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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almunia, Clichy, Arshavin more guilty than others

By 1970’s Gooner

Once again Arsenal were found wanting when it came down to facing the big guns. First it was Chelsea at the Emirates with that 3-0 drubbing and now it is Manchester United with another three goals conceded.

This was a horrid performance where all Arsenal players were way below par.

Some much more than others.

Firstly Almunia let the team down again, as he did last season, letting in Ronaldo’s free kick at the near post in that home defeat in the Champions League.

He was not positioned right for Nani’s cross and had to back pedal to reach it but was unaware of his positioning and instead of tipping the ball over the bar he tipped in.

Amateur staff…

Then it was Clichy, again.

He was under a lot of pressure from Nani all afternoon just as he was against Young at Aston Villa.

He seems to need a lot more games to reach match fitness levels and United having seen his performance in Birmingham targeted him.

But Nasri is to blame as well, for he did not give the young full back enough cover all throughout the game. He was more often than not nowhere to be seen when defensive duties beckoned.

And when he did offer assistance it was of the token kind as evidenced by his wrong positioning next to Clichy rather than behind him allowing Nani to dance through them for his goal.

Amateur staff…

On the other side of the pitch Arshavin was just as guilty but of a different charge: Selfishness

Fabregas had put him in some advantageous positions during the first fifteen minutes and Arshavin did wriggle himself in on goal several times.

But when he needed to just be aware of his team mates in the box, where a short pass would have put them in on goal, he opted to go for goal himself.

Goals change games and as Arshavin failed to score or create one for Arsenal Nani was encouraged to weave some magic and as a result Almunia gifted the opponents one instead!

And then as Gallas and Vermaelen went forward for a set piece United scored from the break.

Rooney was the ONLY Manchester United player to be in Arsenal’s box surrounded by four players!

And this was because Clichy and Denilson who were tracking back failed to realise that an opponent was running free in the box.

Amateur staff…

And as for their third goal, what a shambles.

Clichy opted to do nothing than attack the player that was running in free on goal. And that is what Park did!

Amateur staff…

We need to regroup against Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger needs to drop Almunia, bring a focal point in the attack (Bendtner) which was once again desperately missing today and introduce some width.

Rosicky and Nasri, the two wide players, did no really play wide today and disappointed once again. When Walcott and Eboue came on Arsenal became more dangerous on the right hand side and looked threatening.

Something that Arsenal failed to do for the first 75 minutes.

We can beat Chelsea next Sunday. I firmly believe this…


James said...

Where exactly do you get the confidence to suggest we'll beat Chelsea? As much as I'd like to believe it, I really don't see it happening considering we're so low on confidence at the moment. Our players simply can't handle big games unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin is being played out of position why cause wenger would not buy Striker, Aluminai, Denilson and Clichy should be sold, Walcott should go on loan to bring him down to earth. We need a striker, Defensive midfielder,Defender and possible right back sagna has played enough for us to make money out of him now before he lose value. We need few players. Also Vela should go on loan too.

Andy said...

Rooney is absolute world class – we have no striker who is even close. Arshavin is absolute world class – but he is not a striker.
We need to sign a world class striker and then we will be sorted.
We just cannot wait for RVP to put his boots on again, or in the interim rely on Bendtner!
If we had signed David Villa – OMG – the impact on the entire team would be colossal.

Unknown said...

hahaha yr so funny how will we beat chelseaa stop being optimistic look at the players what happend to clichy he was one of the best denilson and almunia soon will be the reason i will stop watchin arsenal games cause i will not watch a game and i knw that they will do a stupid mistake and cost us the game i really cant stand them any more !!!!! wenger if u dont get rid of them then i guess i would have to say u have 2 leave 2 cause there is no way we are going to win anythin with them

Andy said...

Based on our performance today – I think we’re gonna have problems with the Drog – I hope not – but I am not confident.

Anonymous said...

Clichy, Denilson, Almunia and Arshavin all need to be kicked up the ass.

Arshavin and Denilson in particular were awful.

Denilson had a hand in two of Man Utd's goals.

I thought he was a decent player up until 2day, but now i see what all the other fans see, he is absolutly awful.

Arshavin i dont know, on another day he could have been brilliant, today he had a rating of 1 maybe 2.

Anonymous said...

