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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wenger’s three options for replacing van Persie

By 1970’s Gooner

After Bendtner’s groin injury was announced I was beginning to worry as to what would have happened had van Persie suffered an injury himself! He is prone to do that I was thinking….

In his absence I would not have hesitated to blow young Bendtner’s trumpet. He has improved in leaps and bounds this season and would have been ideal to take over from van Persie and show what he can do.

Alas we are now ‘scraping the barrel’ to find a suitable replacement. And there are three available players within the current squad that could try and fill in until one of these two players returns.

1. Arshavin

He is I think capable of assuming the front player role. Arsenal has not really been playing with a target man this season in the same sense as when dozy Adebayor was around.

Van Persie was rather a skillful player who linked well with his fellow attackers and midfielders in a side that has continuous movement with players interchanging positions.

In this way the little Russian demon is quite capable of being very effective in this role. He did play for the last10 minutes in this position against Standard Liege in the away Champions League game and did not look out of place troubling the defenders with his trickery and pace.

2. Eduardo

Arsene Wenger may however opt to play with Eduardo up front.

He is back to fitness after a few minor injuries this season and was selected ahead of Bendtner to lead the line in the defeat of Liverpool in the League Cup.

He didn’t impress me that much during that game as he is more of a fox in the box rather than a front man.

Wenger, however, may feel that he needs Arshavin’s pace on the wing rather than in the middle and he could therefore decide to try Eduardo.

3. Walcott

I consider this option as the least likely.

Theo is only just now returning back from injury and he has not really played in this position for Arsenal since his arrival from Southampton a few years ago.

I saw him play there for the U21s a few months ago and he did not impress.

Walcott’s return to fitness however will be a boost for Arsenal as with the absence of Bendnter and the deployment of either Arshavin or Eduardo in the middle we will need all the pacy wingers we can get.

Nasri and Rosicky are not really blessed with pace and Vela who is will need time to get back to match fitness.


Anonymous said...

4) Recall Jay Simpson

5) Carlos Vela

6) Sign a player in Jan

CHoblington said...

This may sound ridiculous but what about Diaby? He used to play striker when he was younger apparently and he has all the attributes to be a target man - big, strong, fast, can finish and has good feet.

Anonymous said...

fuk. suddenly we were a 1 man team. player injured. get on with it

Anonymous said...

Diaby... not as incredulous as it sounds and could happen in a crisis. I doubt Wenger would opt for him ahead of Arshavin and Eduardo, who between them are probably our best finishers. Either way, we have the luxury of picking any three from Nasri, Eduardo, Rosicky, Walcott, Arshavin, Vela and even Eboue to make our front 3.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with (6)Sign a player in Jan , its a long term injury .

Anonymous said...

sign villa......

Anonymous said...

sign villa.....

Anonymous said...

we have giles sunu, he is quick and has got an eye for goal.

Unknown said...

Signing Villa, is a no hoper- the guy is way to expensive for us.
1. Arsha
2. Eduardo
3. Maaaybe sign a new player-i dont feel it's urgent the time january transfers come RvP shud be fit.

I dont think we shud put Diaby up front coz we cud use him for pace on the left wing also can use his strength in the centre.

Anonymous said...

we also have Ben Afobe, Roarie Deacon, Luke Freeman, Rhys Murphy, Jay Simpson & Giles Sunu in reserve team waiting to make a name for them selfs. We may get a surprise call up

Unknown said...

Wow, Diaby may sound crazy at face value, but it's actually not a bad idea. He always has a good eye for goal and can score with both feet. And by playing him up front, he's relieved of his defensive duty which helps the team... but nah, won't happen. My preferred option is Arshavin.

Anonymous said...

Diaby the one with no touch as our striker? I think that the striker problem is less of a 'problem' then people think. The front three are often swapping around comfortably. Arshavin should move into striker with Eduardo coming into the vacant position. I honestly believe that Arshavin could do the job just as well as Van Persie, it's about whether or not Eduardo contributes as many goals/assists as Arshavin.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be will turn out to be the biggest blessing from a disapointment.

.9 calibre said...

