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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Denilson is the most underrated player ever, lol

There has been a lot of debate for a long time this season on this site (and on others) about the merits and demerits of the young Arsenal midfielder, Denilson.

A lot of readers have slugged him off for being just a short and sideways passer of the ball who can’t tackle and folds under pressure.

Others have been lyrical about his performances siting his stats which are indeed, as you will see below, impressive.

As the little Russian demon, Arshavin, seems to have, inadvertently, entered the debate by eulogising about Denilson after his recent performance at Fratton Park against Portsmouth we thought it will be a good idea to throw this debate open and ask for your opinions on the matter.

We have included below some of the arguments for and against.

By Various Anonymous

This reader is very eloquent about his merits:

“All I gotta say is this.... tons of people on these blogs hate him, but he has received praise from Wenger AND Ferguson.

I could read 1 million posts in blogs saying he is crap, but if Wenger and Ferguson both think he is going to be one hell of a player.

Like said before, OPTA:

Denilson is 2nd most accurate passer of the ball (87%) in the league behind only Mikel (89%)

He has also made 2213 passes, putting him 2nd only to Alonso's 2297.

Oh yes, did I mention that he is only 21? plz, how on earth can someone think a player with those stats and age is crap is beyond me

He has also scored 3 times and made 7 assists, so hes been responsable for 10 goals...

Xavi Alonso has scored 5 and made 5, so if Denilson is crap then Alonso must be having a really crap season....

oh wait... wasn’t there tons of people saying he should have gotten player of the season? ;)

But this reader is obviously not:

“Denilson our best player. You must be having a laugh. I've never seen anyone as poor as he is at actually completing a 10ft pass.

I suggest that YOU watch the game again and count how many times he leaves his passes short, ending our move up the field and requiring us to start again from the back.

How frustrating it must be a teammate on the pitch with him. It's nice that he wins the ball, but he gives it away as many times as he wins it”.

Another is also not that convinced:

“I thought Denilson was crap today. His best passes were backwards, disappeared for long periods and often gave ball away and then jogged back rather than chasing the mistake.

I have always been a big fan but have been disappointed with him recently”.

You can join the debate by stating your opinion and or voting on the poll we have set up at the top of this page.


Anonymous said...

i think you have to be a little more intelligent and actually analyse the stats.

Passing short and sideways slows down our play. For example how many chances and corners do we create when Denilson plays? Xabi is direct and thats why Liverpool are ahead of us this season.

We are not more secure either. Eg did you see how even pompey created chances against us? Thats because they out manned our CBs and the so called holding player Denilson NEVER came back to support them. Better teams would have scored. Just like Chelsea.

Stats support arguments. Quoting them with no analysis is empty like this blog.

Anonymous said...

"He's fucking shit. He played well against Portsmouth. Big deal.

I hate people who stick up for Denil and Bendtner especially.

May 3, 2009 4:58 PM"

what, people like fans or supporters of arsenal? Supporting or sticking up for arsenal players? what a fucking crime that is

what i hate is annoymous dickeads like u - u are an annoymous fan that hates people who sticks up for our own players. these players have helped to contribute to our 21 games and unbeaten so far this yr in the prem and a semi final with the european and english champions.

What is ur contribution apart from slaggin them off every week



Anonymous said...

When Denilson first came to Arsenal, Wenger proudly claimed the youngster is a mixture of Rosicky and Gilberto. Until today I've still not seen any of those qualities in him. Besides, he only performs well given time and space. Watch again the Liverpool-Arsenal match you'll see what I mean. He was absolute crap Wenger has to replaced him.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson has never said anything complimentary about Denilson. Blatant lie.

Wenger's opinion doesn't count. We all know he's incapable of admitting defeat when it comes to his young pups.

Denilson is a very ordinary player. Simple as that.

Supagoona said...

I'd love to say Denilson deserves a first team spot, especially as he shares a birthday with me too!

First off, let's get this straight. Denilson is a skilled and talented player. However, the problem for me is, he doesn't use these skills on the pitch.

Those stats tell nothing really. He is one of the most accurate passers. When is it easiest to pass accurately? When you pass short. (Also, the 'best passer' is also coincidentally a very crappy player).

Also, he has made the second most passes. This is often because he passes short to a player who can't go anywhere. Therefore, they pass it back, and he passes to someone else, and may even repeat it!

Comparing him with Xabi is highly unfair. Alonso has not played as much as Denilson this season, and we want him for defensive capabilities, not attacking ones.

