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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

F**** the potential Arsene, we have had enough

By 1970’s Gooner

This was men against boys. The difference in class was so obvious to see.

The United players were more experienced, stronger and covered so well for each other that even if Gibbs did not slip to let Park score the first goal they would have still run out comfortable winners.

The Arsenal team was littered with young boys and seeing them try to get to grips with the United pros was embarrassing.

Gibbs, yes he has potential but so obviously not ready for this type of game. He was found wanting in the first leg where most of United’s attacks and goal originated from his side.

In tonight’s game his slip set the tone of the game. And make no mistake his slip was a result of being under pressure, from knowing that Park was lurking behind him with intend.

Why didn’t Wenger go for more experience right from the first leg and play Eboue. He did after all trust him to start the Champions League Final in 2006.

Djourou was turned inside out by Ronaldo and Rooney and the centre of Arsenal’s defence looked porous all night.

Walcott was once again shut out of the game by Evra who was too strong for him.

Adebayor was a little more interested but was not effective enough and Van Persie was unfit and unable to support him.

Fabregas was nowhere to be seen, passes going astray and above all showing no leadership.

The only players to come out with any credit were Nasri and Song. Nasri was trying really hard, chasing the ball and making the play. Song was doing the defensive work very well and in addition was also trying to be creative, so ineffective was Fabregas.

And finally Wenger has to accept the most criticism for making all those inexplicable selections in the first leg, with Fabregas, Nasri and Diaby all played out of position in a formation which was wrong.

It was he that said that these ties are lost in the first leg. Well he did loose it in the first leg didn’t he?

He also lost it in that FA Cup semi final against Chelsea when for some unfathomable reason he dropped Arshavin played Van Persie out of position who promptly got injured too!

What a shambles. And what a shambles this policy of relying mostly on youth is turning out to be.

Well you can’t do that Mr Wenger, you have to have a balance in the team and blend these exciting youngsters with more experienced and physically stronger players. Otherwise you will still be pitching this potential lark to us for years to come.

Well it’s been four years now and we are still waiting.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

on the bright side..
at least we started with as many english players...

Unknown said...

you should delete the first post or be guilty by association

Unknown said...

otherwise it was a good article

Anonymous said...

how the fuck can you throw the blame on gibbs, the reason a lot of the attacs in the first leg came down his side was because diaby was useless and silvestre didnt help him either. he was one of a few to come out with any credit.

we looked good before their goal, that slip could happen to anyone. you say eboue should have started there, if he had and made a mistake you would have been all over that decision saying his positioning is awful, he's error prone etc.

Unknown said...

Well that first comment is stupid and racist. But about the game, I think we were pretty unlucky to concede the first goal when we looked to be pretty dominant up until that point. Gibbs slipped, it was unfortunate and unlucky. Ronaldo's free kick looked savable to me. Knowing we had to score four to go through seemed a pretty much impossible task.

This off season requires some defensive reinforcements and selling Adabayor and replacing him with Villa. I think Bendtner has reached the point where he can play the Adebayor role.

Anonymous said...

1. Too much wisdom with the benefit of hindsight. Some of what you say is fair enough - Fabregas was disappointing tonight, Song and Nasri showed ability and bottle - but most of United attacks in the first leg did NOT come from Gibbs side; remember how well Rooney played on the left?

2. Who's the racist pratt?

3. Bendtner looks a better player than Adebayor these days,

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Gibbs. It all starts with Song not covering the area between midfield and the back four. He let's Anderson pick the ball up and start the play. Of course Gibbs was under pressure, but it was Songs decision not to back track that set the goal up.

Anonymous said...

so you think small white English players like Henri Lansbury and Jack Whilshire are going to be any better?

You are a dip shit my friend; race has nothing to do with it what we need are players with experience that can read the game, move the ball at PACE and finsih with aplomb.

What I watched today was a complete shambles, and YES this team can blow away Popmey, Boro and Wigan but that is not where the big games are won.

Wenger is running out of ideas and luck -- fast!

Charles said...

Player transfer before the age of 18, should be banned. "Only way to save Arsenal".

Anonymous said...

are any of you going to say the fucking obvious? we need to sack wenger......THIS IS NOT HIS CLUB.....we lost tothe better team. do u realise we may need to play bayern to qualify 4 the ecl? wenger has won nothing.spent nuffink and we are pay him to do it......go on, call me a chav or manc, but i supported this team 4 nearly 30 years and i'm fucked off WITH THE WENGER EXCUSE BOYS.....put simply fergie did us . a sentence i hate

Anonymous said...