In a prematch comment on playing the manager, I did not include Clichy and Denilson. The reason being that they have consistently been unimpresive. I do believe that Clichy will improve because he has the pride to fight back even after losing the ball. Denilson on the other hand is a different kind of animal. After being dispossesed of the ball, he seems to wave the attacking player through. NO PRIDE! Please get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

We were outclassed today when it truly mattered. AW’s gamble of throwing the towel in for the FA Cup, so as to focus on the Premiership, has come back to haunt him. This squad is not good enough to win the Premiership and will certainly be torn to shreds in the Champions league. There is nothing positive I can take from today’s performance, we did not perform as a team or as individuals. Our attacking and defensive play was shambolic, and in some cases bordered on incompetence. AW may have blind faith in this team, but I believe he needs to renew the squad. I also think it is time AW moved upstairs to become “director of football” and that we find a manager who will do whatever it takes to win. Because I don’t see that hunger in him or this team. I don’t want to play beautiful football anymore, I want to win!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't fault Arshavin at all. He ran and hassled which he didn't do the last 3 games, he was up for it, as a striker u just need to be selfish.

Clichy needs time back from injury, could see he lost his pace.

Denilson was the fault for 2nd n 3rd goal not nasir nor clichy, Denilson was at the wrong position for the 2nd and lost the ball on the 3rd.

He is trying to vie with Diaby for this seasons worse arsenal player.

Diaby/Denilson - Out.

If diaby is back for Chelsea, no chance at all. But AW will definitely put in diabolical diaby for chelsea. ust wait n see how many balls he passes to the blues.

Anonymous said...

man fruss
do yu remember a time last yr when wenger opted for denilson instead of song. Denilson is useless bt wenger will keep his faith on him much to our disappointment.Walcot,clinchy,almunia should be shown the door way.the little russian is so selfish.i wonder what wenger told hm to do.i was really shocked with his level of arrogance -not to pass the ball.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is played in a third game in a row - and in three games we won ...0. The whole midfield goes AWOL and stops functioning because of him. How can he ran the whole length of the pitch and just when intervention was needed to stop running and allow Shreck a free shot at goal? Almunia is a clown that needs to be sold ASAP /or ditched/ - he has no positional awareness - see goals 1 and 3 where he put it himself in the former and does not know where his near post is in the latter. Pathetic - together with the look of Wenger's face - as well as stubborness post-match. Force him to buy quality ro leave - he is not the only manager capable of doing a job /in fact he is already incapable of leading Arsenal - or what he made of it - a team of pampered babies/

scottpuffin said...

I agree, Almunia and Clichy were hopeless, and they've both been a bit of a liability for a long time now. Clichy just hasn't reached the potential we thought he had.
I think everyone is being a little harsh on Arshavin though. In the first 15-20 minutes, he caused a lot of trouble, and if we had a striker alongside him, we would have been laughing. He's selfish because he had to be.

Anonymous said...

It has been clear for everyone except wenger that we need a striker even before Van persie was injured Abe was never replaced.
It is quite clear we need a big strong midfielder Falmani never replaced.
I could go on players lke Denilson are just not good enough are goalkeeper has been a liabilty for a long time
my question is this knowing the problems why was a striker not signed on the 1st of Janauary?
Why is Denilson and Almunia still playing ?
Arshavin is a great player who carries and injury yet he is played out of position Bendtner is unfit the same can apply to ed my fear now is free full if we win nothing which we wont again Wenger has got to go a managrer is only as good as his last success

chinmay said...

I dont want see this again and again. The team that used to score on counter attacks is getting beaten by counter attacks! Why cant we foul like other teams?

Denilson has reached a different level. Instead of improving, he seems to be becoming trash, day by day.

Biggy said...

Much as I want us to win with every fibre of my being, my I dont think it is going to hapen. Not with this set of players anyway. I can only be thankful that Diaby is coming back for that match. I hope he comes back runing[ revitalised and energised].

I have seen a truely disgraceful performance, and the only ones that can hold their heads up high are Song, Vermaelin and Gallas. All the others were useless to a varying degree.

Anonymous said...

hate to admit,we are 3rd best in the league. if wenger proved us that we would be stronger without buying any new player then I would have agreed but today I think Wenger must have regretted it.

Anonymous said...

wenegr is a retarded basterd..watz wrong wiv dis team..wenger need to go, he is nt the only 1 that can do it....keep some freakn useless playing in arsenal...denilson,aluminia,bentna,walcott,nasri..can keep mentioning dem all day..wenger should go.period

Pritpal said...

vermaelen gallas and song are the only players who played well in my opinion. but 3 players don't make a team.

