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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arshavin reveals why he was brought off at Old Trafford

By Aries

Andrey Artshavin revealed that he started the game at Old Trafford injured and that was the reason why he was substituted by Arsene Wenger.

When asked on his personal web site whether the reason he was brought off was due to possible damage inflicted by Fletcher’s tackle in the penalty that was not awarded in the first half, he said:

“I began the game injured anyway. This injury has worried me for a long time, but I had to play”

This may account for his below par performances as of late but if he can get goals like that when he is injured then there are far more exciting times to come form the little demon.

However, what is worrying is that Arsene Wenger is having to field players who are injured, so desperate the situation has reached with the absence of fit wide players. And there are many ofcourse, Nasri, Rosicky and Walcott.

What was perplexing to us here at Arsenal Analysis is, having decided to take a risk with Arshavin, why did Wenger decide to start with the ineffective Eboue leaving Bendtner on the bench?


Spike said...

Well I do hope you guys at Arsenal Analysis weren't worrying your selves too badly, worrying about Eboue playing.

Maybe I could help you... Perhaps Wenger foolishly thought after his performance vs celtic he earnt the right to play? Or then again, maybe he thought Eboue would be more effective than Bendtner due to him being more pacier therefore giving us a faster outlet for counter atacks n such?

Then again, maybe Wenbger just wanted to fuck with your minds?

Anonymous said...

maybe wenger wanted eboue to help defend a bit maybe ???? RETARDS

Randy Osae said...

Hello, not being dim here but those quotes did come from my post

Do you mind giving some credit for the work I had to do in translating from the complicated Russian text?


Keep up your good work!

VanDaManPersie said...

Your a dim one aint you. Arshavin played because he probably begged the gaffer to start this game. His injury can't be a serious one as the manager would not play him otherwise.

Eboue started over Bendtner because of his defending ability. Agaisn't Evra, Bendtner would be lost. I personally believe Eboue had a good game. Denilson, Diaby and Almunia were poor!!

Mustafa Al Makki said...

Spike... i dont even know you but i love you man !!!!! lool... am sure you dont even get paid for such an analysis, that was sadly missed by the experts asking... ha ha... good one..


an arab african gooner, from sudan.. :)

Spike said...

Haha! Thanks Mustafa! Love you more!

Dovi said...

I'm sorry but all you guys have to lay off Eboue, he has been playing very well recently and the end part of last season. his dive was typical Eboue but football wise he has been playing well. Credit where credits due.

I would be more worried why Wenger persists with Diaby more than eboue

Mustafa Al Makki said...

Dovi... i think his persistance is only temperory.. once walcott, rosicky and nasri are back, eboue will only be a cover inacse of injury to the above and main cover for bacary sagna, plus the FA CUP ties here and there to rest Sagna... diaby will be more of a cover up to cesc and be more of a substitute and FA,CHAMP league easy ties to rest CESC.... now imagine all these guys i mentoned above are all fit along with Arshavin, v.persi, eduardo, our two Center backs and clichy.... vela, bendther as substitutes used to rest the above mentioned trio+wallcot.... now tell me why cant we win the trebble and the carling cup, with Wilshere, Vela fran merida, fabianksi, Aron Ramsy, gibbs and 5 senior players(No's, 52,2,7(rosisky to warm up),17 or15,18 and 20) mainly from the first team subtitutes (he he he...)

Unknown said...

Eboue would not only provide a good pacy outlet for counter attacks but also many people forget his value as a defensive player, he tracked back really well when evra and nani attacked sagna giving our full back support which bendtner would surely not have done so successfully, eboue has amazing energy levels that only few players in the premier league can actually match ! the lad can run 90 minutes full speed without getting tired

Anonymous said...

Andrei Arshavin may miss Russia's upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Liechtenstein and Wales after suffering an injury during Arsenal's 2-1 loss to Manchester United on Saturday.
Arshavin, who opened the scoring with a long-range strike, was substituted in the 80th minute of the Old Trafford clash.

"It's doubtful I'll be able to play in the upcoming matches for Russia," Arshavin, who arrived in Moscow on Sunday, told Sport Express.
"My groin had been giving me some trouble earlier, and during the Manchester United match I went for a ball and the pain hit me. No diagnosis has been made yet. I'll go to the hospital first thing on Monday morning."

Anonymous said...

We need to be positive,ithought we played very well and we deserved the three points,however forget having a go about Diaby or Denilson or Eboue when will arsenal fans start realising that ou goalkeeper is the main reason we concede so many sloppy goals.

Almunia never comes for a cross,his distribution is awful and makes so many mistakes. There must be a better goalkeeperout there.

Funwayo said...

I really thought that Fletcher was over the line with his fouls. How he gets with only a yellow is reason for one to see his agenda on the field just like the Gray Neville was with Reyes the other season.

Unknown said...

i just dont understand people who think Bendtner is a better player than Eboue. some things are just too obvious!!1

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