We learned nothing new today. We need a world class striker, a world class defensive midfielder and a world class centre back. I don't care who brings them in or who it might be, just fucking get them.

DDR said...

Tough night...can't really blame Gibbs, the guys stepped into a massive game situation and handled both Rooney and Ronaldo very well in the 1st leg. He was just unlucky tonight, and it was obvious how much it meant to him.

I agree with the article; we need some more experience - a world class striker and a world class centreback. Adebayor has long out stayed his welcome, Bendtner once again put more effort in and looked more dangerous in 15 minutes than Ade in 90...RVP hasn't done enough this season either. I wouldn't be sad to see them both sold and someone like Villa bought in.

Arsene got it wrong in the FA Cup and the 1st leg, but I think he chose the right team today, with the exception of the forwards. We looked toothless in comparison to United, I think if we'd started with a different pair up front we'd have stood a much better chance.

The main thing this summer is to hold on to those players we value and get a good price for the ones we want out, and better replacements.

Unknown said...

Calm down. Four years are long but Arsenal fans had been waiting for longer before. For all Wenger's mistakes, he still has done a good job during the past a few years. During the time, the club made no net investment in player purchases and Wenger have to sell before he can buy. Under such circumstances, while you can question some of Wenger's transfers, overall Arsenal has to go for young players as there has been no money around for buying the experienced ones.

Anonymous said...

I just don't think this team is good enough to reach the final, we were completely outclassed by manure over two legs.

We need a solid centre back who can header, and a replacement for ade who, while obviously quality, is so lazy its frustratiing to watch.

And to think David Villa practically offered himself out to us last summer...what could have been ay.

And also, I was in the stadium, and we created a bloody electric atmosphere for the first 7 minutes. But however much the game was over after that first goal, the majority of the support stopped singing, before many of the same fans left at half time. I know it's hard to watch that, but what ever happened to supporting your team through thick and thin.

Well here's to next season....

James said...

for seven minutes we were the better team, maybe not running rampant, but certainly holding man u back, then poor gibbs is on his backside and the ball is in the net. as for experience helping avoid this, i seem to remember clichy doing this sort of thing all too often.

and now i come to your demand for trophies, no set of fans has a right to trophies, we support arsenal, not for what theyve won, but for who they are. at least i do. i support arsenal for their philosophy, and their beliefs, and while i, along with every other arsenal fan, feel a growing sense of frustration as each season passes, i still support arsenal and arsene 100%. i support ade, i supported eboue at wigan, and i will continue to support anyone associated with the red and white. to me, arsene has a job for life, not because of his results, but because of who he is, and what he has turned this club into. in the 1990s under graham we were known as boring boring arsenal. now we are seen around the world, as, maybe not the best team, but a team that stands by its philosophy towards style and flair, and belief in the youth of the game.

so while man u head to rome with every possibility of being the first team to defend the champions league in its history, i sit here, admittedly somewhat envious, proud nonetheless to support such a truly great team.

Anonymous said...

Grow up - they were just better than us over the two legs

If you've had enough, why not go and support someone else and save us from your whinging

The team is rebuilding and needs our support, not praise one game, criticism the next

I'm as disappointed as the next gooner, but will never give up on them

Anonymous said...

you have to have a solid spine in any team to win,look at what we have now compared to sol,pat,henry.we have to many kids with no fighting spirit,bring back flamini he was at the game tonight.foz.

DDR said...

The talk of 'sack Wenger' really makes me think of the quality of fan/intelligence some people display.
Wenger has made mistakes this season, yes. But let's play devil's advocate and say Arsene is sacked tomorrow (God forbid) who is going to replace him? Who is there who can work under a budget and yet still compete with teams worth over £90 million more? Who would be able to source new talent? Who would be respected enough to attract players like Arshavin who could go somewhere else for much more money? Who would be able to provide European football every year, despite the financial restraints?

I honestly don't know. Please, can all the people who love to throw this 'sack Wenger' idea about answer the question of who is the replacement?

Anonymous said...

Agree with jrockdc, get rid of Adecantunderstandoffsiderule and bring in some seasoned defenders and a defensive midfielder.

Song was also to blame for the first goal, going forward instead of protecting our back four.

Would´ve been an interesting game with Gallas, Clichy, Arshavin and yes Flamini in the team. And a healthy and hungry Eduardo instead of Adecantbreakasweat.

Anonymous said...

i always try not to be negative, but i have to agree with you on a lot of ur points
i felt gibbs was a bit out of his depth defensively, and has been the whole time.
hes an excellent individual but hes in the process of converting to fullback, of course hes not going to be good enough for a game like this.