Anonymous said...

Once again UTD brought the better tactics to the emirates! just like the CL semi (it was like the same match played over again) Many of our players had a well below par game today, but I think Denilson must take the majority of the blame. He did not track any UTD attacking move today and made no telling contribution going forward either! Where was the fighting spirit as well?

Anonymous said...

what a twat!! arshavin was a bit selfish yeah i grant you that one but atleast he tried, when he got the chance he tried to make something happen, today it didnt come of for him but on other days it has, like hes 4 against liverpool, 4 shots 4 goals, thats all he done all game and i bet you wernt complaining then, you were probably sitting in your bedroom writing shitty blogs like this one about how great he is....
and as for clichy, you cant blame him for there third goal, if he closes park down then park plays a simple square ball and almunia would be left stranded and the man u bloke would have had a tap in, clichy had to stay where he was, he had to trust that almunia might make a save, i no he didnt but if he did you would have said what a great piece of deffending it was by clichy.
i could sit here and slag of your blog some more but i cant be arsed. bottom line is, we wernt good enough today, we need a striker, someone who can make intelligent runs and create space for the likes of arshavin and fabregas. and please nooooobody say bendshit, hes crap, plane and simple. the only striker we own who is good enough to play up the on hes own is van persie, eduardo is wasted in that position, he needs to play of someone, im sure arsene has hes reasons for not buying anyone this transfer window, probably aint got the money coz everyone knows clubs charge stupid money for players in the january window.
i think we should all be praising wenger for what he has done this year, 19 injuries in four months, we're third in the league and still in the champions league, leave all your moaning until the end of the seaason you bunch of clueless so called football fans :) that is all, thank you

jo said...

Almunia needs to go! it is not his fault he is just not good enough. what is the point of assembling a good team if he is in goal. we will never win anything with him in goal

Unknown said...

What a crock of shit!! Almunia needs replacing and if you've not noticed before Denilson is one of the worst midfielders ever to wear the famous red and White!! I can't believe someone has said diaby is up for worst player of the year, obviously a tv pundit who doesn't go to games, notice we've been shit since he got injured, Diaby Song and Cesc have been playing well together! the above mentioned Cesc however (and I love him to bits our skipper!) just did not turn up today, now that could have been shambles around him but he should be dragging the team forward!! Ashavin is world class and being played out of position, at least he has something about him and certainly runs at players! NOTE HE'S NOT A STRIKER!! Arsene take your head out of your arse now we've gone through another season of nothing a buy what we need, striker, two decent midfielders (when cesc goes which he will), a centre half, right back and a bloody decent goalkeeper!! If we don't sort it out soon the spuds will overtake us!!! FFS!! gooner 4 life and proud of it!!

Anonymous said...

very good appraisal of the game - it was pretty horrible having to sit through it all

we looked mediocre and more toothless than my 7 year old daughter

Anonymous said...

i am amazed that you lot can sit there and slate wenger! its all so easy for you lot aint it, sit there in your armchair and tell the t.v who wenger should buy, who he should sell, who he should drop bla bla bla. so why the fuck aint you all football managers??? the same reason im not, becuase we dont no enough about football. the only one person i think deserves critisism is almunia, he has been lame lately but so what, fooballers go of form from time to time, hes never gonna be a great goaly but he can do ok.
i can remember when song used the get the same sort of abuse that denilson walcott and diaby do now, but now everyone is up songs arse, you all have very short memories.
oh yeah, someone said something about diaby giving the ball away all the time earlier, dick head!! hes an impact player, he tries to forse things, when it work you can all see how good he is, when it doesnt you all slate him. dunno why im even wasting my time deffending them, you lot have made your minds up, but if one day diaby or denilson or even walcott come through like song has, which i bet 2 of them will, i bet you all forget about how much you used to slate them

Anonymous said...

Paul, 'gooner for life and proud of it'
yeah i can tell!! wanker

jo said...

STOP BLAMING WENGER!he is the reason we are even challenging! todays game hurt, too many individual mistakes. We were top of the league the other day and most of you were still having a go! Every pundit did not give us a chance of top four this season but we are still challenging. it is time for real arsenal fans to stand up! the ones who have gone through good times and bad, our team needs us and so does our manager

Anonymous said...


jo said...