Xabi has done as much as Denilson has, in less matches, while also being a very good DM, unlike Denilson.

In conclusion, Denilson does not tackle/block enough compared to Song, and he hasn't got a chance replacing any one of our attacking midfielders, so where should he start???

Anonymous said...

"Wenger's opinion doesn't count. We all know he's incapable of admitting defeat when it comes to his young pups."

So a manager with 30 years experience in the game knows less than a jumped up moron on some website?

I bet you were one of those saying Song isn't good enough either before this season.

If you have nothing good to say about our players, you are not an Arsenal fan, so just get lost. The team does not need 'support' like yours.

Anonymous said...

Why not actually quote the stats:

Opta rated 4th best midfielder
Actim rated 5th best midfielder

Tackling 4th in the league (behind players in the low part of the table who have low possession figures)
Intercepts 1st in the league by a country mile, and even better than Clichy who was no 1 last year.

Champions league
No 2 in tackling, no 2 in passing

He is a technical player with a high work rate. AW uses him in the Flamini role.

Compared to Flamini he is slightly lower on the tackling figures but much better on intercepts. So the key role of DM in tackling and intercepting passes he is without comparison. Better than Flamini, Barry, Mascherano, Alonso, Mikel and Carrick.

It is his job to win the ball, harry the opponents and get the ball simply to the myriad of play makers in the team. He also dominates in the distance covered stats. Song is also good (better in the air) but not on the other figures.

GoonerRez said...

Denilson is a fabulous young player. Admittedly Wenger may have made a mistake in selling Gilberto, and put Denilson in at the deep end at the start of the season where he was finding his feet. Fast forward a few months, and he has put in a fantastic shift this season, has put on a lot of muscle, shielded the defence where required, provided creative bursts of assists and - believe it or not - adventurous passing. See his assist for Arshavin's wonder goal v Blackburn, hardly what one would call 'a sideways pass'.

I would be the first to admit that his recent performances have dipped (although he was fantastic yesterday), but bear in mind he is 21 years old in his first full season in a foreign league. He has done a steady, consistent job and certainly has outshone his multi-million compatriot Anderson at ManU.

What does the future hold? He will only get better and better, and I foresee a call up to the Brazil squad sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

I agree he does a good job in midfield. But how many of those 2000 thousand odd passes are creative. He is just not a creative player. Whenever he tries to be creative on the pitch he fails. So that leaves him useful only as a defensive midfielder and at that Alex Song is better.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I feel that Denilson is playing in the wrong position. He isn't strong enough to be a central midfielder, which means you need to have ball control under pressure and be a good tackler. That is, not just muscle, but also being able to shield the ball och read play, intimidating opponents with aggressive pressure etc. He isn't good enough as a finisher to be an offensive midfielder, but does some good offensive passing in many games. Shouldn't he be tried for a full-back position?

Anonymous said...

This is what we have to put up with, when we have a team full of 21 year olds im afraid.

Denilson, Bedtner, Song are no messi's or silva's. Nor do they bare comparison to Rooney, Ronaldo or Torres when they were first notced. Denilson Nik and Song are probably above average players for their age group that get to play in the first Arsenal team.

A few things to note then
1) They will get better with time at the detriment of Current team progress, how good depends on a few factors such as
2) How hungry they are for the game in say 2 years time with all that experience behind them which is determined by
3) Wether or not they have the personality and character to control their egos remain put at arsenal with a burning desire (not like adebayor)
4) Until then we have to put up with the promise of potential and better things to come

Above was my subjective view
My objective is that Denilson and Bedtner have not shown any real progress and are part of the strategy that is currently not going anywhere with arsene and his boys


Anonymous said...

I love how people try to claim that denilson is shit because all he does is make short passes after winning tackles. Did anyone complain when makelele made a living out of this? Everyone begged for a makelele type player and that is exactly what denilson brings to the table. Wins tackles, steps into passing lanes, does not try to complicate the possession by attempting to make passes out of his comfort range as to maintain possession. He is not gonna dazzle you with skill but with the plethora of skillful players that we have at our disposal is that really what we need?? I still think that he is a season or two away from realizing his potential because his fitness is not where it needs to be as you could see he was wearing down towards the season from all the games he played in; believe that he has played the most games this season for any Arsenal player. Remember he is still a kid, just turned 21 this year, and will still fill out and become stronger. Give the kid a chance and don't be so quick to jump down his throat.

