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Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Arsenal will continue to be amongst the top teams for years to come

By Kazeem Atanda

It has almost become a tradition for teams outside the top four to spend big in order to break the monopoly of the elite clubs. But anytime a club does, the pundits' verdict is that "Arsenal will drop out of the top zone" due to Arsene Wenger's stingy behaviour in the transfer market.

In 2005 when Everton broke into the top four, it was Liverpool and not Arsenal that eventually dropped out. And it is a fact that no team has broken the monopoly since then.

Tottenham, Everton and Aston Villa all continue to spend big on new players than Arsenal every season but woefully end up finishing below the Gunners (and not even making the top four).

This summer, Manchester City's new owner has spent close to £100 m on new players that included Arsenal duo Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure.

Many observers have questioned Arsene Wenger's decision in selling these players to the Citizens believing that the Arsenal gaffer has sold fourth position to premiership rival, Manchester City.

Theses pundits have forgotten that this is not the first time that Arsenal will be selling their top stars, yet managed to finish in the top four despite parading a young and inexperienced team.

In the 2004/2005 season, without Wiltord and Kanu, Arsenal won the FA cup and finished 3rd in the league.

Losing Vieira and Edu in 2005/2006 season was one player too many, yet Arsenal reached the final of the Champions League and finished 4th in the premiership.

Pires, Reyes, Bergkamp, Campbell and Ashley Cole, all left in 2006/2007 season but it didn't stop Arsene Wenger's young guns reaching the Carling Cup final and retaining 4th position in the league.

In 2007/2008 season, the news that every Arsenal fan had been dreading for a year, talismanic captain Thierry Henry left for Barcelona while Ljumberg also left for West Ham. Yet Arsenal lost the premiership title with only a few games to go and ended in 3rd position.

Without Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto last season Arsenal were semi finalists in both the FA cup and Champions League and finished 4th in the premiership.

This summer, with only one addition, two players already gone and probably more has brought out the Cassandra’s of this world.

The only person whose absence will mar the club is Arsene Wenger, himself. He knows the club inside out and being an economist, he is a man with the air of an accountant, the dress sense of a senior civil servant and a modern business man.

Wenger's technique, character, appetite and masterpiece of the round leather game is second to none. In almost 13 years at Arsenal, he has transformed the club, created a string of superlative teams, built a glittering stadium and helped to transform the stagnant conservatism of English football.

Though Arsene knows to his bones that the game is all about glory he will never spend big to achieve it.

There are two reasons why Wenger is building his team this way. One is that he loves developing youngsters. And the second is that he hates spending money. It is not in his nature.

For those that believe Arsene Wenger's young guns will not propel Arsenal to the top four this season should wait a little.

The Gunners will be challenging for titles on all four fronts.

"Arsene knows" is a phrase that will resurface with a vengeance once more.


VanMoulds said...


And spot on, all except his reasons. i don't think he hates spending money i think he's just someone who cares for the club and its welfare...recession means trouble.
too many managers are willing to spend at a high risk. it could ruin our league. Wenger will ensure success with this team building for the 10 years after he's gone.

good article.

Blank said...

nice post..

messi said...

great post i think everything you've wrote is right other than he hates spending money, no manager hates spending but its just that arsene does it the right way by only bringing in players when they are needed this season if our players stay fit then ofcourse we will challenge for titles an i cant wait to see the doubters face when we win a trophy!!!


Iceland said...

Everything is true to the word in your post. We have mostly sold players at the right time and maintained in the top four spots. But you have to ask yourself is that enough for Arsenal as a club and for Arsenal fans. I for one can´t be happy with being mediocre. We were way behind the top 3 last year, I´m not sure that this year will be any better.

Anonymous said...

All good but I'm not sure about the reference to "Kassandras" - by which I presume you are referring to the mythological figure Cassandra. Although she is sometimes referred to as the "doomsayer of Troy" because she predicted the downfall of the Trojan kingdom, Cassandra does not make a particularly apt analogy in your argument. After being gifted the power of (accurate) prophecy her curse was that no-one would believe her predictions. The doom-mongers you are referring to, those fans who seemingly who can't wait to see disaster heaped upon Arsenal, are in fact making inaccurate predictions. They are mere pessimists.

Anonymous said...