ANY ARSENAL FAN WHO HAS WRITTEN THESE DISGRACEFUL COMMENTS ABOUT WENGER SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! i know most people who write on these sites are not fans of arsenal but other fans stiring. but those of you who are and called wenger a fool a bitch etc are an absolute disgrace!!! and arsenal would be better off without you. and those fans who say nothing to defend a man who has done everything for this club should be ashamed. Fair enough we need a striker but whose fault is that we chased ade out of this club! Wenger will leave arsenal because no other team would treat him this way, that will be when we will have something to complain about

Arsedoff said...

Fair enough we are third for now (Well done Mr Wenger) but can you truly be happy with that? We just got our arses handed to us at home yet again (CL still hurts!). Wenger needs to step up, trim the crap intricate midgets from the team and start over with three - four experienced signings.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal play the best football but sorry football is judged on results.I'm afraid this is not the first time the gunners have been bushwhacked in this manner.
MU' s win reminds me of Hull. an Arsenal attack breaks down and a swift counter and the ball is in the net. No beautiful passing.
If Arsenal hold a high defensive high line against Chelses it will will be committing suicide.
Flood the midfield though its anti soccer. It helps win matches.Hit the blues on the break.But this sort of idea is alien to AW . He expects to attack and the other team to give space.

arsedoff said...

Sorry have to disagree - Arsenal don't play the best football anymore - we used to wen we had PV04 and TH14 and RP07 but really, this current bunch just pass pass pass around and the either get bullied off the ball, give the ball away with and amateur cross/pass or hit a suger puff shot.

Anonymous said...

we will not beat chelsea even if they play with 7 players and all from the reserve team.... Simply because Arshavin again will start on top, he will never see the ball due to good defending from Terry and his fellow CB. Denilson will again start and again he will let ALL the runs through allowing Lapmpard to run through. And in attack, if we ever get there, he will misplace all passes. Cesc will be frustrated and forced to do everything on his own, but he is no superman, so don't expect him to score every single game. Rosicky and Nasri are usually pretty useless in both attack and defence, they are just there to fill the team sheet with names... And if for some reason Chelse will struggle to score more than 7 goals, Almunia will help them by making one meistake every 10 minutes, and even maybe score another own goal... Yes, he is that nice to the oppononets...

Anonymous said...

o god. here we go. we were in first place a few days ago and now that we lose the doomsayers come out again.
yes...theres problems-but AW is a tactical genius and knows what needs strengthening. Also, look at the age of our squad-were Ridiculously young. If AW achieves his biggest task, keeping the same team together for the next couple of years, with the replacement of a few key older players with quality, well be the strongest team in the league...were already competing for the title and I still think the most of the squad is about 2 years too young.

Anonymous said...

gooner 4 life

Anonymous said...

Arsene is the best manager in the world we need to back him

Anonymous said...

I have read all of the above comments and i would just like to say,that the argument swings both ways but in all honesty,whoever we blame today,and there are a few,especially Almunia who i have said is a fucking liability,and has been for the past 3 seasons,is that in the past 3 to 4 seasons have we improved as a unit.
The answer is categorically NO!
I watched the game today and it was almost a replica of the Chelsea game!.
I really do not know where we go from here,because i remember the times when we were feared,but our lack of a centre forward and diabolical defending has brought us back to square one.
Does 4-3-3 work against a team like United or Chelsea and could'nt we change our tactics for these games instead of being beaten comprehensively!!!!

Anonymous said...

what will it take for wenger to sign someone thrashed by chelsea and man utd last season one very good signing but sold two good players hate to admit it but adebayor would have made a difference 2day this season thrashed again any wenger lovers please explain to me why can he not see denilson and almunia r crao and why he has not got a forward wenger contract runs out in 2011 only 1 more season of this crap i hope

Celtic Tiger said...

Sell Clichy, Sagna and Denilson? and let Walcott and Vela out on loan? What are you talking about? Yes Almunia has got to go I can't stand seeing him as our number one, such a massive drop in standard from the days of Seaman and Lehmann in fact I don't even want him as a number two... I'll never understand why he didn't buy given. But Clichy is only 24 recovering from injury and has been one of the best left backs in the country the last 3 years running. Sagna is class and denilson walcott and vela are going to get better and better and we need them in the squad. He has to put faith in Fabianski or buy a new keeper simple as and we need to have diaby and bendtner in the team for size. We can beat Chelsea and I think we will

jo said...

