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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rosicky: “Training felt like paradise but I was useless!”

By 1970’s Gooner

Everyone is rejoicing at the splendid news to come out of London Colney that the much maligned Tomas Rosicky has returned not only to full training but back to training with the first team.

And this is despite what the media had been reporting previously that he was so crocked that his future as a footballer was much in doubt.

We here at Arsenal Analysis were publishing news on Tomas’s progress regularly reassuring the Arsenal fans that all was well and that his set backs were due to the long inactivity and not a return of his hamstring problems.

Tomas has now confirmed that his latest injury, his groin, is healed.

“My groin is healed and I am not even tired, so everything is on track. Of course it will take a few days before I feel normal”.

Tomas also revealed the details of his first training session with the rest of his team mates and that he felt useless!.

“It was actually the normal training session which lasted about 80 minutes but for me it felt as though I was in paradise”!

“I had a full training session along with the rest of the team. We had a warm-up, some training and then we played a game. I felt useless there” he said.

This is understandable of course as he has been out of touch with the ball for so long. He will not be able to make it for the remaining two games of the season.

“This weekend Arsenal play against Manchester United. I will stay at Colney and train with an assistant.

Welcome back Tomas. We missed you.


Anonymous said...

Splendid NEWS!!!

Anonymous said...

Sagna Hangerlaand Toure Clichy

Rosicky Alonso Fabregas Arshavin

V.persie Huntelaar


Anonymous said...

no nasri in ur team mate

Anonymous said...

please take out Diaby, he should never wear an Arsenal shirt again together with Adebayor.


Anonymous said...





The team I would pay to watch!!

Anonymous said...


Sagna Toure Hangelaand Clichy


Walcott Fabregas Nasri

Van Persie Arshavin

Bobby said...

No no YOu are all wrong.


Sagna Toure Mr.New Clichy

Song Mr.Steel


Arsh Rosicky

Van The Man

Anonymous said...


Sagna Gallas Chiellini Clichy


Rosicky Arshavin Nasri

Eduardo Walcott


Zhirkov(contract runs out in Nov)
Axel Witsel

Who needs a DM with that team!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Sagna Gallas ????? Clichy


Rosicky Fabregas Nasri



No big man up front. No long balls. Just like the old Wenger teams.

Bendtner - plan B - long ball & crosses

Sell Adebayor to fund Def Mid
2 signings needed - no more. But they have to be quality, proven, experienced ones.

Anonymous said...


Sagna Toure/Gallas Dominant CB Clichy

Experienced DM
Arshavin Nasri Rosicky


Toure benefits from a big man alongside and Song isnt ready (good for cover but not first team material)

Stav said...

As long as we don't have to put up with Adebayor, i think we will be fine. Personally I'd like to see Eduardo and RVP up front 442 with Fab not playing so far up the pitch and Walcott - arshavin - Rosicky nasri in support. We have nik b as back up with Vela and poss jay Simpson...we got loads of attacking players but we are still short of a CB and a dominant DM..same as last year.

Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy
Walcott Fab Nasri Arshavin
RVP Eduardo

...with what we got

Anonymous said...


Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Yaya toure

Cesc Nasri

Theo Arshavin


Munopenga Imi said...

New Keeper



Van Persie - Adebayo


Song Wilshire
New Keeper (Again)

Anonymous said...

i bet none of u have actually seen how hangelaand plays and just copying what everyone else says. HE IS NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK!! he would not be at fulham if he was good enough for the big 4.
stop lying to yourselves like you know what your talking about. especially the one with scharner in the team. HA!!


Anonymous said...

Arsenal Fans make me laugh . Ya''ll soo fickle that sometime i am embarassed to be an arsenal fan

First of all of sudden everyone want HANGELAAND in the team .FFS he is not that good. i agree he wouldnt be at Fulham if he was good. Ya'll listen too much to the media and go along with what they say.

Secondly. Great News that Rosicky is back to training. Fingers crossed. A very good player who gives us something extra. in term of workrate, tenacity and creativity.
To all those people putting Thirdly Walcott will not start in this team when every one is fit not in a long time. So to those people putting him ahead of rosicky, Nasri i say keep dreaming.
i understand that people love him here coz he is english all that but live with it he is not that good
i like how people create excuses for him that he is not a winger, he is wasted out wide blah blah
Ask your self is he better than the strikers we have now ? ADE,RVP,EDUARDO,BANDTNER, ARSHAVIN VELA, He is our sixth striker at best. i also dont get the perception that he is a good finisher ? look at his goal stats and tell me if he is a good finsher ? ppl shud watch games with an open eye and see how many misses he have every game and how many times he passes/crosses to no one instead of going for goal even if he has the chance.
A good player to have in your side but not a starter not when you want to win staff.