Im a bit surprised djourou didnt play well, but ive always thought he plays less well with toure because it means he has to shift to the left side of defence..

i have to say tho, talking about this game alone, the result was based on man utd getting the lucky breaks (early on at least).
the 1st 2 goals had a bit of luck involved for them, and up to that point, I thought we looked decent. They looked good also so I thought it would be an interesting contest.

But with those goals against us, we knew we were never going to go thru, and our heads dropped, which almost always seems to happen to arsenal teams under wenger, and is understandable given the age of the team.

I say he has to keep this team together. If we lose any more big players (Ade included) then we're just going to be rebuilding again.
Im not convinced he needs to make any signings either tho, these guys have progressed massively.
Maybe sell diaby and bump ramsey up the pecking, thats all id do tho

Anonymous said...

1st, gibbs should not of been playing, not because hes a bad player , because hes too young and inexpierianced. i had abad feeling something like this would happen to him. eboue should have been there. 2nd. wenger should have bought a top class centre half , defensive midfielder and striker in the last 2 yearS expieiranced. fially thanks eboue , nasri bentner and yes almunia for showing some pride in the shirt tonite wen things wer,e going fuk shaped . u saved us from gettin beaT ABOUT 5 OR 6 . THE REST OF U PRIMA DONNAS CAN GO AND FUK YOURSELVES, U PRIMA DONNA BIG TIME CHARLIE FUKERS. SORRY FORGOT ABOUT GIBBS. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE WEN HE SLIPPED SHOWED AT LEAST HE CARED. 1 MORE THING . THAT COCK ADE FUCK BAYER OR WAT EVER HIS SHAMED NAME IS SHOULD NEVER BE ALOUD TO SHAME THE ARSENAL JERSEY AGAIN

geery Brown said...

Everything you state is true- embarrassing, men against boy, no contest, etc yes..But the way Wenger deployed the team made United look better than they are. If Chelsea had been coached by Wenger, they would have gone the same way against Barca. Tactically we played totally into their hands. I wonder if Wenger even knows what a defence and solid midfield configuration is?

Sack Wenger he hasn't got a clue how to win at this level. We need a more tactical and pragmatic approach.

Unknown said...

Arsenal CAN'T compete with United budget wise. Arsenal have NO MONEY at the moment. It'll come but i repeat, NO MONEY. Can't anybody see we can't buy 30 mil players like United. OR buy as many decent players to fill the gaps in our squad (especially on the bench). United can. The fact we can compete shows how good Wenger is for the team and how well the club is run. It's so sickening that people only look at half of the picture. And also, so many fans leave the stadium was an absolute disgrace. Most (supposedly) Arsenal fans make me sick nowadays ...

ajap Gooner said...

dont be an idiot all your life gibbs came in to do a job as cover for our left back and has done an admirable job and you slagging him off for a slip is a disgrace and only going to halt his progression to one of the best young ENGLISH players. The fact wenger and the board did not back the squad up is not his fault for giving his all and making a genuine mistake that is wot all young and old players do in the career!! grow up

Pooner said...

I am as frustrated and angry as any other Gooner, but I am seriously starting to get sick of all this spoilt brat moaning from many fellow Arsenal fans. Most clubs would kill to be anywhere near a Champions League semi-final, let alone have the success we have had under Wenger. The fact of the matter is we lost to probably the best team in the world today, but I have hope we can surpass them soon.

All this reactionary "sack Wenger" talk is nonsensical, who would you replace him with? Tony Adams? Just because we did not win today (or for the last 4 seasons) does not mean it will continue forever, teams go through dry spells so have some hope.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Before everybody starts blaming wenger, lets think about about who in thge fucking world can maintain a top four finish with the money he's had to spend. And please dont say the board has a transfer budget of £30-£40 mil, it clearly has'nt because it is still financing its debt.

On the game, well Wenger needs to first look at the footwear our players or wearing everygame Arsenal players are slipping - what the fuck is that all about. No decent crosses into the box, cant even pass the first defender - the corners are even worse always too long or too short. An the defence is a joke - honestly in the premiership we have scored as many goals as Manu U but we have conceded the same amount as Fulham.

And finally, what is with our playing tactics - we dont close down players - theres no urgency to get the ball back ( look at manu u, even at 3 nil they were still closing down players to get the ball back) and our so called beautiful play does not exist. Passing the ball around in front of the defence is not attacking play, whether it clichy or sagna cant cross the ball into the box to save their lives and why the fuck does no one take a shot. Ridiculous. Same old shit.

I was so looking forward to this game.

DDR said...

geery Brown...sack Wenger and replace him with...?