Anonymous 11:28 were you one of the fans who booed ade last season!? if so which i could almost gaurentee you were, keep your opinions to yourself! wenger wanted to keep ade but we forced his hand to get rid of him now he could be the difference. how about supporting spurs? that would be a perfect fit for you. please! we dont need fans like you Anonymous 11:28 so just do one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with Arsenal is not AW or players,is the board itself. They sit on money n forget the fight. No pressure for A.W to perform frm above coz they enjoy the huge profit the club makes out of AW philosofy. The victim here is me n u who supports Arsenal.

nickrossis said...

clichy and denilson are absolute crap i cannot stand to watch them in the red and white any more and almunia, sagna , and bendtner are not Arsenal class either. Manure took the piss out of us. Wenger has persisted with same mistakes for too long his judgement must be questioned. Too many players lack power and pace and the Arsenal spirit. Walcott must play as astriker or not at all . No more excuses the money is there spend it and get rid of the crap. You cant make chapatti without flour.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that AW was on the phone to Milan at 17.50 and told Huntelaar to get his arse on a flight pronto. Swallow your pride Arsene, get him on loan. The Title is still there, but not without a centre forward.

Celtic Tiger said...

Not so, Adebayor great player that he was, was an egotistical maniac and was a disruptive influence on the team. Remember Gallas stripped of captaincy for berating a player making it difficult for every1'Ade' so he had to go, Wenger will hopefully get chamakh, the more players with height and physicality the better.
We need to get our best team out at the min and with bendtner back that should be
Sagna Vermaelen Gallas Clichy
Fabregas Nasri/Diaby
Rosicky Arshavin

Anonymous said...

Jo,i agree with u, calling Wenger names is good no matter wht. Yes Wenger is part of the problem for not spending enof 2 sign world class striker bt who knws he follows the instruction frm the board? Coz even b4 Wenger Arsenal was strict to spend alot on players. Wenger is jst employee not the board.

Anonymous said...

Hey funs enof of ur bull sh*t blame, we are not the only team to lose. Manure suffered 2-0 defeat by Villa, Chelsea 3-0 to wigan, wht's the big deal. Liverfools has all world class players u r dreaming of bt they haven't win a trophy recently. So leave The Gunners alone.

Anonymous said...

In these kind of games, victory in most cases is a question of who score first, today Man United did via a gifted goal from almunia who truly has been pathetic in most games. That was the turning point. Almunia and Denilson are the major culprits today, spare Arshavin, tho he was somewhat selfish today, but despite this, his selfishness could have paid off some other time and we will be patronizing him but it didnt today. I love wenger very much and I feel like crying whenever Arsenal is defeated like today, but he should take the blame and credit for everything. Who play Almunia? Wenger! Who play denilson? Wenger! Who select the team? Wenger. The problem is Wenger and I am sure the solution lies with him. Period!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who insult AW or Arsenal players are not Arsenal fun and must quit. No one is begging u to stay n insult the man who made u 2 become gooners, if u want trophy go n support Manure,Chelsky or liverfoolz. True funs is those who believes win or lose is part of the game. 2day we fall 2morrow we are back on truck. Mannix is my name.Arsenal is my lyf.

Unknown said...

I don't think you're write to criticise Rosicky, I thought he played well whenever he had the ball today.

Denilson didn't so much track back as he did walk back for their second goal. I knew it was coming when they broke on the attack, I was screaming at him to sprint back instead of chortling back to goal and then he didn't even have any awareness of who was around him.

Gallas and Tommy V did everything they could last night and they deserved better.

Fabregas was awful last night, some poor shooting and poor passing.

How the hell didnt Fletcher and Scholes pick up a yellow but Song got one after 15minutes?

Walcott is awful (no time to do anything last night though) and so is Almunia, too inconsistent.

Arshavin should have done a lot better, difference was Utd took their chances.

Anonymous said...

All the fuckers whose blaming wenger and arshavin, denilson and clichy shud just stop watching arsenal.. go support a team which is perfect.. if there is one.. today we played okay in my opinion we had 17 shots in/off the goal but we cudnt score. another day we cud have got atleat 50% of that.. im pretty sure when denilson scored against everton when we drew 2 all, all you so called supporters were praising him.. why we have to be arrogant and blind, MAN U played okay but took there chances just like we played okay against Liverpool in anfield but we took our chances and Liverpool didnt... so get the fuck off arsenes and the teams back and get behind them. we did it after losing to chelsea 3 nil, and i am sure we can do it again.,.