Unknown said...

"fuck all those stats?" your right, facts have no place in an argument like this.
The fact is, he is 21, as was pointed out, it is his first real full season, which is tiring for seasoned professionals let alone young workhorses.
Earlier in the season he was one of the few players putting in a serious effort game in, game out. He does pass sideways a lot, a known fact, but song was accused of the same thing earlier in the season and his vision has come along in leaps and bounds. I dont like comparing players and their progress, but I expect denilson may do a song next season and become integral. He just needs a bit more muscle, and a bit more time.
with regards to the comment that we dont have messi or ronaldo, I cant recall arsene ever buying a player that plays on the wing and provides little defensive support. Players like that are a luxury, and need a crowded midfield to support them. For all of his brilliance, ronaldo also gives the ball up very cheaply very regularly.
support the team and keep the faith. longest running unbeaten streak in ages and one of our CMs is aparently shithouse....please...

Anonymous said...

Denilson is not fit to play in the Premier League. The Championship maybe, but not the Premier League. Maybe a couple more years in the Carling Cup, then we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Fanner said.. Get real. Do not because he is a Arsenal player mean he is good. Since when you heard Wenger ever said anything bad about his own player? He is he best manager to work under with, he would give you chance to prove yourself. Look at Helb, do you think Wenger doesn't know he is crap too? When barca wanted him, Wenger released him. Honestly, who really think Walcott is that good? The press rate him highly because he is English. His final ball is still as bad as he was first joined the first team. But Walcott wouldn't cost us much as compare to Densilson because this idiot could lose possession in the dangerous area. I remember how he passed the ball in our own penalty box to Diaby (another idiot) who attempted to dribble out of our own box.. joker. lol

Anonymous said...

what are denilsons strengths apart from tredding water running in circles?? his attacking play is side to side and slow,his defensive play is half hearted, what are his strengths? what 1 thing is his stand out strength?? please?

Anonymous said...

Of course Wenger talks Denilson up, he talks up everyone regardless.

Wenger loves Denilson because Wenger thinks statistics are the answer to everything. That's why he's one of the worst tactic managers in Europe. Statistics do not tell everything.

Denilson plays in the middle of the park and receives the ball from all angles, but what does he do with it? He looks for the easy pass every time. It's usually five yards, forwards or backwards. He doesn't tackle, he rarely anticpiates, the game just goes around him like he isn't there. He's next to useless. Flamini was three times better. He did everything Denilson did and more. He tackled, he set up chances, he chased, he harried, he past forwards, sideways and backwards, he even scored a few.

Denilson is fucking garbage in comparison and Wenger would do well to get rid and buy the defensive midfielder this team so badly needs. If he doesn't he's even more stupid than his half-arsed tactics show him up to be.

Unid said...

I know you may have actually got sick of this, but the comparisons with Gilberto seem really interesting. Is Denilson also a bit of an invisible wall?
He seems good at doing the dirty work in midfield while also providing the occasional assist or even goal. Too big he isn't as big as Gilberto, that means he can't really help with man-marking target men, but Gilbero was never really agressive either, and he was still one of the best DMs in the world.
Besides, I think Denilson actually has the technical skills to attempt more complicated passes or even run past people. He may well be under orders from Wenger to play it safe. Just look at the piece of skill he used in the Pompey game towards the end of the game. If he's good enough to captain Brazil's U-19s or U-21s or whatever age group he captains/captained, then he is/will be good enough to be in the Arsenal team if he keeps his head down and develops further.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is a piece of shit. He makes Arsenal slow down their tempo of play. I see it as Arsenal playing 10 men when Denilson starts in centre mid, because all he does is fill in a small distance that a player would have to run extra, if only 10 men were on the pitch.

He saves a player some breathing time, he fills in a couple of useless shit passes, and saves one of the full backs doing a long ball across the pitch. Very overrated, untalented, unexciting and unpromising.

Perhaps Wenger has taken that "raw talent" out of him, like he has done for other players promising with excitement. Nasri is another example.

Frichie said...

