

And this is where Vela comes in. Do you expect that Wenger will go out and buy another winger when Vela’s obvious ability and readiness for the first team is waiting to be unleashed?

Judging by Wenger’s transfer behaviour so far he will make do with Vela, Eboue, Denilson and Diaby on the wings until the injured trio returns.

Central defender?

The emergence of Djourou who has been really impressive lately with his tackling, aerial ability and good distribution, has alleviated the need to buy.

There is now a nice blend of youth and experience in the central defensive positions that would be silly to disturb (unless someone wants out).

Defensive midfielder?

The emergence of Song has alleviated the need to splash the cash in the transfer market. He has been performing very well in this position and will grow further into it with more games.

And there is Diaby who has the potential to be the number one for this position. He can fill in for now until he grows up, learns to win the ball and lay it off to a team mate rather than trying to do everything himself. And there are others that can play in that position like Toure and Djourou.

So Nasri, Djourou and Vela are indeed influencing (some fans may call it messing up) Arsene’s transfer activity this transfer window.


Anonymous said...

What emmergence of Song????

Anonymous said...

Buy, Buy, Buy.

Anonymous said...

"Emergence of Song"? I agree with some of your comments but the one area that needs strengthening is central midfield - is Song really an adequate replacement for Flamini or Gilberto. I think he is way short.

Anonymous said...

absolutely right. but tell me which other manager would regard bringing in expirienced players has a hindrance to the development of youth? and that is where the problem dwells in.
i cant come to terms with how Jack W. or carlos vela would think they are not getting enough chances in the team when if the go to another top club and they wont even get a look in.
i think Arsene is to into this youth biz and its affecting the club and the moral of the fans.
we love the future we see in our youth buut we also crave to something from the present

Anonymous said...

song has been so so so bad this season in dm, apart for the 20 minutes at the end of the liverpool game when everyone was fighting for everything anyway.

am i the only person that was relieved when he became injured just before half time in the villa game as he was giving possession away at every opportunity!?

Denilson in the dm we need - he has been one of our best players this season, second only to sagna. And though people question his defensive side he will learn quickly. He will be as good for us next year as flamini was, but with more potential and a greater capability for creating and distributing the ball.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The idea that anyone thinks Song has "emerged" as a decent DM is scary.

Now he's not all that bad, he's a reasonable squad player (and he's still young enough to improve) but he's by no means a replacement for Vieira, Gilberto, Edu, or even Flamini.

Fact is, having someone older, wiser and better in front of him will inspire him to improve, to bring out everything he can be.

As for Vela, he's an exciting talent, but given how short staffed we are, I can't help thinking that if the boss trusted him he'd be using him a lot more. Same thing again - who is there in the squad for someone like Vela to look up to and to learn the tricks of the trade from? Where's the Bergkamp or the Pires or the Wright for him and the others to learn from? When we moan about how lazy bendtner seems at times, which established world class forward is in the squad ready to explain to him that they only came that good themselves through seasoning their talent with hard work and determination?

Anonymous said...

Sell Gallas. Move Sagna to CB with Djourou, Eboue back to RB. Clichy at LB. Nasri on the right, Denilson and Diaby inside, with Vela on the left. RVP and Ade up front.

Anonymous said...

Song has been bloody awful. Diaby is no defensive midfielder. Buy Yaya and pair him with Diaby while Cesc is out and then you've got something.

strictlypaul said...

This is such a shit article i feel inspired to leave a comment. The emergence of song, vela and djourou?? However your right in highlighting these as our weak areas. Simply put we need to bring through EXCEPTIONAL young players that have the potential to be the best in the world in there respective positions. NOT average young players in all positions. IMO Barca and Man UTD do things correctly. They surround experienced quality with exceptional young talent. We have bought through Fab and Clichy that perfectly fit the bill. We also have nasri, vela, theo, djourou, wilshire, ramsey that appear to have exceptional potential. These are youngsters that could turn into world class players that all play in diffrent positions. In my opinion this is a sufficient amount of potential. We CANNOT continue with these average young players. Namely Bendtner, Song, Diaby, Eboue, Denilson, fabianski. I would much rather see them replaced with experienced quality and then see more of the exceptionally talented youngsters. For example rafael at utd, he seems the real deal so he plays, dos santos at barca wasnt as good as they hoped so they got rid of him. SIMPLE!!

Anonymous said...