I think you'd be pleased if Mourinho turned up at London Colney as the new manager!

I'm proud of the way Arsenal play stunning football, I'm proud of what Arsene Wenger's achieved.

Could Ferguson, Mourinho or Benitez have won half of their trophies with the money Arsene has spent?

Anonymous said...

The men against boy statement is old where Anderson Rooney & Ronaldo when Ferguson bought them?...didn't Fletcher, Giggs, O Shea etc come through there youth ranks? Spend big..doesn't mean you buy success ..I wouldn't touch Berbatov with a barge pole

sigvil said...

Almunia should have got the 1st ball easily. Instead he stood on the line and let parker score an easy goal. We do not mention goal nr.2. Almunia has concrete in his legs. Please make Fabi nr.1.

block 93 said...

well said, DDR, I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Firstly you're right in saying it was men against boys. Secondly we didn't deserve to go through to the final over the 2 legs as United were much better than us.
Wenger got it totally wrong in the 1st leg but he's not to blame tonight. I blame key players not stepping up to the plate and performing. Adebayor in recent weeks has become one of the players I would most like to get rid of. Clumsy, lazy, always offside.
Fabregas was shockingly poor. So quiet. Don't like criticising him but he wasn't a leader out there.
Walcott has always had that special look about him as a pacy, tricky attacking player. Yet Evra locked him down and didn't let him get by once. A sign of inexperience and lack of confidence.
Van Persie who has just come back from injury was supposed to add a threat and a cutting edge and for me doesn't do enough.
The defence in general was outpaced and overpowered by Uniteds attacking players.
I know I'm being harsh but this is the reality. As soon as that bit of luck went their way they grabbed it and didn't let go. The scoreline we were supposed to get they ended up with.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Manchester Uniteds team tonight was bought for 140 million and Arsenals team tonight worth less than 40 million tells the story. We can't compete financially and therefore we can't compete on the pitch. We can't use money as the excuse for losing but it shows that we're not a BIG club who spends millions each year like United, Chelsea and Liverpool. Infact we've earnt the right to be compared with these sides and matched as good as them in what is the so called BIG FOUR. Maybe it should be the BIG THREE and Arsenal should be compared and matched with the likes of Villa, Everton and even Spurs. Think about it.

Tino said...

To Me every one is chatting shit. In my own case in whatever, however match we play we do not lose to Man U. we can lose to some team but Man U and the spur is team we don't lose too. This is a case to run though the life line of the club.

aqqe said...

What a pathetic "article". It was just a puberty induced overreaction of frustration; no Gallas, no Clichy, no Arshavin, no Rosicky, no Eduardo, and not a fit van Persie - and on top of that 2 very sloppy goals conceded within the first 11 minutes all contributed to this. Not Wenger's philosophy.

Would you prefer having a billion pounds worth of debt that inevitably will run the club into the abyss, just like what United have? I'd rather have a club to support in the future than spending £15-30 million, that we don't have, for a squad player.

When you, the author, have calmed yourself down I hope you realize how utterly poor your post was. Giving Wenger criticism is alright, but not in the foolish way you attempted to.

Anonymous said...

for whoever said we should sack wender please shut the hell up. im watch the whole gamw and believe it or not we were firing before gibb was slip. Not to blame gibbs that could happen to anyone but really that goal change all the momemtum. And cosidering the amount of money we have use compare to manure they use 108mill more than us just the first 11 starter not even include they bench player that some cost 30mill alone i think wender has did some miracle. If u want to sack someone sack the board and have some fucking rich people takeover the club like man u chelsea liverpool spur man city do now or be ready to go downward to the middle of the table soon

Anonymous said...

This is my first post. Yes, we need a commanding centre back. yes, we need a world class forward in the mould of Rooney, Villa, or Torres. Yes we need to to get rid of Ade, Diaby, and Eboue......No arguments please, they aren't good enough and you know it!.

But how many of you were screaming at the TV or indeed directly at Mr Wenger on 30 minutes to at least change the formation to 442? The game was gone and all we had left to do was to attack attack attack. But no, we had to wait until the customary 65/70 minute mark to make already too late changes. Who's fault is that?! This was not rocket science. Would Mourinho, Hiddinc or heaven forbid, Fergie have taken so long to act?!! I doubt it.

With the recent movings upstairs at Arsenal Mr Wenger is for the first time looking sackable, and for the first time I too am starting to agree.

Before some of you slower 'fans' accuse me of being a spud in disguise, let me tell you you that this saddens me much to realize that Wenger is now in a position where he either has to conform or go.

Wenger is too used to his own ways to conform.

