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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Arshavin reveals Gallas’s eccentricity on the team bus

By Aries

Andrei Arshavin has played down Arsenal’s resounding victory over Wolves stating on his site that class showed in the end:

“I believe that today we can not say that Arsenal had a remarkable game. It’s just that the class of players in our team is much higher.

“We took advantage of those moments that we created on the counterattack. These attacks ended up as goals. In the second half we calmly brought the game to a victorious close”

He also revealed that the Arsenal players are always having a laugh when on the move but not at Gallas’s expense as he tends to sit alone on the team bus!

“William, our number ten- no one is allowed to sit next to him” he said

We wonder why.


Anonymous said...

Fanner said... when Fabregas scored the first goal against AZ in the CL last wednesday, we all saw Fabregas was telling someone off and that was Gallas. We do not know what was the issue but I suspect Gallas was not happy that Fabregas took a shot instead of passing the ball back to him. Gallas is the most senior player on the pitch and I think at times he is trying to boss around and that is why somehow, he couldn't quite get along with most of his teammates.

Anonymous said...

Fabregas was arguing with the Alkmaar defender Da Silva, good eyesight Fanner!

Unknown said...

Gallas has showed he is a lone wolf as well as a true professional. As long as he's doing the right thing on the pitch and everyone respects that, I don't have a problem.

Anonymous said...

fanny, you should by now know what our black players look like

Randy Osae said...

Guys, (forget fanner) don't even fall for this article's theme in the first place.

Arshavin's quote is from his official site which is translated from deep Russian to raw English text.

I found that information myself yesterday, but it was unclear what the subject was to which Arshavin made that Gallas claim.

It's hard to understand the question the interviewer asked him anyway, so chances are we are far off drawing any conclusions.

And from what has been so obvious this season, Gallas has been anything but an outcast character among the team.


Anonymous said...

SV: After having read the original interview on the Arshavin's webpage, I would not be happy with the translation. I would rather translate: -What is this laugh about in the bus now? -William, our number 10, is not allowing anyone to sit with him. (end of quote). I do not think you can speculate to much from it.

Anonymous said...

SV: After having read the original interview on the Arshavin's webpage, I would not be happy with the translation. I would rather translate: -What is this laugh about in the bus now? -William, our number 10, is not allowing anyone to sit with him. (end of quote). I do not think you can speculate to much from it.

King_Kolo said...

yeah Gallas has been class this season. He's happy and celebrating with everybody else. He's just not one to show to much emotions like some of the others. He and Tommy V are pretty serious which is why they connect so well maybe. Fanner is just stupid, forget her I mean him. Gallas might sit alone for other reasons not because he dislikes the team or anything.

Anonymous said...

i think maybe no one sitting next to gallas comes from respecting his age nothing else

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is having some fun

good for him :-)

abid said...

"i think maybe no one sitting next to gallas comes from respecting his age nothing else"

haha you make him sound like an ancient...

Anonymous said...

Probably Gallas needs some quiet moment to maintain his focus prior a match. No big deal...

Anonymous said...

Since everyone in the coach was laughing, and Arshav23 says no1 was allowed 2 sit next to Gallas, could it be that Gallas farted in the bus and made every1 laugh & not want to sit close to him....
Pls leave Gallas alone He's been amazing since d start of this campaign

Anup said...

are u being paid by chelsea???? why are causing instability around the team by misquoting arshavin....

Anonymous said...


gallas is a leader. by being different and serious maybe it reflects on the pitch. after all arsenal are after major honours. maybe when fabrigas and van p and arshavin are having a laugh they can take a look at a model pro the most senior player and it rubs off.
if we had no serious players on the side we would be no better than spuds or westham.
so to be sitting alone and being serious before or after games is not a bad thing. it shows where the team is and where it wants to go.
at spuds or wstham they will have a laugh and wake up drunk somwhere

Anonymous said...

gallas is one of the most respected and jovial team members.. just watch the nike crossbar challege and you will get an idea..

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the first post, fanner or whatever your name is!

"when Fabregas scored the first goal against AZ in the CL last wednesday, we all saw Fabregas was telling someone off and that was Gallas".

What you on about, weirdo!!!? It seems you were the only one who 'saw' it.. No one else did, and even if you did, at least /ask around and know who cesc was really having a go at. Yup cesc had a go at him and then celebrated with gallas straight afterwards all right! Crazy fellow!
People like this irritate the hell out of me, when you clearly have the wrong info, dont say it so confidently as it makes you sound stupid.

And to those who think he thinks the post is causing instability, how exactly is it causing instability?!

Anonymous said...