I too am moved to write - "the emergence of Song"??? what planet are you on???

leon said...

i feel wenger deal with most needed positions fill, and to its midfield both in terms of quality and experience in numbers,for song is most defnetly not the answer he does posses the energy levels,passing and work rate needed for that position,diaby has the ability but needs alot more time we need someone who can come and to the busness and some wide players,nasri clearly has the ability to play on the wing or in a central role very creative player with great passing range,vela looks to be great wide player can play upfront or wide has the skills,i am not sure about defence because there is a chance toure might leave and if so we need a replacement for him,he has not being playing very well at all at the moment but wenger will wont to keep his players.

i feel wenger should buy 2 midfielders and one winger but i feel wenger knows he has got stregthen the squad its far to small

Anonymous said...

I know wenger said he rated Song but question is do we beleive him or was he speaking to the player via the media? Song has not been great to be honest. DM is still a weak area of the team.
Todays news suggests for certain either Gallas or Toure will be sold in Jan. Even if the awful senderos is sent back, we surely need a centre back. they would STILL be my 2 positions that arsenal need to strenghten. I think the creative midfield and the wings can probably sort themselves out as suggested in the article.

not too many good defenders about but Inler or Cana should be OK for midfield.

Anonymous said...

Great,youve all missed our main many times recently has Wenger said we failed to convert our chances.Ade was embarrising aginst Portsmouth,VP has the odd decent game and Bentner should be playing for the Dog and Duck. WE NEED GOAL SCORERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're as deluded as Wenger appears to be.

The only way we're ever going to win anything of note is if Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea (and probably Everton and Villa too, given how bad this squad is) are disbanded permanently...

...of if the manager spends some cash on a hadnful of seriously good players.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry what? Their emergence has messed up his transfer strategy? More like their emergence was something Wenger predicted hence why he didn't buy in the summer. Their emergence has messed up football manager players transfer strategies certainly but not Wenger's. I mean would Senderos be on loan at AC milan if Wenger didn't believe Djourou could play a key role in central defence? Did Wenger not scout Nasri for around 2 years watching him play MORE in central midfield than on the Wings in France? And did Wenger not have Vela on loan for two years in Spain playing, not up front, but on the wings? Just because you've finally noticed something doesn't mean its not already happened! And their 'emergence' does absolutely nothing to hide the fact we need a new defensive midfielder - just because some MOTD watchers might rate Song doesn't mean Wenger does or should. It also doesn't hide the fact that we have no decent option on the right side whilst Walcott is injured. And nothing at all can mean we don't need a central defender as no team can survive with one good central defender - djourou, two that can't play together - gallas + Toure and one that is crap - Fishface.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Gallas & Silvestre. Bring on Hangeland & Paul Scharner. Move Toure into the midfield to protect the defenders. Bring back Traore and play him in the left of Midfield just in front of Clichy. Get a decent keeper as well.

Allow Bendtner to go even for nothing! He is not serious.

Song/Denilson/Diaby - These guys are just not upto standard. All our rivals have got World class players in these positions

I would get Bullard/Arteta/Nzogbia as a quick fix measure to ensure we get the 4th spot.

Look - Lampard,MIkel,Ballack,Deco,Essien -Alonso,Mascherano,Gerrard,Lucas-Scholes,Anderson,Carrick

Anonymous said...

i agree with the other comments...last match i saw, song didn't preform at all! we need to buy in that position, but lets give soneg one more season to prove himself until we crusify him, ey?

Anonymous said...

come to think of it, you might be right....

considering the past reference of Arsene behaviour towards buying a player, I think he might just do what you said...

As much as I don't like the idea, you did bring some legit points...

Anonymous said...

I have the highest respect for song but he won't fill the dm position until another year or 2 at least. I would really like to see arteta and a speedy,strong and good with his feet centre back in an arsenal shirt by the end of January.

Anonymous said... utd's first choice team so far in 2008...Van Der Sar, Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic, Wes Brown, Carrick, Anderson, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Rooney. Sorry mate, but apart from brown which of these fucking players have been "brought through" as youngsters?
i too thought the article was fallible in parts, but to say that "Man utd do it the right way" is utter fucking bollocks my friend. If you mean "spotting the best players in every single position, then systematically buying each and every one of those players regardless of cost" is the way to go, then you can shove it up your arse mate. where's the managerial talent there?
Wenger is far from perfect but at least he brings youth through and sticks to his principles.