True gunner _ 4 _ life

Goon/Gooner said...

Denilson has been shit since he covered fabregas last year and played every game in the Prem. When Denilson plays it is like playing with 10 men because he has no presence and no eagerness to close down balls or fight for challenges. Same thing as last season...

Song Diaby and fabregas have proven vital. Diaby was missed dearly because he provides key physical presence. We are not physical enough for this type of challenge, especially considering our strongest asset (pace) wasnt enforced because our wingers arent really wingers. Nasri is a central player, alongside rosicky.

If we had chelsea away today instead of Man Utd at home, the result probably would have been even worse. We have a week to train on closing the fuck down or we are screwed. Wenger should feel guilty for not signing a striker and being stubborn YET AGAIN. Imagine the impact on the premiership if we signed a proven star striker, the ramifications could have been deadly, a great team confidence boost aswell as individual physical presence... At least if wenger tried and we still failed people couldnt complain, its just the stubborness of this man that makes me scared. It makes me scared because we are so close from being a perfect outfit, a few nuts and crannys away from being as dangerous as Barcelona are, but he refuses to sign players who has as big an impact as arshavin. Yes we saw him do this signing but it took 5 weeks and we almost didnt. we need more!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Eboue should be our right back and not Sagna. He's crosses are crap, and he not really that good going forward. Remember Ebouse whipped in crosses for henry to score goals.
Eboue was in the invincible team and then we go and buy Sagna. I believe that was a waste of 7-8 million. Sell Sagna and move Eboue back to his rightful postion.

Anonymous said...

For God sake, please drop that stupid 'young' Dumb-zilian Denilson. He is more of a liability in the team. With him around, it is equivalent to playing with a man down to his team, 2 men up for the opponent. Just can't understand why people still see this 'young & inexperience' Dumb-zilian as a 'potential star'. The word 'star' has already long deserted him the moment he starts playing consistent first team football. He has exposed his personal flaws to the WHOLE world as the game under his belt accumulates.

Anonymous said...

OK , yes I do not think it si fair to insult Wenger. He has done enough for Arsenal even though if he does not win anything this year either. The lesson he should learn today is third second repetition of what happened in Man City and with Chelsea on Emirates. We play with arrogance and go forward and nobody covers on the back.There are several things I want to point . First Wenger should stop talking about winning the league in the media and every player following him on the next days with similar content. Just talk more to your players about it force them to have determined and winning attitude on the pitch. Instead he becomes target of funny laughs. There is not need to put additional pressure and expectations from the players in the press. I have not sen The Pink Nose or Caro(Who) Ancheloti to talk about titles in the press at all. For the game on Emirates he said that this game is not that important for the title and relaxes the player to not making stupid mistakes but play they game and tactics and today game was not different. Many media talks. We are ready, we matured.Well yes the players matured but did Wenger? You should have learned that you can play 4-6-0 and win again such average Man U team (not average today). But please Jonny Evans and Brown central pair defenders and you are struggling. Where are you going to say that you will win the titles if you can not overcome them . Second point - Wenger keeps playing players out of their position and maybe because of the injuries that they have. I believe Bendner is and will great player. But he is central forward type target man .He is not a winger.And Arshavin is a winger(atacking midfiledr), he is not a striker. So with so many injuries , Wenger could loan some striker from the teams like real, inter, milan or bayern that have strikers for three teams until this January period ends. And I believe we would not lose at Stoke and would not draw with Everton and Villa. Third point is that in the summer break he should have bought good keeper and off load Senderos, Eboue, Denison and Vela and replace them with somebody as Begovic from Pompi, Smalling from Fulham and some decent defensive midfield. Four point is that if he does not wantto sell Denilson he should not play him against fast paced team as Vila, Man U , Man C, Chelsea and Liverpool. He is slow, with poor vision and not the necessary determination in big games like this and he has proven this numerous times. Ramsey has much more qualities and intelligence to play defensive midfielder that he has. I think that Song, Diaby, Fab and Ramsey are the midfielders we owe most of our success this year so we should not put our critics on them .Song grew a lot for the last two years and Diaby shows the same change of direction from the home game with Aston Villa, so I believe he will be important and valuable player for our future. Conclusion GK and central defensive midfielders are must and loan for a big strikers if there are not money for new one. Otherwise again the shareholders will make money next year but are we going to watch our favorite team anymore after next Sunday. I really hope so , but do I believe ? I do not know .