I think you need to focus on what the team is doing, rather than one individual. Denilson is a very economical player, if he is passing side ways to often, its because players arent in position or making runs. Denilson has the talent, and i agree Wenger often shackles a players talent, but for one reason- so that they learn to play the game in a more intelligent way, utilise the team more. Its a lot to learn at 21...and even harder when it is up against prem and cl opposition. I wouldnt rate Denilson anywhere near the top 10 midfielders in the prem, but in 2-3 years time, he will have learnt the game and thats when wenger lets the players go out an express themselves. Denilson is an Arsenal player and I am happy that he wears the shirt, and will support him in every game he plays. End of

robert said...

denilson is much younger than alonso and has his first season where he has to take more responsibilities. where was alonso playing at 21????? ah i think sociedad.... a top team of la liga??? hmmmm def.not, in the c.l.
was flamini better at 21?? i don't think so.
so give him 2 or 3 years and we will see if he is better than alonso or not !?!

Anonymous said...

Do the stats show how many goals he has been indirectly responsible for how lazy he is not tracking back putting the defence under pressure not supporting the strikers trying stupid shots he is pure S H I T

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a clip of denilsons great bit of skill near the corner flag?
I can't seem to find it.

I think Denilson is a solid player who has the potential to be one of the worlds best. He occasionally shows why he is something special but not often enough at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Its surprising how little some people seem to understand about Denilsons role – his current job in the side is not to create/score goals. His job is all about winning possession and keeping the ball moving and despite this he still has 3 goals and 7 assists (only RVP & cesc have more assists).

Look at the way the side played against united – and too often the player in possession got caught with the ball as they had no passes available. Denilson is good at keeping the ball moving accurately and he is always looks to make himself available to receive the ball. For Arsenal the best form of defence tends to be attack – like Barca, the key to this strategy is holding onto the ball.

Denilson wins the ball more often than anyone else in the team (tackles + intercepts). He wins significantly more ball than Flamini did last year. He is head and shoulders above in the number of intercepts he wins – and that is down to good positioning.

Denilson is always one of the most prolific tackles in the league this year and despite this has only earned 2 yellow cards. For whatever reason people seem to think that a player has to make ‘crunching’ tackles to be effective as a DM. Denilson doesn’t tackle this way – his tackles tend to be clean and neat – and as most people only seem to remember the ‘crunching’ tackles they get the impression Denilson can’t tackle.

Is he perfect? At 21 I don’t think a holding midfielder can ever be considered perfect. He has had a recent flat patch but that is more down to having started nearly 50% more games than anyone else in the Arsenal midfield.

The more pressing problem is he doesn’t always track runners from midfield and can be lax at tracking back – these are areas he can definitely improve on. He also needs to be stronger on the ball, but this is something that can be developed over time – just look at how much stronger RVP is on the ball than he was a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Leave the poor lad alone. He has done a veryy good job for us this year. He has been an ever present this season and did his best to fill cesc's big void in midfield when he was injured. He is by no means a top midfielder but his only 21. He is still learning and im sure he has a big future with arsenal. I hope so.

I cant stand seeing Arsenal "fans" slating our players. They are by no means perfect but most are young and need time to develop so be patient. I bet most of the people who are giving out about denilson said the same about Song earlier this season. If yo have nothing good to say about our palyers don't say anything at all.

Come on ye gunners!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm quite disappointed with the amount of slagging of our players... by OUR own fans.

This season to me, was all about Denilson and Song. Those two have really come into their strengths this season. Firstly, Denilson has the capability to pass long, I've seen it, and you all should've seen it too. Secondly, he's probably the most hard-working player we have, bar Nasri, Arshavin, and Clichy probably. Whilst I will say he looked less than ordinary at Anfield, he has played better.

Arshavin even admitted Denilson's proficiency. The reason why he tends to pass sideways is because he goes for width, seeing as how we've been lacking the central creative prowess of Fab. Plus, it shows he doesn't want to give away possession. I think it's actually a credit to his maturity that he's not always bombing balls forward or always going for killer passes. Watch his off-the-ball movement. He'll lay it off to either full back or either winger and run forward to join the attack, always providing an option if the ball gets caught up in the corner.

