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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Song is the new Vieira?

By 1970’s Gooner

Enough will be said about the demolition of Everton and the amazing six goals scored. All the players played a blinder today inclusive of Vermaelen who had a dream debut for Arsenal.

Bendtner and Denilson were exceptional to my mind but I just feel the need to highlight the world class performance that Alexandre Song put in today.

He was everywhere, tackling in front of the defence and protecting his back four, breaking up Everton’s attacks as soon as they started to develop and he distributed the ball forward with accuracy.

He was immense.

He is not Vieira in his physique but he was Vieira in his effectiveness and style of play today.

This is why Wenger decided not to buy another defensive midfielder.


Anonymous said...

Wenger hasn't decided anything. We played 1 game, great as it was, it was only ONE game. Song I think is great, but he is off to the ANC in January. I'm still very much hoping for a DM and CB, just for depth. If 07-08 taught us anything, we have a fantastic first 11 to match the best of them, but injuries always derail or momentum. Please buy Wenger, please.

Anonymous said...

really happy that song's finally getting recognised as a quality dm.
the only concearn would b during the ACN in januarry, then again arsene could b waiting 2 give JET a chance, or is matuidi on his way?

VanDaManPersie said...

I totally agree with you. Song seems to have picked up from where he left last season.

I hope he only gets better, but we still need an older and more experienced DM for Song to learn from. He needs the competition to keep him on his toes and that would make him a better player

Unknown said...

Yes,,, Alex was outstanding! Man of the match today amongst several fantastic performers

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Song is a class act... and he's still gona improve

Booker said...

Let's see three more games, I think Song has the potential but he needs to improve his passing skill as I think players receiving his ball feel uncomfortable. But, I have faith in Arsene's boys.

Anonymous said...

why do u fans always get carry away remember we played with two DM he is no new Viera.

block19row13 said...

yes i have to agree. song was great. but, vermailen (however it is spelt) was motm for me. he threw himself at everything. for those of you that listen to the arseblogger arsecast, you have to agree, the man just enjoys defending. not because he has to, because he wants to and loves to. keep it up vermailen, you have won alot of fans today.

Anonymous said...

Yes Song was very good today but the new Vieira he is not. Im a big fan of Song but he's completely different to vieira in his style of play. Vieira was very much a box to box player who was fantastic in the final third. Where as Song does most of his work further back, breaking up play and slotting between the centrebacks when we're under pressure.

Kay said...

Anonymous: Well when Petit and Vieira played together it was 2 DMs also.

Davi said...

If you are still bashing song you're nuts. Theres a new standard for our players now. They expect them to play an entire match and not make any mistakes. Even in his best matches arshavin messes up a number of moves over the course of the game, doesnt mean he isnt class.
Vieira used to make plenty of mistakes too.
Song adds the physical presence we've been missing.
A number of good performances today, one who may escape attention for me was bendtner. He encapsulated that team spirit and work ethic you eluded to in the article. Hes starting to remind me of Kuyt (imo one of the most important and underrated players in the premiership)

Davi said...

Sorry "eluded to in the article" is wrong

Anonymous said...

And Song will be off to the ACN in January. So a new DM is still required.

Marko said...

I think Song has been performing brilliantly since mid last season. His strength and tenacity is exceptional and his range of passing is getting better and better. He's slowly turning into a world beater. But in saying that he will still be leaving for the ACN and he will be missed but thats why I'm sure Wenger will bring in another midfielder before the window closes. Might be Matuidi, Toulalan or Inler, a player like that.

Anonymous said...

Sond was very effective today, lets hope he continues as he has started, but we still need to sign another DM, especially with the ACN coming up in Jan. With the addition of a DM and a CB we're sorted, add Chamake to the mix and we jusy might be able to complete on all fronts.

Anonymous said...

In my view it's an insult to describe Vieira as a 'defensive midfield player', and suggests that you have a very limited understanding of the game.

Vieira was a complete midfield player, who could defend and attack with equal effectiveness.

Song isn't the new Vieira, but he is a very competent central midfield player who's also good enough to do a job at centre half, when required.

He doesn't need an 'experienced partner to learn from'. He just needs to be given the opportunity to play as often as possible.

We don't yet know if Song will be missing in January 2010, as Cameroon haven't qualified for the African Cup of Nations yet, and there's no guarantee that they will do. We'll have to wait and see.

Arsenal do, however, require another central midfield player, simply to provide depth and cover for when either Song, Denilson & Diaby are not available, for whatever reason.

We could also still do with buying another quality centre half, again to provide depth and cover for when Gallas, Vermaelen, Song & Djourou are not available, for whatever reason.

I was impressed with vermaelen today, he was calm under pressure, won a high percentage of balls in the air, was strong in the tackle, and distributes the ball well.

We looked solid defensively today, and I can't remember the last time I could say that about our team.

Anonymous said...

Great performance today although this might make wenger not dip in the transfer window in which i belive if we add another 2 players were set to take this year by storm if we have good luck with injuries. Now on to song he had a great game but just look who he was playin beside, DENILSON. If it was a 442 i doubt he would of have performed the same way as he would have to pickup fabregas' defensive duties because our capitano is too attacking which means song has to take some of fabregas' defensive duties aswell but today he shared the load with denilson which gave fabregas the free role to cause havoc. The formation being implemented is the same formation which worked wonders for the u18s
but it all depends on the forwards firing all cylinders.

good formation 2day
sagna willy Verminator clichy
Bendtner arshavin
van persie

Anonymous said...

I think we will buy only after the Celtic matches.

It was a great match and we were without Wilshere and Rosicky. I am not too worried by the departure of Song to the ACN, we can replace him. Our midfielders are based on work ethic and quick movement and we have people here to compensate.