How unusual. A positive post. I think the saddest thing about what is happening now is that there are a huge number of so called supporters who don't realise the financial playing field could very soon topple and, as someone said, AW cares for the club and will not let it sink under a huge unsustainable (note the word) debt.

I have every faith in the players and believe we will do a lot better than most people are predicting. I think Liverpool will miss Alonso more than they realise and Utd without Ronaldo will be a very different team.

Let's have more positivity folks!

Anonymous said...

lol @ 2 above..

Anonymous said...

lol @ 2 above..

Anonymous said...

since when has everton spent big money?

Anonymous said...

Complete nonsense.

Wenger is finished.

Prashant Gandhi said...

I like your positivity. I think the average television commentator or a tabloid journalist lack intelligence or insight to lack credibility. However, the problem is always about "What could have been"? I always think of the 2006 season and wonder what would have been the scenario had Gallas been more of a leader and if we hadnt lost Sagna in the final few weeks or if we had Van Persie fit. Same thing last year - we were again unlucky with injuries - this time with Gallas who was forming the impressive pairing Toure.

Why not have more cover instead of less for such possible injuries ? We played 2006 without any first or second choice left back. So why not recall Traore from loan when Clichy was injured instead of putting pressure on Gibbs. Its these gambles that I dont understand. Whats the point of sending Merida on loan when both Rosicky and Nasri are injured ? Just doesnt make sense at all.

Anonymous said...

there is no positivity,no possibility,but only negativity,arsenal wiil still struggle this session to finish fourth,remember what arsen wenger said last year that arsenal is a selling club,so they will continue to be for years to come untill when the club will end up selling wenger to supper spurs,
gooonners 4 life

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The sky is falling according to most Arsenal blogs, so it's nice to see a bit of positivity and hope for a change.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis.

Lady Arsenal said...

round leather game?

kush said...

i agree with one of the anonymous comments up there...even i am of the view that most of the people are really underestimating us...i really believe we have a strong team and have a good chance to win the league PROVIDED we stay injury-free....i would have hesitated a bit in saying the same thing if ronaldo n tevez were still in utd but without them i think it is manutd who should be really worried and not arsenal.

gooner68 said...

total clap-trap, the arsenal board are loving wenger and wenger keeping us in the CL places just for the money it rakes in they aint worried about winning just so long as we are 4th thats ok by them,
id like to see what would happen if the CL reverted back to just the first two from each country would they be so willing to not buy the quality we need then??? somehow i dont thnk so

kush said...

and one more thing....more than the rival teams' supporters who talk crap about arsenal , i hate the "pretending" arsenal "supporters" who don't waste any time in posting something negative about the club..cant wait to see these pretenders reflect back at their views in embarrasment when the gunners start to own the league this season..i love this club and stand by it no matter what..arsenal 4 life!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice piece...although just a minor correction...we actually came 2nd in 2004/2005...not third !!!...BrianTheGooner in stevenage

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Never ever comment on blogs, but this article is spot on. I have so much faith in the players we have. Watching them, the reserves, the youth. The strength is there.

I think on our day, we can beat any team in the league. Yes we will lose games we should win, but that's life. I think that the biggest compliment teams pay to Arsenal is that they change the way the play against us!!! Man Utd put all the players that close down and hassle, Fletcher Tevez (last season and not Berbatov)Neville always comes in when fit. O'Shea comes in. Ji Sung PArk...the major work horse. Do Arsenal have to change their style to play anyone? Man Utd certainly do, other teams purposly rough us up. The only team who i believe wouldn't try and rough us up and try and beat us at football, is someone like Barcelona, because they have talented players. Again though, we can beat them as well! Any team that plays football against us, i belive we will always have the best chance.

We are talented. We are technically brilliant. Just enjoy the football and hope we win against these teams that try and intimidate us. I for one, would not want to watch Chelsea when they won back to back titles. The won yes, history will remember the winners. Watching Arsenal though, football is the winner.

abiola89 said...

@Prashant Gandhi
i agree with everything u said except putting pressure on Gibbs. Gibbs is better or even much better than Traore.


gooner68 said...

no club has a divine right to win silverware granted,but i have been an arsenal fan for 40 years and will be for another 40 if i live that long but what sticks in my throat is this so called vision of wengers and the board happy to just sit there and keep the money flowing in while wenger trys to get it right WELL SORRY HE HASNT GOT IT RIGHT AND IT DONT LOOK LIKE HES GONA GET IT RIGHT. this team isnt that far from being a force id say 2 3 quality signings and it could be winning again and thats what pisses me off 40mil in the bank that could get those players and what happens nothing nada zilt and if wenger does go in the market its gona be end of season left overs AGAIN.
nope sorry YOU guys need too open your eyes, im not happy fighting for 4th i want us to be fighting for silverware we are the ARSENAL for ffffssssss

perrygrovesworld said...