The obvious seems inevitable now, and I'm not sure it's such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are beyond belief! We don't play stunning football anymore. Have some of you people been watching the same team as me?

Here are some FACTS for you people who worship the ground the Wenger God walks, to mull over.

We are just going to have to get used to being also-rans again with the divine Wenger. We WERE totally outclassed by Manchester United, how any of you mugs are trying to argue otherwise is beyond belief.

We are the fourth best team in England and the fifth best team in Europe, after the other three English teams and Barcelona.

We could have won a trophy this year if the supreme being that is Wenger took the FA Cup seriously--but he didn't.

Mr Wenger or is it God said to judge him at the end of the season--and he will be.

Some of you people seem to think that The Arsenal were a little club before the all-knowing Wenger deity came along to bless us all with his wisdom and that we will collaspe like a pack of cards when he is gone--we will not. We were the third biggest club in England before Wenger came along and we will still be the third biggest club in England after Liverpool and Man U when he is gone.

I told you after the Chelsea game that Mr Wenger had lost his balls. I was correct and I am sad to say it.

He has made too many mistakes the past few years and all those mistakes will now be dissected in the media and on all your bloggs.

Of course, he will talk his way out of it like the good politician that he is and we will have another season next year just like this year.

We will finish fourth in the premiership and get beaten by another English side in the European Cup.

It is time to accept reality and our position as also-rans and the fouth or third best team in England and move on. You people can love Wenger all you like, I know he will not be sacked or nor do I want him to be but please stop deluding yourselves that he will ever win the title again or even win another cup because we know he does not take them seriously anymore. We are not the standard bearers we once used to be under Mr Wenger.

Ryan said...

To May 6, 2009 12:18 AM Anon, did you not notice last year where we lead for most of the year, only stumbling in the final quarter of the season.

Step back and have a look at the scenario: We are a top four club in England and a top four club in Europe. We are the only top four club in England that is not built on unsustainable debt and spending. At the current time, we do have debt problems that have restricted our spending, but as with all things over time this will pass.

We have a young squad that will only get better with time (I know this is always repeated but give it time). We have a coach who is basically irreplaceable. NO other coach could repeat what Wenger has done.

Now because the only thing we can do is support THE ARSENAL and wait... that is what we are going to do. Support the club, support the players, support the staff. If a new coach comes in, if new players come in, we should still support them, that is what it means to be an ARSENAL SUPPORTER.

aqqe said...

When the smoke clears and when Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea all crumble under the weight of their enormous debts all of you - even the thickest of depressed anti-Wenger fans out there - will realize what a genius he is and how lost we would've been without him.

Anonymous said...

The first comment stinks of racistism, who cares if there are no English players.
Arshavin is a ture class player and we need a few more of his pedigree in the mix and un ited will start to feel our streangth. That day will come ....from the ashes we will rise up and dominate the game:)
Let un ited have their day.
All their players suck and arrogance follows them where ever they go.

Jam said...

Spot on with your article, i've had enough about a year ago after another untimely exit to liverpool.

Wenger spare us the bullshit, you either go back to basics and principles or call it a day and walk away. You've tried it with your stubborn reliance on youth and inexperienced weak players for 4 long years and today was the conformation if one was needed that your experiment failed with disasterous consequences.

What worried me today was the painful fact that even our experienced players looked average and mediocre compared to the opposition. Make no mistake, the arsenal team were spanked like the children they are. It was embarressing. United players did not brake a sweat, no mud stains or anything that might suggest that they've been in a semis of champions league. It was a stroll in the park.

Even the opposition was at times simply embarressed at the level of inexperience we showed. Evra delivered a damning assessment of Arsène Wenger’s team. “It was 11 men against 11 boys,” the defender said. “They’re just too young to compete. Chelsea and Barcelona are on another level compared to Arsenal. The difference wasn’t just experience, it was quality, too. It’s not just about playing pretty. We’re pretty too, but we also score goals and we also defend well.”

There you go. It took a french left back from our rivals to spell the obvious. We arsenal fans have been deluding ourselves for too long. This team is short on quality and inexperience, The two main ingredients you need to win anything.

Lets go through todays team to show you the lack of world class players:

ALMUNIA - Had a very good year as arsenal number 1, added consistency to his game, but still prone to the odd mistake in big games (i.e against spurs and man utd last night)

SAGNA - Had a dip in form recently, has a habit of heading the ball in danger areas. However, he has been magnificent since his arrival and rarely has a bad game.

TOURE: Had a poor start this season, but recovered well and plays with more consistency. He is still struggling to recapture his 2004-2006 form. Should be cover, its time to look for replacement. Still, you will get 110% from him every time.
VERDICT: WAS WORLD CLASS NOT ANYMORE (painful for me to day it as he is one of my favs).