I will say that he's not an out-and-out holding midfielder, more of a box-to-box midfielder, but he is quality. If we ever played a 4-3-3, he'd work wonders in that midfield.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Yak said...Denilson is a very talented player and for those fans eager to make suggestions that he is 'shit' or 'crap', I think in another year you will be made to eat your 'shits' and 'craps'. It is tremendous pressure to be playing in the first team when you are still only learning to be your 'own' player. It take a lot of courage to show your talent & creativity on the field especially against hustling and defensive teams. When you are young you naturally do not have the guts to show off your creative decision in case you make a mistake trying to be too clever. Denilson is certainly a very creative player but he lack the confidence to impose it on the field during an important match. Often we can see he was bullied off the ball by some rough playing and very very often fouled. He doesn't retaliate because he is still an innocent young fellow and he has discipline unlike ruffians like Rooney, Anderson and Neville brothers. They show at 17 years old they are mature enough to bully others. If Denilson is with Manchester United today he will definitely grown beyond his age. He will probably play, behave and act like a Paul Schole. Please understand that Arsenal is not even slightly like Manchester United in anyway except performances. MU players are always in the news for their wealth, sex exploits and fights. If Ronaldo is an Arsenal player today he would have been a goody goody type of player like Denilson but without all those 'callgirls' exploits. Every Arsenal fans should be be patient, please, we will definitely without doubt see a Denilson superstar within a year or two, just let him mature because not everyone grew at the same rate. Remember he came from a poor Brazilian neighbourhood when he was young so naturally he lacks confidence unlike big city guys like Rooney !

Anonymous said...

Perspective....thats what is missing from our fans.they want success and they want it now...they want big money transfers and think everyone will be amazing like Arshavin...babel and keane were big money transfers so was nani.are they playing regularly?

Now we have Denilson. Hes 21, has played the most number of matches this season and has definitely done well when our entire team was struggling at the start of the season.Suddenly now hes being called crap....get a life.i dont care what the stats say..the boy puts in effort just like nasri,arshavin and clichy.he is still learning.cut him some slack.coyg

Anonymous said...

Please do not compare Xabi with Denilson. The former is one of the best all round passer whereas the latter can only pass the ball to someone nearest to him no matter who he is, i.e. his teammate or opponent.

It seems that Denilson has started/appeared in the EPL more than any other Arsenal player so far. He is so 'clever' that he's made short/sideway passes to get good stats. However, great too many of the passes were not constructive at all and they were too predictable. On many occasions, he gave the ball directly to his nearest opponent. Even worse, he would not chase ball back. Rather, he preferred to stand behind letting his teammate to do it for him, hoping to get a loose ball, to get a higher mark on Wenger chart. That explains the reason why he is seldom on the injury list.

Having said that, I still believe Denilson can do better if he were given an opportunity to loan out to those teams like Blackburn, Bolton or even 'Hull'. Perhap he would then learn to kick his ball forward and do the tackle himself.

Anonymous said...

So shocked at the comments on Denilson, if we were talking about Adebayor I would understand, now thats a lazy piece of garbage who's not fit to wear the shirt

Anonymous said...

He is a talented player, but he simply isn't strong and fast enough. Watching the lad against the likes of chelsea's midfield was like watching men beat up primary school children - he just gets knocked all over the place.
His speed is a huge problem for our defense (this goes for song as well, who admittedly has been fantastic of late); as soon as he misses a challenge there is no way in hell he can catch them, unlike the likes of Flamini and Nasri who we've recently seen in a similar role.
Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but I don't think he fits into our team.

Dare I say it, the player most suited to that defensive pocket is (gasp) eboue. Don't panic! he's very fast, very strong, and while his final ball leaves something to be desired, he can easily distribute the ball to the playmakers of our team.

Anonymous said...

Denilson does well against the lesser teams but put him against Liverpool,Chelsea or Man Utd and he is no good, gets shrugged of the ball too easily,falls to ground, gives away needless free-kicks and is not a good midfielder for Arsenal, he is not a first team eleven player, sub yes bit no more.

Anonymous said...

For me Denilson looks like a utility midfielder that is not good at anything. His interceptions and tackling in not great, he aerial ability is poor. Too many of his passes has been backwards or sidewards and he does not possess the ability to score.

Having said that, I see Denilson has been improved immensely since he was given the nod to partner with Cesc. He is only 21 and I am happy to give him more time to develop. The last thing we want to is to boo him, as some of our idiotic fans did in the Emirates in early Jan/Feb. My worry is he will develop into

Anonymous said...

Was Denilson not part of the team that beat Manu in the Emitares?

Anonymous said... watch this video this is denilson in a more free attackive role unlike this years dm role

Anonymous said...

Denilson plays DM and lots of people complain about him not being creative.

He really reads the game well that breaks the opponents' movement and let others shine when we attack.

Isn't it his primary role??
He does his job very efficiently, not in a flashy manner. That's why I think he is so underrated.

He is not the strongest tackler. Everyone knows that. But WTF? As long as he does his part, whether he is strong tackler or not, it doesn't matter.