Arsene still knows... good blog

Renan said...

For those people who want Arsene to get sacked need to get their mouths shut ! Even if you're a Gooner since you were 5 you don't even know what's happening at the club right ? Media talks about shit. Don't even believe anything that comes out from the media until it is posted on the Arsenal OFFICIAL site.

Wenger has spent almost 13 years at this club. He knows what to do, he creates legends, he's a fantastic coach under the limited funds we have. He could have taken a seat as Madrid's coach to get more money but he didn't. He loves this club and all the supporters.

Anonymous said...

it's nothing to do with masses of money. everyone knows wenger needs another cb and dm, but he simply refuses to buy them. arsenal probably will finish fourth, but why not challenge for the title when you have the money to buy the couple of players requried to do it. it's almost as if Wenger is frightened to do it in case it reflects badly on him if it fails. he prefers to be the underdog, suits him better. problem is, he's failing now - Arsenal really should be challenging for the top spot, not fourth place. if they could at least challenge fans would be less angry about not winning something, but they're angry that every season they know before it starts they have no chance.

Anonymous said...

Lady arsenal they were some very un-lady like comments!

Ositos Malos said...

Thanks for this post it's a great relief to see that all is not forgotten in this new hectic blog world of football where only the day to day news and gossip seems to bring in new clicks.

Good luck to our beloved gunners

Anonymous said...

Great post once again, and like you said "Arsene knows" i just hope we kick some ass this season and stay injure free!!

Lady Arsenal said...

I apologise. Those words were meant for embellishment. call it poetic licence.

Anonymous said...

You will be surprised that US foreigners that Lady Arsenal feels should not support Arsenal pass similar comments to the majority of English Arsenal supporters. And if indeed it were true that Arsenal was a team in support of racism as Lady Arsenal probably is, it would not be the great club it is. I am positive Lady Arsenal puts many lady Arsenal supporters to shame

kush said...

gooner68's the man!!...agree completely with him!!screw 4th , we're bull-dozing this season...spend those 40 m arsene!!

Lady Arsenal said...

Mr. Anonymous,

If you lived in England you would have experienced sufficient banter to have learnt that defending your team is what real supporters do.

It's not about what you think. It's about biased love.

Most of the comments assume a self-important fallacy that what you think matters. As if you had the answers and our stupid manager needed you to enlighten him.

English football is something you could never understand. It is more than just an interest to pass comment on. YOU LIVE FOR YOUR TEAM. and if you can't stick up for your team when everyone else is putting them down, then please fuck off.

And again, teams are always referred to in the plural, e.g. Arsenal ARE not in your blood.

Anonymous said...

Lady Arsenal so should we get rid of all our non-English players and erase all the non-English legends we have had and oh yeah Wenger.Your ignorance is quite funny seeing how football is a man's game and not for the females, stay at home and do some knitting, maybe you could knit a woolly swastika you racist cow, I doubt if your bloodline is pure

kush said...

@lady arsenal

"It's not about what you think. It's about biased love."

that's so true.and even though i'm not english , i see the point you're're spot on.i hate it when i see these dignity-lacking pretenders criticizing the team thinking they're making a practical point.if the team wins , they love it but the moment any hurdle comes , no time is wasted in attacking the team they pretend to support.if you want to be a real supporter , then you have to become a bad loser and always defend your team whether it's making sense or not.i repeat , bad loser = genuine supporter.