DJOROU:(SIGH)Has all the ingredients to become a great defender, but fails to deliver in big games (I remember he was shocking against spurs last year). He lacks vidic-like aggression, which you need at top level. His heading is poor, and closing down is non-existant in his game (gave too much room and respect to ronaldo yesterday).
VERDICT: DEFENATELY NOT WORLD CLASS. He has potential to never be world class.

GIBS: He is mature beyond his years. I think wenger unearthed a real talent. however, he wrong to put him in a big game like this. Unfortunate to slip for the first goal, but im sure he'll bounce back stronger for it.

WALCOTT: quickly becoming one of the main players at arsenal, too much reliance on him as an outlet due to his phenomenal pace and not enough technical skill in his game. Too light-weight and predictable at times as Evra showed.
VERDICT:POTENTIALLY WORLD CLASS. But needs to improve technically.

SONG: too slow and not enough drive in his game. He is average at most things and for a holding player he doesnt win enough tackles. Simply put: he is not arsenal quality.

FABREGAS: His form since injury has been quiet poor, which is worrying. May have returned from injury too soon, way short of his best.
VERDICT:WORLD CLASS. But is this his final season i wonder?

NASRI: had a mixed first season, but has all looks like an arsenal player. Should be better next year.

VAN PERSIE: he has been relatively consistent this season. He is the top scorer, but i feel that his game is limited. His lack of pace and over reliance on his left foot affects his game. However, he is highly intelligent, competative and can score goal out of nothing.
VERDICT: WORLD CLASS. Can be replaced as arshavin is more suited to his role.

ADEBAYOR: Tall, lanky, good in the air and is obsessed with beyonce and ac milan. Needs too many chances to score a goal to be considered world class. Someone told him that he is as the new henry, which explains why he makes runs down the channels hes not equiped for.
VERDICT: NOT WORLD CLASS. Can be replaced,especially now that he has an ego problem.

So there lies the problem. You cannot beat teams like man utd in big games consistently with maximum 3 world class players. I consider Clichy and Gallas world class, and wenger was unlucky with their injuries but the replacements were inadequate and not anywhere near same quality.

cescfiberglass said...

Shit result.

We have a good team. a VERY good team, but not a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM! Yes we have lots of budding potential, but losing year after year will not help realize our potential.

A few things to note....

Last year we dominated in the beginning, and everyone thought our potential about to be displayed. Then came injuries, that FUCKEd us over. This year we have the same problem, INJURIES! We have a world class starting 11, if we ever had a chance to start our best 11 and play in an important match. As we have lots of injuries, we always have backups and and inexperienced players in the spot of whatever experience we have on our squad, which tends to costs us big.

We played all season without Arshavin, Eduardo, Cesc and Theo. when they all arrived together, the jumped right in our squad, yet not much improvement hase been seen, (aside from Arshavin). He is a gamebreaker-our Cristiano Ronaldo, and he will be seen shining next year.

But we need to all stay fit and play together.

Another issue is have some OVER RATED SHITE ASS PLAYERS.

1. Adebayor, Bendtner=same class. they are both good strikers, but not WORLD CLASS. They are always playing as "attacking wingers" and are always playing with the ball outside 18yrd box. someone should tell tem "YOU ARE TALL STRIKERS, GET IN THE FUCKING BOX TO RECEIVE THAT FUCKING BALL". They need waaaay to many chances to score, or even hit the net. They just are a waste of space, and it feels like we are fishing in an empty pond when they are on the head of our attack. They are never in the right position, and i hope we sell BOTH of them.

2. Sagna, Clichy, Walcott should spend about 423424 hours practicing to "cross the ball". They can never put the ball in the right spot, EVER! They have no final product. ALL that running and hard work, in the end to kick the ball into the player right infront of you or to kick it by the other touch line. They need serious work. They do their jobs in what they are expected to do, but they can not finish the play, which is really Sad.

Walcott is also a little over rated. He does not have the technical ability yet to go with his pace. Everyone said that the goal the last round proved he was ready. 1 goal means nothing. do it day in and out and then ppl will say you are ready. 1 goal here, 1 nice pass there out of 20 attempts is not good, and is certainly NOT WORLD CLASS.

3. Denilson is over rated, useless, a side passer, a 10yrd passer, a "I can't handle pressure" guy. the stats are stats, I agree, but they are irrelevant to other players, cuz no one does simple, usless, waste of time passes. The numbers mean nothing when you can't live upto them when it counts.

