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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three reasons why Arsenal will be quite a different proposition against Man United

By 1970’s Gooner

There are three strong reasons why Arsenal will prove to be more than a match for Manchester United next Sunday at the Emirates.

1. A defensive midfield player was missing against Aston Villa

The absence of Alex Song who was away at the Africa Cup of Nations meant that Arsenal’s midfield lacked his strong and powerful presence.

I like Ramsey but along with Denilson they were too meek to be able to control and dominate that midfield area. This meant that the Arsenal forwards as well as Fabregas were not provided the service that they usually get. Both players were also not able to provide an attacking threat.

The probable inclusion of Song for next Sunday’s game will be quite a different proposition.

His ball winning skills for a start will be an added boost that was so desperately missing against Villa.

But what he has added to his game is the ability to turn and go forward with the ball after he has won it.

This is quite important as he takes players out and drives the whole team further up the field taking the game straight into the dangerous areas.

2. Bendtner will add height, strength and more variety up front

Eduardo is out but the big Dane is in. I am glad that Bendtner is back. And I am glad he is replacing Eduardo who has been improving lately but not fast enough nor to the quality level that is required.

Eduardo would I think have been the one to make way even if he were fit.

So we will not only gain height and strength up front we will also be able to add variety to the attacks.

The long high ball that Wenger wrongly accused Villa of playing will now be a viable option for Arsenal. This was so evident against Villa when Bendtner came on. The Arsenal players were able to play high to him and the ball suddenly started spending more time in the opponent’s half.

Before that Almunia’s clearances and Sagna’s crosses were coming straight back into our half putting our (young) midfielders and defenders under more frequent and unnecessary pressure.

Bendtner showed against Villa that he could hold the ball under pressure and bring other players into the game.

This is so important as Arsenal’s style of play demands that all its forwards and offensive midfielders join the attacks. But in a 4 3 3 system they need time to get there. Eduardo wasn’t able to provide it.

3. Manchester United’s defence will be poorer for Ferdinand’s absence

Enough about Arsenal’s strengths. I feel that a weakness for Manchester United will be their defence.

The absence of Ferdinand will take a lot of their defensive prowess away and the right back position has also been a problem for them having to rely on the young and inexperienced Da Silva. I can see Arshavin running rings around him.

However it looks that Sol Campell may start against United (unless Wenger decides to play Song there) and Rooney may well run rings around him! And of course Van De Sar is a better goalkeeper than Almunia.

So all in all both defences will have their weaknesses for this particular game but Ferdinand’s absence will I think make it a more level playing field.


Anonymous said...

great post but forgive me for making a totally irrelevant point, why have utd fans not been berated and vilified by the British press for their attack and bottle throwing at Craig Bellamy, the same way Arsenal fans were slaughtered for their reaction to being taunted by twatebayor earlier this year ? If we had behaved like that, we would be hearing about it for weeks afterwards, but apparently when the mancs do it, it's just good old fashion rivalry !!!

Captain Flak said...

Loanee Pedro Botelho playing for Celta v Mr Reyes and A.Madrid now SS1

Anonymous said...

ahhhh gooood point ! but you seee the media never say anything bad about pre4tty little perfect united !! alll them coins and botttles slipped !!!! it wasnt their fault ! i know its a joke the pundits and press are ridiculously and blatently biased the eduardo incident aswell ,, wayne roooney could dive in the olypmics!

Anonymous said...

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messi said...

yep and i totally agree that the media in this country are fuc*ing corrupt badly so i too am not surprised, but you'd expect that from a scum team like that and for the hull players or the manager not to mention anything about the ferdinand incident is absolutely DIABOLICAL, nasri steps on a hull players toe the whole team want to kill him on the pitch, ferdinand back hands a player and the team don't do nothing, the cunt phil brown does not bring it up, nor the pundits or the media, so what do you expect from a scum team like that, just the most of disgrace!

Anonymous said...

A bit embarrassing calling yourself messi how about.....prat.
Seem to have gotten the gallas challenge which took a player out, and an incident which led to your goal.Gallas should expelled from the match on sunday serving a BAN.Arsenal darlings of the media even when there not winning jack s**t! Same old arsenal always CHEATING.North London TRASH!!!

Anonymous said...

lol at the deluded anon manutd fan saying- "Arsenal darlings of the media". haha.. good one.

Oh, you are not saying that as a joke?! ...PFFTTT

Anonymous said...

I see ive hit a nerve or two lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations on hitting a nerve or two. Low lifer.

Anonymous said...

i think brown will start at right back and vidic will be centre back with evans.

Anonymous said...

if song or eboue play any of the next three games, they will pick up injuries, guaranteed. it always, always happens. players returning from the ACN always need a good month to return to match fitness.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less if Song is a bit tired. He could come back with one leg and i'd still play him, he's that good!

Anonymous said...

oh dear...

Anonymous said...

Good for the FA and the increased ban
handed out to Rio Ferdinand ,now Bro
wn ,Vidic ,Neville ,Scholes ,Giggs ,Fletcher will have to defend much more causing Rooney to get frustrated and lose his cool and then
marching orders for him ,bring it on.

Anonymous said...

How is it that that rubbish other team from North London is allowed to poach Gudjonsen from under West Ham,s nose ,afterall he did have a medical at Upton Park ?

rrr said...

why isnt rooney suspended hes already got 5 yellow cards and he got 1 at hull which made it 5 //

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Captain Flak said...

The man who will win this game for Arsenal is Samir Nasri, possibly from the bench. 2-1 The Arsenal

Unknown said...

Great Post!!!...nicely put...u said the things I wanted to say about Song!...nobody notices how dangerous is our attack when Song is there in the pitch. Everybody keeps saying Denilson is hard working according to the stats when we say the gunners are weaker with Denilson than with Song. Song brings the ball that he won forward allowing every attacking player to go forward. With Denilson, Cesc always comes back to collect the ball. thats the reality and Wenger knows that.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I hate when ths devil minded united speak. United are the most corrupt club in the uerope bt alwys got away with it.Bt the good news they are now the poorest club in E.P.L.No money to buy glory n favors.

Paul Jeffrey said...

Can't wait - Thgis is such a vital game - Shame we couldn't beat Villa but this is crucial

what! said...

Now that person is talking out of their arse.Manutd most corrupt club?
Juventus anyone.Just a hater,i suppose not winning any trophies for 5 long years can do that to you.Wont be soon until fabregas leaves THAT unambitious club.
Swallow your jealously,and watch out for STAN KRONKE the silent version of the Malcom Glazer!!!!

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