Lastly people asking for a dominant center half here but i dont think that would solve our problem at the back. its not an issue of personnel our backfour individually are very good but poor as a unit and the whole team is poor defensively not just the defenders. ithink the whole arsenal set up should change its attitude to defending. Arsenal players dont like defending and teams know that.
Besides there are not may top quality defenders available at the moment and that dont mean they would be successful here. Arsenal play a high line and that exposes defenders who lack pace. thats why sendoros stuggles here. A good natural defender he is
People shud think about that even Hangerland lacks pace to play in the arsenal system.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Theo has a long way to go before he is a 1st team player.

People should be careful what they wish for when calling for Handeland. He's a decent player but not as good as our CBs. I like Chielini from Juventus. I think he'd be a good signing for us.

Marcos Senna would be a great partner for cesc in CM but if not I'd let Song continue in there. He improves by the game.

manjiT said...

so the team which i rationalize goes like this

Almunia (Fabianski)

Sagna(eboue) Toure(djorou) Mr.X(gallas) Clich(gibbs)

Rosicky(theo) Mr.Y(song) Cesc(denilson) Arshavin(nasri)

RVP(bendtner) Mr.Z(eduardo)

this forms the basic team layout
theo fits in as an impact sub. i luv tat part of his game.

Sell adebayor...30 million are big.
sell silvester...

buy... An experienced striker. i.e Mr.Z
buy... An Experienced defensive midfielder i.e Mr. Y ( high priority )
buy... An experienced centre back. i.e Mr. X
An most importantly ....In Arsene We Trust.

Anonymous said...


sagna gallas toure clichy

rosicky toure(12m) fabregas nasri



sell adebayor(17m) and diaby(5m) away, n w jz have to add on 5 m to have a marvellous strong squad and even the strongest bench player in the europe

micah richards
wan persie

TD said...

These comments are a joke.

Just wait and see what happens and stop playing Football Manager.

Anonymous said...

walcott is the most useless player to have worn the arsenal shirt am suprise most pple want him in their team.he should be should if ade and diaby has to go

Jason said...

Why do people insist on putting Toure in ahead of Gallas? Toure is NOT a defender, he has one ability and that is recovery pace, but other than that nothing. He doesn't read the game, he is not aggressive, and is shit in the air. Gallas is TEN times the defender that Toure is, and was only a liability when given the captaincy and when the team were playing like shit. Willy has the winner's mentality and wants to win things, put him alongside a defender who attacks the ball and we are sorted. Toure is just too nice a guy to be a defender.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU ANON 11.41 AND 12.59,finally some arsenal fans who dont get carried away with media-hype. Hangeland is shit,how can fans say he's better than Toure? Toure has suffered badly this season by having the most WEAKEST MIDFIELD in front of him and having SILVEST for a partner. Imagine rio or terry having arsenal's midfield in front of them.

Walcott doesnt have ANY SKILL,cant cross and relies TOO MUCH on pace alone.As much as ADEBAYOR has been poor this season how many crosses does he get frm WALCOTT or WHOEVER WENGER DECIDES TO PLAY ON THE LEFT?

Arsenal just need one of the midfielders to 'BLOODY SHOOT ON SIGHT' and to stop trying to WALK THE BALL INTO THE NET.

KOLO TOURE IN MIDFIELD ANYONE? he has one of the hardest shots in prem and would COVER the whole midfield like VIERA and FLAMINI used to do.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news. He won't be a saviour but he will come in and make us a much better unit. Far more tenacious, pacy and quick thinking than Nasri Walcott and Van Persie. Welcome back Tomas!

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe he's not more pacy than Walcott, but he's five times better in every other department.

Anonymous said...

Walcott has phenomenal pace, and that's what you need from a winger. Any arsenal fan that watched his run against liverpool in the champions league last season and has seen what he can bring to a game knows how devastating he can be, especially when he's only 20 years old.

And what's with the lack of faith in adebayor? He still has a great strike rate this season and did anyone see his goal against Villareal? Do you Arsenal fans actually watch football, or just get excited because of the media coverage at the team's failure to win trophies despite the fact that Liverpool since their champion's league miracle haven't won anything either and in that time have spent £78 million more?

Anonymous said...

Sagna Gallas CB Clichy
Arshavin Nasri Rosicky

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