4. Our pattern of play is PREDICTABLE. we stop and just pass the ball around the corner of the 18yrd box with our wing backs. they cant do shit for final product, so why give the ball to them? we need to switch up our play and use more creativity, and less clichy and sagna to cross the ball.

-Last year our passing was smooth, fast flowing, unpredictable, and deadly. This year wee look like a mid-table team, with some nice plays here and there.

We need to improve in the center of the pitch We need a SOLID central defense and defense mid so we have a spine to work off of. we need strong players that stay healthy and can handle the roughness of the long season. This will allow our creative players --cesc, nasri, arshavin, van p, walcott-- the time, and strength to concentrate on being creative and doing there magic, which has failed to be seen this year.

We need some good depth, with a mixture of our youth and experience. WE need an experience mid fielder to take control of the game when neededd and to provide us grit and strength.

WE are a GREAT team. manu, barca= CHAMPIONSHIP team. we don't need tons of money. we just need the right players. wenger is not willing to spend to keep his youth growing. until they grow up we will never win. We need to bring in experience to make this a championship team. A couple of quality players and we have it.

Wenger you have this summer to straighten things up. You had the chance last summer and decided to pass up. If you don't act this year and fix your OBVIOUS frailties and mistakes, then you will definitely regret it at this exact time in 2010.

Use your vacation wisely and think about things.


Munopenga Mabhunu said...

You cannot cheat your way to the final playing a converted midfielder into a defender at this level. Its stupid.

Manager has lost it. He is stubborn for nothing. He should have brought in defenders a lond time ago instead of having to rely on the likes of Djorou and Gibbs.

As expected the African players like Adebayo will be the scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Can we actually write an official letter or something to Arsene Wenger?

Arsenal and its fans are already the laughing stock among the Big 4 and we don't look any different from Spurs in terms of winning trophies this few seasons.

Arsene Wenger has wasted the best chances for cup glories while Ferguson has taken his chances.

Fans have wasted their money and time supporting the club which they will continue supporting, only to be wasted future time and money if Arsene is to keep to his crap statements i.e. "they are still young". Fuck by then Man U already won a dozen more trophies.

Look at the immediate impact of Arshavin. Why is Wenger still wasting our time?

Fabregas is sure gonna leave since he has won nothing with Arsenal since featuring in the starting Arsenal XI 4-5 seasons ago. It's only a matter of time since his idol Pep Guardiola is in charge at Barca and they are winning trophies. Van Persie has not sign a new contract because he wants guarantee of cup glory. Adebayor is sure to leave for AC Milan after that Beyonce comment.

I would prefer Van Persie (injured most of the time) and Adebayor leaving hopefully for 35 million pounds each so that we can use the funds to strengthen our defence and buy some good attacking players.

I actually still have faith in Song and Gibbs but I would like to see Diaby and Denilson off for at least 15-20 million pounds each.

Next season's starting XI:

(new signing)
(new signing)
Fabregas/(new signing, Kaka?)
Song/(new signing)
Bendtner (should he not shine his place should be reserved for the purchase of a world class striker in August)

Alan@India said...

Dont think you can put the blame entirely on Gibbs. I think he played pretty well in then first leg.
What Arsenal lacked were leaders. They lacked winners , lacked fighters.
We can sum up the whole game by one incident in the game. And that was the teenager RAfael Da Silva outmuscling Adebayor to the ball.
Adebayor must go and there is no doubt about it. But i dont think that will change things. Bendtner will take his place and things will be the same again. A major reshuffle is needed, but Wenger doesnt look like he is up for it.

simzy said...

1970 be easy on wenger hemustfeel really sick did u not see his body language at the end of the game. this is putting extra pressure (In fairnes though i understand your letting out your frustration)

Anyway i think gibbs since had played the firstleg it was okay for him to play the second (However i think he's a fantastic talent and shouldnt be playing games of this magnitude ever since clichy was out i think eboue should've played rightback and sagna moved to leftback, that means gibbs shouldnt have played in the CL quarter-final v villareal, FAcup final v chelsea & CL Semis V Man Utd although he should have played all the premiership games. i think he was offered no protection he ws thrown into the deep end & asked to swim.

Anyway all of this is easier to say in hindsight we can critisize all we like after we've known the outcome to be ineffective.

All i hope for is that the manager realises & goes for a proper blend of youth & experience.