Anonymous said...

good article and I think most of the comments show how little Arsenal fans know about football - they seem to be stuck in 'Championship Manager' mode rather than the real world. They fail to recognise that Song has brought a solidity to the midfield - these are probably the same people who didn't understand Gilberto's role in the team and only realised when he didn't play.
I'm not sure we need experienced players to compliment the youngsters though - I'm sure AW can tell them how good they are!

Anonymous said...

most of the comments show how little Arsenal fans know about football - they seem to be stuck in 'Championship Manager' mode rather than the real world.

This and all the other variations of it are just plain insulting. No need to sling crap at people who dare to see things differently from you.

They fail to recognise that Song has brought a solidity to the midfield

I think everyone recognises that the type of game he plays is important. The question is, is Song good enough and/or ready to be first choice in that role in a club that aspires to be top of the EPL and challenging well in Europe? And in my opinion, he might be ready someday but he certainly isn't at the moment.

Anonymous said...

agreed. song is crap. all of us here could do what he does. Please.Please.please watch him next time he plays... All he does is recover loose balls, make the rare tackle and MAKES BASIC PASSES TO THE NEAREST PLAYER TO HIM. No creation, no drive, no passion. He does indeed look "stoned" and makes too many mistakes. Even players like Huddlestone and Bouba diop are better than him. Anyone who says Song deserves to play for our team is a MUG! and wants to see arsenal finish out the top four!!!

Anonymous said...

To the guy who said Denilson was quality and our second best player this season behind Sagna - you're on crack!!

Denilson is not a defensive midfielder, fact. And he is one of the reason we are conceding so many goals this season.

And Sagna has not been our best player this season, Clichy has.

Anonymous said...

first of Denilson doesnt defend 4 shit

Song can at least defend

id prefer Diaby in the middle with Cesc but as hes not fit il b backing the denilson diaby combo for now

those 2 at least take turns defending the centre backs

Cesc and denilson have both been shit this season no attking movement at all

when diaby is playing we have like 10 shots without him we have like 4 shots

Anonymous said...

clichy our best player??? pahahahahahahhahahah ,cant knock him for effort but if a left sided sagna was available gael might find himself playin wing or next to eboue on the bench

Anonymous said...

i think arsenal dont need more striker. for defence, instead of sell toure, just get rid of gallas. i believe every arsenal fan rather have toure than gallas, and he younger (stronger, faster) too. for midfield, song not good enough. diaby and denilson not ready and too risky to trust to carry the club forward. my wish list, get inler and arteta, problem solve and arsenal will give man utd, liverpool and chelsea hard time to get prem league title.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious nasri was going to fill in for fabregas, that is his natural best position, wenger needs to continue playing him down the middle

Anonymous said...

Song? are you taking the pi.., I have been to all the games this season home and away and he is truly shocking, he strays out of position, loses the ball too much, doesn't track back and ball watches, take a trip to specsavers because Song is truly clueless

Will said...

'the emergence of song'?!

Have you lost the plot? He has been shit all season and is nowhere near the quality one would expect an arsenal player to be.

Also were we at the same Portsmouth game where Nasri played 'so well'? I seem to remember most of the team playing very poorly, with no one standing out apart from Vela and Ramsey when they came on who gave us some bloody dynamism!

Having Djourou does not 'alleviate' the need to buy a centre back. We have conceded so many goals of long balls and defensive mistakes this season it's embarrassing. If Djourou was really good wouldn't Wenger play him regularly? We desperately need a new centre back and desperately need to get rid of Gallas.

@John: The fact that you think Song brings a 'solidity' to the midfield reveals how little you know about football. Gilberto was twice the player Song was and anyway he was really popular with fans so wtf are you on about?

Anonymous said...

Also Cant believe somebody said Clichy has been are best player this season, Frankly he has been woeful!!! Now i love Gael 2 bits as most do but if a less popular player had performed like he has this year we would all be screaming for his head!!!

Anonymous said...

Somewhat disillusioned in your article I think. All these players will have their moments of genius, but they are not ready for week in week out prem games, that includes Vela, Song, Diaby, Denilson all very average most of the time. Djourou is showing some real class though!

Anonymous said...

Now idea why AW doesn't stick Tiure in this defensive midfield role. Toure is actually a defensive midfielder, he was just converted by AW to play central defense.
That's an obvious solution, keeps Toure at Arsenal and alleviates any player requirements.
AW - save the cash and stick Kolo in there.

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