Anonymous said...

to Lady Arsenal:

Though I understand you feel more of an Arsenal fan because you live in England, you should not be so quick to judge overseas Arsenal Supporters. Myself and my brother have followed this great club for the best part of 20 years, always with positivism and love. And though you may claim to be superior because you pay 'season tickets' imagine living abroad and feeling the same pain you do but not being able to help your team... You have to settle for buying the team's shirt every year and spending your savings 3 or 4 times a year so you may watch your team live. While you have the luxury of watching our great team every week, we have to save up for plane tickets, hotels, AND match tickets, just to get a glimpse, and when we are there we sing our hearts out. So dont tell me about arsenal love as if you are superior to me. Just because you were born closer to the stadium does not mean you are a better fan. I have NEVER slated my team and I would NEVER boo my own players like so many 'great' local fans do week in week out. So until you save up 4 months worth of money, just to fly to England, go to Wembley, and watch your team lose in the FA Cup semi because of a shitty pitch, I suggest you keep your mouth shut about the love some overseas fans have for this club. I would gladly challenge you to an 'Arsenal Knowledge Quiz' any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid bro. It's obvious this team needs one or two new faces in central defense and midfield.

Brett said...

@ Lady Arsenal:
I'm an American, and I've been a Gooner for 12 years now, and more passionate about the club than just about anything else in my life. Let me enlighten you as to what it takes to be a "non-english arsenal supporter." We get up to watch the match each weekend, either on television or at a pub such as the one my fellow gooners and I frequent, singing and shouting the entire match (and usually after). As we are 5 hours behind you, a noon kickoff in N5 is a 7am start here. We take days off of work for Champions league matches that start at 7pm on Tues. for you begin at 2pm for us. And all this is at a time when it's much easier to be an American Arsenal fan. For years after I began supporting the club in 1997, with the internet in its infancy, I would rely on crap newspaper reports and snippets found online, and would only get to see maybe one in four matches in their entirety at all, as one cable tv show would show highlights of all matches and one as a whole (luckily this was when it was just a Big Two of us and united). On top of all this, I drop absurd amounts of money each year on Arsenal gear that I don't need but must have, as well as on airfare and hotel to see a match when possible, with English Arsenal supporters who aren't nearly as closed-minded as yourself. I find it highly unlikely that you've sacrificed as much as I have, or most foreign Arsenal supporters do, for this club that we hold next our hearts.


AA23Step said...

I guess Lady Arsenal touched few nerves. I am one of those less than pure forenign supporters and can confirm that I am planning now for my February pilgrimage. I am part of a local supporters club, I pay dues for the privilege, I buy the annual sweater, I go to my favouriate pub, when I am in another city, I look for the local gathering spot and bring the sweater. The fact is, there are a lot of us and the most recent management hire is intended to develop more fans like me and the other middle earth people that have responded to your ridiculous characterizations. One of the reasons I have stuck with the Arsenal for the past 20 years is because of the fans I have met all over the world - passionate, knowledgeable, opinionated. Close minded people and recent corporate glitterati who get stuffed regularly in their boxes and free seats will whinge about no trophies but you won't find them in our ranks..

This is a good post because it is a reflection of the long term plan that has been unfolding for several years. We are close - if not this year then next year. Patience on our part, dedication and a bit of luck, we may all be surprised. Slagging the team and one of our truly legendary managers (will probably have a pub named after him on Holloway Road some day!) just isn't on anymore. I intend to heap abuse, throw tantrums and jump in ecstacy on Saturday when we give Everton a run. The future's bright.....

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are on top of thier game yes iam greedy for silverware but then what is silver ware it is put on a shelfe look at Mr Venger idiology it is beautiful look at our stars they truely play beautiful football its the way we play its the class of football he and our team that makes us proud he will spend when he spots a player and then they will glow as stars in the skay

St. Louis Gooner said...

I must admit I was one of the hand-wringers when Henry left, but the team actually looked better. I really thing if Eduardo had stayed healthy that year, we would have won the EPL. But if and buts were candy and nuts...
This team looks solid this year. we should all learn to have faith in the system and the club.
Gooner til I die!

cem said...


please shut up !!!!!!
Arsenal are a world brand name, thanks to Mr Wenger in particular.

Do you know how much I pay monthly to be able to watch the PL? To be able to watch Arsenal? Do you know how many shirts I have purchased?

What do you know?????

Anonymous said...

great post, and with the redesigning of the emirates happening soon i think we need some sort of memory of le boss himself

Anonymous said...

Pointless article. we will continue to be in the top 4 until we aren't. Its as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I am going to watch Wilshere in Groningen... I live there...

Anonymous said...

Wenger weas asnd cash ens 2005 nute hil not lose gain wit fer . you cee.

Anonymous said...

Good post but there is no point in trying to use logic and reason to explain to the new breed of football fan the facts. These people are eaisily brainwashed by SkySports or The Sun in to beliveing in whatever they want them to believe in. Keep up the good work though but I am afraid you might be pissing in the wind on this one.

