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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Arsenal freeze in the snow. Player Analysis and Ratings Vs Everton

By 1970’s Gooner

It was the first game without Song and against decent opposition who recognised that Arsenal’s key weaknesses were in midfield and at left back.

Everton’s tactics were spot on. They did not show respect and took the game to Arsenal by pressing up field whenever Gallas and Vermaelen had the ball.

Poor people couldn’t find an outlet to pass to as there was no Song who is very good at shielding the ball, turning and passing forward.

There was of course no Fabregas who in his own clever way can take the ball and go forward with it.

And there was no tall centre forward to offer the long ball outlet either.

There was instead Ramsey, Denilson and Diaby. Ramsey has been hyped up recently as the next Fabregas but of course he is not. He was outplayed today and failed in his playmaking duties.

Denilson is Denilson and Diaby failed to take hold of the game (apart from his assist for the late equaliser).

So whenever the ball eventually found one of our midfielders they were quickly pressured by Everton’s midfield which was augmented by Cahill dropping back to add assistance.

As Arsenal’s midfield lacked creativity so did the forwards.

Eduardo although a little bit better today still looked out of place, Arshavin was trying his best but had no support to play with and Nasri kept coming inside to help with the playmaking.

In my opinion Ramsey should have been rested today and Nasri brought into the middle to add some creativity. As Rosicky was not 100% ready Vela, who had a decent game at West Ham, should have started on the wing.


Keeps making mistakes like when he came out for a cross which eluded him only for the header to be cleared by Gallas in front of goal. Or when he came out of his goal unnecessarily in the second half knocking poor Traore out.

And for their second goal he could have stayed on his feet for longer instead of going to ground thus offering the opportunity to Pienar to chip him. 5


Had a decent game and got forward a lot in the second half. His performances are at least consistent. 6


Had one of his worst games. Donavan had the better of him and generally he couldn’t take the correct positions and often found himself on the back foot. 4


Another steady performance. God knows what will happen if he gets injured or suspened. Silvestre is a liability and Senderos hasn’t played at all yet! 6


Another strong performance. He stationed himself in the opponent’s area late in the game to try and get the equaliser. He wasn’t really to blame for Everton’s first goal as Osman ran unchallenged into the area. Someone from the midfield or the front players should have picked his run up. 6


He played his usual game, retrieving and passing. He was however outmuscled on occasion. The good thing about him is that he is getting amongst the goals and this is a good sign for the future. 6


Too much is expected of him and the poor lad is still learning the game. Everton’s tight pressing in midfield did not allow him to perform as well as he can. 5


He should have taken the game by the horns today but he didn’t really. His only good moment was the vital equaliser he created. Otherwise he was outplayed in midfield loosing the ball too often. 5


The only creative player on the pitch and he did try to make things happen by coming inside. 6


I have to partly fault him for his wrong pass to an opponent which led to Everton’s second goal. The correct pass should have been to Sagna on the right who was free but he chose otherwise.

However he was there to score the equaliser and I think his quality and experience will be vital in the coming games. 6


Was fairly inefficient today but had no support really. 5


Getting better but still not good enough. The problem is that he is not a winger and as Nasri likes to come inside the pitch gets narrow for Arsenal.

This is mitigated by the full backs coming forward but this is dangerous as too many men are committed up field and there is bunching up in the opponent’s area. 5

With Manchester United dropping points the bitter pill of our draw is a little bit easier to swallow.

If we can hang in there with the leaders until Song, Fabregas and Bendtner return along with a new signing (hopefully) then we have a chance.


Biscuit said...

Almunia is below par. He rarely has a shocker, but he usually does something wrong and never delivers a positive surprise. Good goalies will win a few games a year for their team. When has he done that? When has he even deserved an accolade?

Vik said...

i said this before, and i will say it again...almunia is a joke...look at the top clubs in europe..they've got SOLID keepers like casillas, cech, reina, buffon, cesar etc. ... almunia is not even close... same old mistakes...
should have done better on the second goal i thought...and thru out the game generally...

the only plus, apart from 2 own goals from everton, is that MANU also dropped points

Anonymous said...

I cant believe ppl are blaming almunia wat a joke.







Anonymous said...

A bit harsh on Ramsey I think. Although he made the odd mistake at least he was generally trying to drive us forward, which others failed to do.