Your analysis is good wrt arshavin and eduardo. But it wouldnt be wise to play any of them upfront. Arshavin is more of a creative player who would not deliver as an out and out striker. He has the body balance to be up there but its better to deploy him in the flanks or as attacking mid. it'll complement his creativity better. regarding eduardo, like u said he is a "fox in the box"... not much body balance to hold off the centre halves.. he cannot deliver upfront in the 4-3-3.. 4-4-2 yes he can as he can always use his stealth and complement the other "big" guy.. so the logical thing Le boss must do is to bring Watt and Barazite into the first team and give them a start..

Anonymous said...

it's only for 4-6 weeks apparently. that's still a terrib;e shame for him and for us, but it seems silly to sign a striker in january if rvp is fit.

eduardo is the clear choice. he's not been his sharpest yet this season because he hasn't had a run of games up front. give him 3 cnsecutive starts down the middle and watch him score.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin Centre foward.
Theo Right foward.
Nasri Left foward.
Rocisky left mid
Song-Diaby cener mid
Cecs Right mid.

I dont see a problem with that. Eduardo wont work without RVP, he has no pace and just sits in the box.

Anonymous said...

Would not be suprised if we moved to a 4-4-2 system for a little time, if the 4-3-3 does not work without RvP.

Eduardo and Arshavin up front with Fab and Song in the middle with Nasri/Rosicky/Walcott on the wings.

Anonymous said...

I would probably say wenger might go with Diaby, because firstly he is tall to play as a target man. Secondly, since he likes to attack so much, he can play as an attacker. Since he dont really know how to defend then he can play as an attacker. Since he does not know where to run, then by playing as an attacker, he only needs to run up. Furthermore, he likes to shoot (shooting is not bad), and he likes to dribble, and these are attributes of an attacker.

Diaby has practically played left right centre mid, defensive mid, second striker. Might as well just throw him in as a striker, maybe that is his real position.

Anonymous said...

Has to be Vela. Speed, skill and the touch of a God. Might be a good time to see if he can handle leading the line on the big stage.

Anonymous said...

Scraping the barrel?! I hardly think that players of the quality of Eduardo, Vela, Arshavin et al are of the scraping the barrel variety.

Moreover, Walcott does not currently have the skills set to do an effective job as our main centre forward.

He might acquire such skills in time, but right now he's simply not good enough to play that role...we might as well be starting games with ten men, as Walcott cannot hold the ball up nor play with his back to goal and link the play from a centre forward position.

Eduardo and Vela are my choices to take up that role in the absence of Van Persie and Bendtner.

Anonymous said...

What about Sanchez Watt?

Anonymous said...

Bendtner should not be playing in an Arsenal shirt. Far more lazy than Adebayor ever was and with a much worse eye for goal, a 2nd string carling cup player at best and even then i'd think twice about playing him.

Best option is to play with Eduardo. He is a goal scorer especially with the creative talent making the magic from midfield. Great thing about Eduardo is that he can do it all. Beat the offside trap, creative space for midfield runs, hold up the ball, come wide and most importantly, put the ball in the net, something which Bendtner, Walcott, Vela cannot do. Arshavin up front would be a criminal waste for a man who should see as much of the ball as possible!

TA6 said...

back to 4-4-2
Arshavin & Eduardo up front.
Nasri & Rosicky on the wings, with Vela, Theo, Wilshire & Eboue in reserve.
Cesc & Song in the middle with Ramsey & Diaby in reserve, and our now easy to pick back four.
Now that's strength in depth!

TA6 said...

"Bendtner's more lazy than Adethewhore" that's some good shit you be smoking.
Diaby shouldn't be anywhere near the first team, let alone out of position.

Anonymous said...

mr anonymous
have you ever seen nic play, he has more of a football brain than adyshitbag's got works hard for the team out of his pos i.e left side adyshithouse would never done that he's much more interested in himself

Anonymous said...

when a team is playing well (and scoring sh*t loads of goals) and one player is taken out, all you do is replace that player, as like for like as you can. you dont change the entire formation, move midfielders into strikers roles, panic and bark at the manager to buy someone.
this is quite simple (we have had 17 different goalscorers this season lads) all he will do is replace RVP with eduardo and everything else will stay the same. This will work against sunderland and we will win; it will then work against standard leige at home, leaving eduardo fully fit, with a hatfullof goals behind him going into the chelsea game.

keep the faith brothers

Anonymous said...

we can sign Dembele from Az
i'm being very impress with him

Anonymous said...