Anonymous said...

Well said Gooner 68.
We moved grounds to compete with Man Utd and Chelsea etc.We get charged the highest ticket prices in Europe and for what? Fourth place? Wake up you mugs.
If im paying top money i want silver ware.Otherwise we should have stayed at Highbury.Simples.They cant have it both ways.Souless bowl,JCL fans,Red Action wankers.
Sack the Board.Were turning into property development company with greedy shareholders.
We want our Arsenal back.

Anonymous said...

I don't think fan loyalty is exclusive to a particular nationality or ethnicity.

Adek Fàbregas

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what Lady Arsenal is saying. How can any of you who live 100s or 1000s of miles away pretend to be Arsenal fans when you should be surporting your local team. You have no credibility with me or anyone else who is old school and really understands what football is really about. Being a REAL football fan means that you are in a tribe, a gang and a brotherhood. Your allegiance is to your club, FULL STOP.

You do not attack your team or your manager. You back them up until the end without question.

You attack your rivals and try to destroy them not your own team with your pathetic moaning and cowardly surrender before a *ucking ball has been kicked in anger.

All you wannabe chattering cock suckers who think it is ok to "have an opinion" or "I pay my money so I can boo if I want to" are wrong. When it comes to football -- notice I do not call it footy like most of you pricks do -- you do not have a negative opinion on your club and you do not boo your own players unless they betray the club like that *unt we offloaded to City did.

Being a real football fan means that you realise that there is a chain of command at your club and that you are not the chain.

You are the oil, you ride the bike but you do not cut the chain because you will go nowhere. A good example of this is up north with those morons who surport Newcastle. They believe they have some God given right to choose who runs their club. They are never happy unless they are moaning about someone and look where they are now because of their arrogance. The third biggest ground in the country is playing host to the second tier of football. Shame on them and on their false God Shearer.

So, surport your local team. Back whoever your board belives should pick the team and attack your rivals with venom and enjoy the new season you misereble gutless bastards. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Before anyone heap all the lavish praises on Wenger so-called "far-sightedness", think !!!. Wenger is the one who says football is an art and not a science. Citing Fergie's comments on Arsenal's title chances, Wenger plays down the spending = results game and reitirates his belief in the team. Does the Mr "know-all" Wenger knows that success depends on having the right foundation for the team ? When he first joined the club he was blessed with a solid back five. Years later, the back five was replaced by the "invicible" five, namely, Toure, Campbell, Vieira, Pires and Henry. Can any anyone tell me who forms the foundation of our team right now ? We are talking about someone who consistently bail us out when the going gets tough. Fabregas ? He failed miserably against Man Utd during the champions league. Van Persie ? Do you realize he did not score even once from free-kicks last season ? And I thought free-kicks was supposed to be his speciality. Denilson ? Don't make me laugh, Denilson only excels against the likes of Stokes, and all the newly promoted clubs. Please, somebody, who should be the foundation of our team ? I'm struggling to name even three.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

nice post. i think AW has done an excellent job with the tiny budget that he has over the past few years since we move to the Emirates. being able to stay in the top 4 by using kids will required a special manager with a huge vision and guts to turn an experience team into a learning team which manage to be in the semi final of the UCL.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME QUOTE anon 8.55, i bet lady arsenal was among THOSE GREAT LOCAL FANS booing their own players too!lol!
Its quite sad how two-faced arsenal fans r becoming.Some have even BLAMED THIERRY HENRY for arsenal not winning the Champs league?????and for the professor to be sacked??????

Anonymous said...

I think some of you need to look at what lady arsenal is saying. The past 10 or 15 years everything has changed. maybe you don't realise what football in england meant before that. And that applies to the arsenal board, managers and players too.

You honestly think that barcelona-born cesc fabregas has arsenal in his heart? or that the rest of them really give two shits about the club and our traditions? Name one arsenal player who supported the club as a boy. look at kolo. the guy handed in a transfer request in january. i mean, can you see donkey ever doing that? getting 'bored'?

But we'll be here long after the cescs and the wengers. we don't support arsenal because they play great football, because they win titles, or because of some cynical marketing director's global branding exercise. hell only a few years ago we played the worst football in the league.