From - hes official website:
In the beginning of the second half, you were discussing something hilarious with Cesc.
A.A: I do not remember what we were joking about. And what are you laughing about now in the bus?
A.A: William, our "ten" doesn’t allow anyone to sit next to him:)

HighburyJD said...

Billy fell out with Nasri about sitting in Henry's seat on the France team bus

Anonymous said...

Jesus what's wrong with people? We know Gallas in an emotional man who takes his football very seriously. Obviously Arshavin is making light of the fact that William likes to prepare for games on his own. Some sportsmen like to gather their thoughts and be on their own, whilst others like to calm their nerves by chatting and joking around.

Anonymous said...

i sat next to gallas on a train in paris 2 years ago and he has pretty bad B O this maybe the case on the team bus or maybe everyone sits on there own as it is a pretty big bus with plenty of seats to spare

Anonymous said...

It's normal. When you get on a bus, everybody takes a seat and doesn't sit next to anyone until the bus starts filling up and then people are forced to start sitting next to one another.

Since Gallas is a senior player, he should be able to take two seats if he wants.

Anonymous said...

I think its true that gallas gets a lil bossy at times, because he wants to take the advantage of him being the most experience and eldest player in the team

Anonymous said...

If you really fancy a giggle then have a read of Stan Collymore’s column in the Mirror. Now I would never claim to be the brains of Britain but this fella takes the biscuit.

He changes his mind more than I change my socks. And I do that at least four times a week.

Every week I look forward to reading his column because he makes me laugh. The problem for Stan is that his weekly ramblings are not meant to be funny.

He loves to have a pop. Especially at Arsenal. Around a month ago Collymore said the top four are all poorer than they were this time last year and that the halo of invincibility which has surrounded the four teams in recent years is certainly over.

So what you say?

Well in the same article Stan Collymore wrote about the top fours failings and he said of Arsenal; Arsenal for their part have lost Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester City and I can guarantee Arsenal will be looking over their shoulders.

Looking over their shoulders at the emergence of Manchester City I presume.

Fast forward a month and Stan the man has changed his mind about Kolo Toure. Now instead of City being stronger and Arsenal being weaker, and these are Stan’s own words, Manchester City have paid ridiculously over the odds for Toure and that he is simply not up to the job.

So what is it then Stan?

Are Arsenal weaker without Toure and Manchester City stronger with him? Or are Manchester City weaker with Kolo?

I’m sure he will change his mind next week and maybe he should think before he writes his articles in a national newspaper because people like myself read the little digs about Arsenal and remember them.

I suggest Collymore goes back to the woods and cracks on with dogging because thats all he appears to excel at. Oh wait, he got caught doing that too.

Anonymous said...

All too well I remember the result at home against Spurs last year, the gifting of two points to Villa around Christmas, the constant fear (and occasional reminders) that a two-goal lead is not enough. When we went two up against West Ham and collectively took our feet off the gas a little bit I considered the dropping of points inevitable. For the four days between AZ Alkmaar and Wolves I was a bundle of nerves, acutely aware of the fact that three points at Molineux was vital if we were to gain ground on United or Chelsea, and simultaneously terrified of complacency.

As Fabregas slotted in the third after a simply beautiful piece of linking from RVP, my first thought was fear that we would see the job as done, and come out in the second half and start making silly mistakes. I hate to tempt fate by saying that the lesson of West Ham has been learned, but on Saturday there was never the hint of a clue of a way back into the game for Wolves, and this is how it should be. Away games at such venues, as has been said, are where the title may be won or lost, and to see us winning so convincingly makes all the nerves worth it.

On to my main gripe however, and related to my condition as a particularly nervous fan. The dreaded international break. These seem designed to be played at the least convenient times for Arsenal, and always seem to occur just as we are on a run of great form. The prospect of injuries to key players (many playing in meaningless friendlies) is a worry enough, but these breaks also serve to disrupt our flow.

An away trip to Sunderland is a tricky enough fixture, but having two weeks to consider it beforehand only makes it trickier, in my opinion. What a team on form wants after a convincing away win is to get straight back into another game, not to fanny around in Qatar or wherever for a week and then get round to preparation. My nerves, too, will suffer over the next two weeks, as, again, Sunderland away is the kind of fixture title bids can be built on, and we really, really want a result going into the Chelsea match on the 29th.

Oh God, why did I remind myself about the Chelsea match?

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Fanner said... when Fabregas scored the first goal against AZ in the CL last wednesday, we all saw Fabregas was telling someone off and that was Gallas. We do not know what was the issue but I suspect Gallas was not happy that Fabregas took a shot instead of passing the ball back

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