I like his style. Denilson haters reminded me of Gilberto haters. Gilberto also did his job very quietly, and many people underestimated him.

I'm sure all Denison haters eat thier words in the very near future.

It's very funny that most of Song haters all gone after he had a handful of good games. short term memory loss maybe?

Anonymous said...

xabi alonso starts liverpool's attacks. denilson starts the opponent's attacks.

gilberto is the invisible wall. denilson is just invisible.

yes he's 21. but he has played in a large number of games. hasn't he learnt anything? Song did.

poor passer
looks lost
no hunger
no positioning
poor tackler

so what is he doing on the team week in week out? i have no idea

oh, and it pains me to say this as an arsenal fan

and dun even get me started on diaby

Anonymous said...

For me Denilson is an enigma. When he first came to Arsenal he showed a lot of promise with his tenacity, creative passing and energetic displays. I thought he was very much in the mould of a Fabregas. However, now he seems to have lost the ability to make telling passes and only occasionally shows his passing ability such as in the blackburn game. I think he has improved physically and he may well develop into a fantastic players but for now I really dont think he is good enough. I do hope though next season he continues his improvement to becomeing a much better player.

Anonymous said...

1/3 of the comments here are made by under-educated muppets with an opinion. Makes me want to see the voting age requirements raised to 25 and add on a literacy requirement to protect the other 2/3.

Denilson might not be setting the world alight. Fine. What troubles me is how many folks think they have the experience, insight, and analytical skills to assess a developing young player. We all have ideas which are fine to express in a qualified manner. What we don't all seem to have here is enough self-awareness to know our enormous limitations in this area. I can't believe how many comments insist on their negative point of view. Sad commentary on the state of a certain segment of Arsenal supporters these days. Maybe these footballing geniuses should go get their coaching badges, or start scouting for the lower leagues and work their way up.

The bottom line is that with experience brings creativity, too. Alonso was not that creative at 20 either. Once denilson settles into his role we MAY see that he has creative capacities, too. He's certainly more intelligent that many adding (or not) to this debate. So at least he has the potential to improve.


NorthLDNGooner. said...

Reading these blogs shows just how much ARSENAL fans are narrow minded and so critical. Moaning at Bendtner and Denilson wont help anything, they both have potential and to be honest id rather Bendtner than Adebarndoor leading the line at present. Players know when they are constantly critised and like us they are human, things like chanting the players song or name helps but i only see this happening at away games not at the emirates where fans would rather sing 'Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham' in a champions league quarter final, its joke. Certain Arsenal supporters need to take a good look at themselves and think if they actually care about the club, if not jog on to the train station boarding to Manchester like every other glory hunting cockney manc.

BarnetGooner said...

I still remember the FA CUP replay tie with Bolton few years back (3 years I believe), the one which went to extra-time and in which we missed two penalties (one by Gilberto and other by the Beast). Denny boy had a marvellous game that night.
What other moaners forget here is that this guy has played every single game and he is one of the reasons we had this unbeaten run in league. Cesc got injured in December and came back only last month.

Anonymous said...

I admire denilson very much. He has actually been arsenal's most consistant player this season as he started every game almost, he netted a few in aswell. I don't understand why he doesn't get the glory he deserves from the fans.

FE Gooner said...

Those who think that Denilson doesn't have silky skills, please see his contribution to Arshavin's wonder goal against Blackburn. Chesting the ball, passing the ball before it drops to the ground, moving on for the return pass and then the killer pass !! Also against Stoke, although a meaningless game, the number of GOOD through balls of which 2 or 3 could have resulting in a goal shows his creative instincts. Denilson has been an under-appreciated player, for this neat and tidy work. He is not your typical British blood and thunder player. P

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

geery Brown said...

Most of these comments are ridiculously over critical. Denilson is not responsible for the tactics of the team that leave the back 4 exposed or of the inability of our centre backs to defend competently.
Whilst I dont believe Fergy has praised him-I don't want his praise! I know a good player when I see one and Denilson does some things spectacuarly well- like retaining possession under pressure and maintaining continuity in a move and dispossessing opponents without conceding a free kick. His shooting has also improved. So he still has parts of his game that need improving - who doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read blogs like this. Just add some pics :)

Unknown said...

He is simply the worst Arsenal player that I've ever seen since more than 20 years! What a nightmare for example yesterday game against MU. It's a real suffering to have him in the midfield.

Anonymous said...

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