Anonymous said...

Difficult to take - tactical genius my arse- idealistic and deluded more like.

Anonymous said...

To see the highlights from the game:

Cmon gunners, lets win next game against chelsea!

Anonymous said...

now we know why lehmann hates alumunia so much.. because he knew that his successor will screw things up in arsenal.

Anonymous said...

honestly,Win the game at Chelsea? you gotta be dreaming. After the Aston Villa game i knew that we would get our ass kicked by MU and after the first 10 mins of the game it was bloody obvious we would.

we can forget about any silverware for the time being.

Davie said...

Am an Arsenal fan but to be honest Arsenal won't win anything if Wenger doesn't change his policies. We simply need a world class striker in there. Wenger should stop patching up the team.

ClockWatcher said...

Ridiculous to single out Arshavin. He created a lot of good opportunities. His inability to score obviously cost us, but he worked his socks off and is not only playing in an unfamiliar and unsuitable position, but is also carrying a foot injury which is said to restrict his shooting ability on his right foot. And to leave Nasri and DENILSON off this list is silly. Neves Denilson was an embarrassment to the shirt (again). No effort, no guts. He is supposed to be linking play and chasing the ball to stop counter-attacks. Instead he has another nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Arshavin's only fault was not scoring apart from that you can't deny if he had more help United might have been for the taking. In more than 40 years of going to watch Arsenal I have not seen a more abject performance from one of our players than Denilsons last 3 games. In 4 years of being at the club can anybody prove to me what he adds to our team, apart fro assists for the other teams goals. The whole stadium showed how impressed they where of him by hardly mustering applause when at last Wenger took him of. Please do not ever play him again.
Plus it is time to put a rocket up the arse of Theo, Nasri, Rosicky + Clichy & remind this is not good enough to play for the Arsenal.

Unknown said...

nkt i wonder at times if almunia was to be a man u player if he would still be between the sticks after last years champions league goal against manure again today what the hell was he doing tippin the ball towards goal instead of away from goal vito mannone helped us big deal in fulham.....

Anonymous said...

Dreaming-Arsenal will be hammered next week-4-0 or more. Chelsea are in a different league to us. -we will give them the space to look worldbeaters.

Anonymous said...

Humiliation. Maybe now Gunners fans will lose their arrogance and stop shouting "Hoof" every time an opponent plays a long ball - its schoolboy stuff, because for all your pretty football you will win nothing - again!!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit now that AW is getting too excited about the club's finances. there is absolutley no reason why he couldnt fight to get a replacement for RVP given the importance of the position to the team. bentner remains an apprentice and is no solution. we will always cry againts top 4 teams because they have players more than capable in this position. drogba, torres,rooney have no answer at arsenal, and thus yesterday's misery will continue. wenger needs to be reminded that he is not meant to do gazidis' job.

Gooner from Sydney said...

For all the "fans" that call themselves Gooners, but actually bitch about Wenger and complain about the team week in and week out... GET THE F**K OUT! We dont need your kind. I hate it when supporters think that they know more than a man that has made our club what it is today. Yes, I am disapointed by the defeat today as well, but to disrespect this great man is absolutely pathetic. You little twats can go support chelsea, and sell your souls. For all who defend Arsene, through the good and the bad, those are the real fans,they know that there is noone on earth who can even compare to what he has done to our club. You dipsh*ts who want Wenger to buy 11 Ronaldos really think that we have the money? You brainless apes, if we really had that kind of money dont you think a man of Wengers intelligence would use it? In case you didnt notice it, we are NOT taken over by some american or russian, and yet were still challenging for the title. I may not understand all of Wengers decisions, but I know that he is only doing what is best for the longevity of the club. IN ARSENE WE TRUST

Unknown said...

Yes we can win against chelsea!!! Walcott atlast after ages looks better now, I think his time has come. With Fabregas giving those fantabulous through balls and walcott racing ashley cole and assisting bendtners headders!! Ahh
Forget manutd, its over, we cant change the score now.We just have to stay cool and solid and should be beware of Drogba and Lampard. We can!! we will!! Arsene will!! WIN!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I wouldn't blame Andrey. He was not playing where he is at his best. He's a winger not centre forward and we all know it. He don't even like to play there. So why did Wenger play him there? I don't know, when you have Nicklas at the bench.

Most of you have crushed Almunia. Me too. He's got to go, but I'm afraid that number two is not any better. Maybe we should turn our eyes to Mannone as long as AW will buy a winning goalie, which is probably never going to happen.