You may think it's racist, stupid or irrational, but any football debate in england will at some point involve the question 'where were you brought up?' Because over here football is tribal. You support a team because you support your local community, or it's in your blood. Glory-seekers are the most hated things in english football.

When it comes down to it, the reasons you all support arsenal are the wrong ones. we might as well be rochdale or barnet, it wouldn't make any difference to you. Sure, right now, the football's great, but you must ask yourself, would you truly be an arsenal fan if we' spent the last 10 years in league 2?

So get behind your local teams. I guarantee they need your support, and i'm sure it'll be alot cheaper for you. Then you can really feel a part of something genuine. Then you could call yourself a real fan.

RayParlourJr said...

I can't believe that anyone is saying this is a good post. This blog consistently post amateur blogs with poor writing and off points. Kazeem mate, you can't write and don't know what you're talking about, except for the part about Wenger being the only irreplacable Arsenal star. Wiltord and Kanu? Since when were they big players for us, besides a few performances here and there. And Wenger doesn't hate spending bit, he does it to keep the current club structure in balance and make sure that Arsenal have a future where the fans are a big part of the club, rather than the club owing hundreds of millions to one man and his corporation. This blog needs to get a clue. Although it does come through with inside info on Eduardo better than anywhere online.

Anonymous said...

should have to add up one or two players in defence otherwise it's hard to be a serious contender in all four fronts..

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying I don't want anyone, Gooner or Liverpudian, to take this as a dig at Liverpool Football Club. I'm merely using them as an example.

In fact, if Arsenal don't win the Premiership title then I hope Liverpool do. I think there is an affinity between Arsenal and Liverpool supporters. We respect each other and have a bond, especially over the Ray Kennedy fund.

I didn't want to write this, because of my respect for Liverpool, but I felt I had too.

All summer long I've heard that Arsenal are on the wane and are the side most likely to be replaced in the so-called top four. I keep hearing that 2005 was the last time we won anything and that barren run is probably going to continue. This comes from the so-called experts of the media. I hate the media.

The media, more than a senile tape recorder, repeat the fact that the last time Arsenal won anything (2005) the dinosaurs were still in town. Sure, it feels that long ago but I never hear that the last time Liverpool won anything (2006) was in fact only a year later when cavemen took over the planet.

Not a major difference? So why is it that we only hear of Arsenal's trophy-less run?

Last summer it went into overdrive, this year it's even worse! We are being written off more than my old Fiesta and I can't deny it frustrates me. Badly.

If the last time Arsenal won the league was in 1990 I'm sure the media would be wanking. Why is that Arsenal are dug out? It is xenophobia? If that is the case then I'd say the media were hypocrites. They cream their knickers when watching Arsenal at full flight but can't wait to stick the knife in about the amount of foreign players we have.

As I've said, last summer we were dug out more than a fossil would be. It would have been three years since our last trophy. Liverpool are at that stage now but has it actually been mentioned? I'll eat my own pants if it has!

Now let me apologise for using Liverpool as an example. I really hope they have a great season. Of course not at the expense of Arsenal! As I've said if Arsenal don't win the league, I hope Liverpool do.

But this is a perfect of example of the media using Arsenal to get headlines and it pisses me right off. I hope we smash the fucking league and that Arsene Wenger sticks his fingers up the hypocritical wankers.

RayParlourJr said...

You're dead on about that Liverpool business mate. But I think that the media and the people alike, knock Arsenal so much because we're the neutrals preferred team to watch. We have all the ingredients and have had trouble making it work. We spend little money and are still owned by the shareholders board. We represent what people love about the sport, how beautiful it can be and when we don't deliver it hurts. That's not to justify them, they should get it together and worry about their own teams.

David Okoro said...

The opinions expressed are not unsound.My grouse about the article is the rather careless manner in which the writer made use of the English language. its like he was thinking in his native language and transliterating into English.

Anonymous said...

Sure. You are right on! Only if you wish to be "amongst" the top teams and not necessarily win titles. When was the last time Arsenal won any title? If your ambition is to stay in the top four, then there is no problem. But don't you want more than that? Won't you be sad to see your team not winning any title yet another year?
I have a friend of mine who says he loves Arsenal for the dazzling football and does not really care about the end result. Sure, y not? As long as he does not whine at the end of the game when Arsenal loses, its fine. But the problem is he does whine. And that's what everyone does. Its just too hard to ignore the end results though the journey has been great.

Anonymous said...

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