We still need one defender i think as we have only a couple who are world class. We also need an attac minded player more, one who will play on the wings.

Anonymous said...

Song is NO VIERA. His style is more of a new EMERSON - the brazilian. He is like a puma.

Anonymous said...

I had thought of the song-vieira comparison a bit last season. They have different characteristics for sure, but song is doing that job, hustling opponents. He really cant accept not being able to get the ball so he does foul a bit more than is necessary. A bit vieira-like.
Song has a better passing range, whereas vieira had insanely good close control. Song isnt bad in that department either tho.
Well i think the song and denilson provide a solid platform, as we proved today so fabregas and the forwards could express themselves. Saying that the forwards did work hard defensively as well.

Edd said...

Well, we did great today. No doubt.
We will get Nasri, Diaby, Djorou and Rosicky
back in a month or so and we also got Whilsere.
We have depth and we have great quality.
But, the season is long and the games are many
so a few more bodies wouldn't hurt us.
Another DM/CB should do the trick and Toulalan
would certainly be a world class recruit.

Anonymous said...

Song is not vieira, but when he plays this well he doesn't need to be. He is just alex song, great player in his own right - he has shown this since mid last season. Anyone still harping back to flamini's one good season can now shut up.

Great game and most of the team played brilliantly. One minor issue is Van persie, still trying free kicks - when was his last successful free kick? Also not great as a lone striker. he has his uses and the assist for fabregas showed that, but honestly think we can do better in this position.

Bendner was great until he burnt out. Central defence good, but need to concentrate at set pieces. Alex Song was useful as cover in set pieces.

Good day!

gazzap said...

agree with the article and song could be the most important player for us this season. we need that power and strength in the middle.
But he will be off for 6 weeks and there is no other player in the squad that offers that. the youth team has some coming through but they are simply too young. wenger must still buy.
Every single one of our fit first team players played today. that shows how small our squad is.
Only players like Gibbs and Merida (subs) didn't get on the pitch. a couple more injuries and we could be in trouble.

Spike said...

Song was abso-effin-lutely blinding today! was at the game, he and Vermeallen were fantastic. Song has blosomed so much it is scary! Maybe Wenger knows what the fuck he is doing after all ey?

And I think Vermeallen has shown he can win those aerial battles and loks like he likes a scrap and a blood and thunder tackle too!

Not getting carried away, but this is a stunning start and a real 2 fingered salute to the doomers and media twats who have written us off!

Jack Wilshere's Left Foot said...

The new 4-3-3 formation incorporates a holding midfielder, song, an attacking midfieler, Cesc, and a box to box player, Denilson. Denilson was a star for me today. He has so much energy and keeps things ticking. Nasri will also likely play a part in this role when fit. The ACN is a huge problem. Not only is it the 6 weeks Song will be away, but the weeks it will take for him to settle back into the side. Last time not only did we lose Toure for 6 weeks, we lost him for good as he never settled back into the side.

Maybe Denilson and Nasri can work together then. Rather that than the woeful Diaby.

Anonymous said...

hello gooners lets not carried away.. yes song was on song, but he is not yet at the level of the legend (Vieira). Vieira would lift Arsenal alone when everyone was down.

Anonymous said...

hello gooners lets not carried away.. yes song was on song, but he is not yet at the level of the legend (Vieira). Vieira would lift Arsenal alone when everyone was down.

Anonymous said...

Wenger will buy if we get past Celtic. Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

I can't see him buying another midfielder, Ramsey will be cover/ competition for Song

Anonymous said...

One player will do all the jobs for us. Veloso is the answer:-

He is a Defensive midfielder cum Central Defender.

Stefan Vasilev said...

Song did well.
Year of hard work and trust in him have began to pay off already.

I think Arsenal can also benefit from the use of Abou Diaby as a holding midfielder. He is imposing and would do a perfect job on that position. Wenger uses him on the wings because there he can easily outplay the tiny full backs, and can create chances for his team.
Arsenal are not as bad as people think they are. I think they proved it yesterday.

winee.chun said...

Please, no player comparisons, Song is and will be his own player. Why put him in a shadow of a past great and placing such expectations on him? Give him the space to grow, if anything, he may turn out to be even BETTER than pat4. Unimaginable yes, but possible yes too.

Frichie said...

I dont know if you realise this but we dont play with a dedicated DM, Fab, Den and Song all chip in with the defensive bit. I can see an understanding develop between denilson and song, that when one pushes up to support and attack the other drops back...but no single player is forced to stay back. Even cesc dropped back at times to cover. I think all 3 midfielders can do the job, and thats what Wenger likes in his players...players that can rotate all the time, react to any situation. The same way you see Rvp, Bendtner and Arsh moving around all the time in the final 3rd.

I have always liked song from the start, and it is certainly the case that if he can play regularly he will only get better. He is a powerful african and doesnt get pushed around, his timing in the tackle has also improved a lot.

Even if we lose Song and Eboue for 6 weeks...we have Diaby, Ramsey, Merida, Rosicky, Nasri who can all slot into midfield as required. If we can keep the squad fit we going to go far!!!

Anonymous said...

Song is Song, Viera is Viera. Stop bloody comparing all the time. Viera was great but he belongs to the past.
Live the present.

Anonymous said...

Verminator LOL

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Performance by song .
We still lack one center half who could also play as a right back so that he can be a backup for sagna as well as back up for central defenders........

Captain Flak said...

Great to see Song getting the praise he deserves. From the safety 1st short passing game he started with, he now always seeks the forward pass, and his reading of the match has improved markedly. This guy to my mind is the new Clarence Seedorf. Let's hope wins as many medals!!

Anonymous said...

Ave to agree, my man of the match. Simply had an outstanding game.

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