Lets hope Arshavin is the ne chapter & theres more to follow

greig rose said...

hi guys, bitterly dissapointed, i'm from aberdeen and very rarely (because of my job, money etc) get down to the emirates, so imagine my disappointment when watching the game when i see 2/3rds of the stadium empty before the final whistle, ok we played horrendously but stay and show your appreciation for the side, we were in the semi final of the cl against the english, european and world champions, playing with a young and injury ravaged side. it made me feel really sad.

i didnt realise that fabregas was playing until he wrongly won that penalty, speaking of which after what arshavin had done at pompey this weekend and making it clear to the ref he was not fouled i felt a little dissapointed at fabregas for not standing up and doing the same. its cost fletcher, who had us in his pocket all night a start in the final.

I think we have lost fabregas this summer, but i'm happy with that, the boy has become far too big for his boots, adebayor looks like an idiot everytime he plays in recent weeks, just doesnt look like he cares about the team, bendtner looks interested and much more dangerous. i would take money for the 2 of them (and maybe the constantly underachieving van persie) buy some quality defenders, holding midfielders, no more attacking players, we have more than enough. We need experience, and we need money spent on this team otherwise its the same next year i'm afraid.

Man Utd were better team. and a little bit of me dies when i say that.

Anonymous said...

i must admit that fergie does have a better side..i hate to admit it tho..

firstly, I think we are not lucky because we have a good striker like eduardo and arshavin but they are ineligible or injured.
but if we do have eduardo, wenger wont play him anyway!
and even arshavin. I still can't understand how Wenger didnt put Arshavin and Nasri for FA Cup Semifinal.

Anyways I agree dat we shoudnt blame Gibbs. Everyone has a bad day and yesterday just wasnt his day. It was kinda extreme bad day because it affects all of us but's the whole team. the whole team played bad ok?

and also we need a striker. we cannot play with the f***ing lazy adebayor anymore. we need like Villa or Klose..or Henry :P

I dont think we need another defending midfield but Xabi Alonso for sure would be a very good buy

and we need a CB!! even gallas isnt good enough dude (i shouldnt say this but i dont like him as a man and as a player as well)

maybe we shud get someone like Lucio or Metzelder or even Hyppia!
do u guys know Hypia just moved from Liverpool to a German club (i cant remember), with free transfer!! why cant Wenger get someone like him instead of SILVESTRE?


Anonymous said...

We have w0n the league 13 times wenger won 3 of them. Why do pathetic fans keep talking like we would be bottom of the league without 'Wenger please he is a good manager not great as he loses the BIG games. I dont want him sacked but this team is shit and has been shit since 2006 when TT Henry got us int the final and fourth place. I dont care about the past when we were boring and I dont wanna here about potential futures this aint the stock market. Wenger is turning us into a laughing stock not because we aint won a trophy (chelski won nothing last season and liverpool may win nothing this season) but this team dont/cant compete! Fletcher is missing the final for making a tackle in the box 90th minute when his team was winning 3-0 now thats commitment. You aint fans you are Arsenal PR people posing as fans to stop the discontent of the fans soooo fuck off! 2grand to watch song and eboue is criminal. DESTROY and REBUILD ASAP or give RVP a new contract 80000 for doing nothing sign new teenagers who can get paid 10000 a week in the reserves Arsene Knows you are a mug!

Anonymous said...

Pathetic! That's all I can say when I read your "analysis" and compare it to the one from November 9th after we beat ManU.

Arsenal played badly last Tuesday but the basis ingredients are still in place: We have two very good goalies, Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Clichy is a strong defence albeit not the best and withEboue, Djourou, Song, Traore, Gibbs, Silvestre - the back up is ok. In midfield, we have the Maestro, Walcott, Arshavin,....... and up front we have Adebayor, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela and most of the attack minded players are able to switch positions. The squad depth is ok. Are our squad as strong as ManU's - no, it is not. For those of us who have supported Arsenal longer than the Arsene period, we remember the barren years. There are plenty big clubs which haven't won a major trophy in decades (Tottenham, Man City, Newcastle, Aston Villa,...)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"SONG: too slow and not enough drive in his game. He is average at most things and for a holding player he doesnt win enough tackles. Simply put: he is not arsenal quality.

Hahaha, whos eating their words now....Hate to say this to another "gooner" but why dont you just support another team, you obviouly like slagging your own teams players. This is why i listen to wenger, not f~cknuts like you. F~ck off spud.

Anonymous said...

What a shameful post. I'd be really embarrassed to claim myself a supporter while have written anything like this. We may not win any trophies this year or for a few more years you know (or we may), I don't know how you and your so called supporter self can take the pressure of that fact of life. It still won't change the fact that Wenger's the best coach we've ever had and deserves more respect than this.

Next time you're so upset with a loss, punch the guy who sits next to you or if you happen to be watching the match on TV, destroy your TV set instead.

Anonymous said...

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