Most of all we should get rid of Denilson. This guys attitude sucks! Did you see his face when he was coming off? I thought at Villa game that he couldn't be any worse, but unfotunately I was wrong. Badly wron. He's not even Championship level.

I'm afraid of Sunday when we have to play against "adults" again.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin made some bad choices and was not up to his best, but he is brilliant. Denilson made only bad choices but was at his best. The problem with Denilson is that he cant do any better. Denilson was one of Manures best attackers. If we dont get rid of that useless son of a b.... I hope someone shoots him or at least ends his time as a fotballplayer by breaking his legs. And Clichy is not much better.

Anonymous said...

Almunia & Fabianski resign PLEASE.We don't need any clowns.Arsenal is a football club, not a circus.

Saint Michael said...

We are far too lightweight and cannot go toe to toe when plan B is called for. I have maintained for over a season that (a) Denilson is not good enough. He is easily out muscled and has no edge. What would we have missed if Ramsey had played instead? Nothing. (b) Song has improved loads, but is still miles away from what PV4 was when he started out with us, let alone what he became. Surely with engers fabled network we can find a PV4 type player that can tackle, has a bit of pace and can organise.(c) Nasri, Ashavin & Rosicky. Never in the game after the first 10-15 minutes. (d) Who actually organises us defensively on the pitch? I watch us at every home game and I cannot identify that player. (d) Wenger take the rap. The lack of shape, steel or desire etc has to come back to the Boss. Get a hairdrier cus the spoilt brats need to understand how they let the badge down.(e) Learn to win ugly. Quickly before the season is shot to shit.

Anonymous said...

chelsea will do exactly what manU did: they'll pack 7 players behind the ball, let us have possession up to their box, and then launch counter attacks with 3 runners to try and cut us up while we're off balance and up the field.

big teams have been playing this way against us for 5 years and beating us consistently. it looks like wenger isn't understanding something really basic about tactics. 5 years, same old story.

Anonymous said...

IMO we should revert back to counter attacking football against the top teams.

we'll defend better when we're focused on defending right, and with our attackers' quality we'll always carve out some good chances on the counter.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comments. Lest we forget we had at least 5 very close chances to score. This game could have finished 5-5

Anonymous said...

Denilson has to go - the guy is totally useless - clichy is getting worse every season, but he's worth keeping.

We need t get Hugo Lloris big time!!! Almunia and Fabianski (as he proved at stoke) are both total turkeys

Anonymous said...

wenger should be a man and take the blame; stop putting all he blame on players. After all, wenger is the ONE who decides who to buy and who to play.

Anonymous said...

Gooner from Sydney, pls F your kangaroos for all we care and lick their sh*t as well. If you dont want arsenal fans to criticise wenger, please start your own blog!!

robert murray carlisle said...

ok ok. we had seaman. the best goalkeeper england have produced for years always depenable and always class. then came lehmann. fucking mental absolute prick and gobshite. but again still a class goaly worthy of the no1 shirt. now almunia. a turd and always has been.englands no1. germany no1. spain/england number 10 at best total shit. sagna yeah solid right back. better than bloody eboue who is also shit. clichy is not bad to be fair struggles against skillful players like nani/young/ronaldo but overall not bad. not sure bout traore not seen him enough but i dont think he is standing out much when he does play. gallas/vermaelen. i do like these two but gallas i think should be replaced sooner rather than later. rosicky has not found his form since his injury and cant blame him its been a long time out. fabregas is class but thats it now he will leave in the summer and we wont be able to replace him as he is one in a million.nasri is an attackin midfielder and should be played as one he cant defend and does not want to but still a good player.diaby i dont know will probably turn into a striker as he was played there a few times with a bit of success but jury is still out. arshavin is lazy as everyone says but can make something outta nothin and thats what is needed sometimes but he is a midfielder behind 2 strikers thats where he should always play. walcott is a dilemma brought in as a henry type player. henry who famously turned from a right footed left winger into the most deadly striker in the world. he scored a lot of his goals like pires did cutting in from the left and curling them home. now walcott plays on the right wing and never bloody scores why not play him the other side so he can cut in and do as henry did? or better still just play him off a striker as a striker thats what he was bought as and thats what he should be. he is rapid but not skillfull with it. as lennon is skillfull and fast walcott aint got the skill for the right wing simple as.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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