Diaby is out as well.

I think it is time to play Senderos up front if we want a big player up top.

That or one of the keepers.

Anonymous said...

theo? no way...

TJA said...

injured 4 six weeks people that does not take us up2 jan so stop talking about signing players, we use the squad we have ed is fit now bendtner, walcott and vela will be back b4 then so play on boys

Anonymous said...

Am surprised at the level of arguement pouring in.
We do not have crisis of who to play in RVP's role. It has an obvious solution...Eduardo or Carlos Vela in the absence of Bendtner.
It's a role Eduardo should fit perfectly into and with the supply line of Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky still flowing, there should not be any cause for concern. What we should pray against is further injuries to any of these key players mentioned above and with Theo returning and Vela, we shall remain as offensive as we have been lately.
Daiby is better is his midfield role.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin has NEVER played the lone striker in his entire career and its a ridiculous suggestion.

Eduardo will come in flanked by Arshavin and Nasri. Vela will be on the bench for those final 20mins when Eduardo has run himself out.

Anonymous said...

seriously, we are not in crisis here the way it has been shown around by the media, yes he is a big loss and we all know Wenger is gonna play Eduardo in the middle, and about Nasri dude he isn't slow, he is super quick

Anonymous said...

its easy we have the team there to still complete.
Sagna gallas verminator clichy(gibbs)
song ramesy
nasri arshavin walcott(eddie)

Van Persie a loss,but we have enought attacks

Anonymous said...

We don't have to change tactically, much. Certainly not change formation. But the creative players will need to play to Eduardo's strengths and this may take a brief period of adjustment but we have the players to do this - Cesc, Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky are all smart players. Two matches and several days training will help get us competitive for Chelsea.

RvP was playing great, but Edu is a killer like Torres and Drogba, in RvP's own words. In some ways Eduardo's killer instinct may net us more rather than less goals from the man leading the line, although not necessarily against Chelski. But even there I still fancy Edu's quick mind over Carvalho and Terry's aging legs, as long as the service to him is good (but this may suffer from Edu's lack of physical stature and hold up play, which stretches the game and creates space in the midfield to pick out killer passes). Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky just have to step it up a bit to help move the ball from defense to attack if Edu is too small to hold it up very effectively. They are small, too, but all three are better with the ball over 10-20 yards, especially against beasts like Essien and Ballack. Better than Cesc, too, tbh. What Ronaldo gave United wasn't just goals, it was the ability to pull defenses around by running with the ball. Arshavin and Nasri must do this, too.

Secondly, Sunderland won't know a thing about what to expect so how do they prepare? Standard I bet are already beaten psychologically. Too much inferiority complex there I'm sure. Against an Arsenal scoring at will?!

Anonymous said...

Hey! what's you guys debating about? and who mention DIABIA(diaby)? he is not surposed to be a footballer men, he should be conducting the emirate bus
Why worrying when you have a natural born goal puncher Eduado Da Silgoallllllllllllllll

Anonymous said...

‘scraping the barrel’?

Do you actually watch Arsenal play, yet you have the audacity to suggest that playing Eduardo an excellent link player with a high goal scoring ratio as 'scraping the barrel'?

I think I just scraped the barrel of Arsenal blogs by reading this ill-informed drivel.

bluemoon said...

RVP is no one to replace but the team will go on with numberus players. While RVP on the bench , he should retro to think about this incident that he always makes himself to injured ,not to blame Italy.I think he ought to change a little bit style to extend his football life like The Giggs of Man U ,30s' look smart ,he not always to run too much use the brain and a little bit moved but look a big moved and big played . To do a clever thing with soft touch ,not always use the power and strength. On the bench at this , please to see and think about your teammate prefer ( which prefer foot, a type of ball pathway to him) back to the basic of Holland football to be the Real Fantasista.

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