And although I don't think you can blame Almunia for either of the goals, he is making mistakes in deciding whether to come for the ball, and his distribution remains pretty poor.

messi said...

look the truth is this we didnt play well, but thank god we got a point to draw and united drew too, i think the weather played alot im not even making excuses. denilson well 1) his not an established DM so against the likes of piennar, cahill, what do you expect, same with ramsey but i agree almunia is poor his 31 years old and still not experienced enough to come out for important balls to be won, come on now im not blaming the defeat at him but FFS! he cant even kick the ball straight most of the times and doesnt find nobody, his poor in the air, and too many bad mistakes and if you disagree then you need to wake up, however i agree ramsey should've rested with the midfield of nasri, diaby denilson then put vela on the left arshavin on the right edu up front but hey im not arsene wenger, anyways though congrats to everton they played well didnt give us any chances at all and were incredible in shutting us down, thank god we have cesc back probs bendtner and clichy back too for next game

Anonymous said...

Diaby a 5? arguably the best player on the field for us.

Al is a fucking joke. But i doubt he'll get dropped.

Denilson can't handle Songs role, he's injured now anyways..

Traore has had his worst game by far.

Ramsey didn't even show up.

I guess the positive could be that we fought for the equalizer. New forward, back up cb, dm, and gk plz!

Anonymous said...

i see you said ramsey the poor lad still learning.... i guess everton should have stood off???rosick to start next week

Anonymous said...

denilson and ramsey both owned in the midfield
diaby played ok was trying to go forward and create (at least at the slightest bump he didnt fall over and he tried to get back)
defense was shit
everton wass just too strong

ihsan_huhu said...

diaby was clearly the best player on the pitch.

couldnt agree more abt others esp Almunia.

Anonymous said...

Denilson a 6?? He barely made a pass all game, got a lucky goal... Not the right player for the position, Diaby is stronger on the ball and would thrive in the role.

Anonymous said...

our biggest weakness has to be almunia he simply isnt good enough to play for arsenal hes inability to command his area is putting to mch pressure on our quality players like billy gallas and vermaelen

Anonymous said...

Y don't ANY of you at least say its becuase Everton played very very well!?!?!


cebrooker said...

Ur reviews are so different to other blogs, i cant work out whether its because you are totally biased or just dont have any consistency

Anonymous said...

it was clear today that without a dominator in front on the back 4(Song), it was very easy to get at the defence, everton has many chances, which all rooted from denilson either getting muscled off the ball, or not being in the correct position to make the interception, i believe Eastmond would do a better job then denilson.

Diaby played rather well, considering he had to try and hold the midfield alone. He was a threat going forward and made some key interventions in the defence...

Anonymous said...

Any assessment of Almunia's performance yesterday needs to mention that his save from Vaughan at 1-2 kept us in the game. In the first half half his kicking was poor and later he made an error coming out and colliding with Traore. However neither of the goals were down to him and his handling was sound. Obviously the blogger doesn't like Almunia, fair enough, but if you're reporting on a match you need to base it on what actually happened, not just bang the drum of your agenda.

Anonymous said...

Traore isn't good enough for Arsenal, but unfortunately the gunners have 2 left backs out, and Traore is better than Silvestre, which says more bad about Silvestre then good about Traore. Almunia has proved time and again that he is way off being good enough to play for any PL side, he can go to Leeds or something, maybe there he'll be good enough to play fore the reserves. Give Fabianski a chance, he makes fewer mistakes and to me is a better shot stopper and commands the area better. He only needs to learn when to come off the line and when to stay. And Wenger consistenly plays Arshavin up front, that clearly doesn't work as he delivers unefficient performance every time for 5 games in a row now. Eduardo in the middle and Arshaving on the wing switching with Nasri during the game should give Arsenal more options. Denilson and Diaby both said that they could cover for Song, we all saw that that was not the case. The problem right now for Arsenal is left back missing, DM missing, and a stronger striker missing... We're looking at a 4th place for the gunners at best here...

Anonymous said...

4th place? dont be stupid behind who? traore has played well and had one off game, its harsh to say he isnt good enough i dont agree. song was/will be sorely missed and yesterday denilson was below par, but is up to the job. we could hav reli used the 3points but atleast utd drew. anyway next match we have cesc back which makes more of a difference thsn any player we could dream of signing this month. also once bendtner is upfront u could say we will have arsh back. he has done a job 4 the team but once deployed on the wing or even in the hole? he will be much more effective. 2 world class players back, plus clichy and bendtner. hopefully denilson injury is not too bad, it would be a blow woth song away and despite hearing people say diaby he is playing well at the moment and really needs the freedom to roam forward in order to keep doing so. keep it goonerish

DKD said...

remember almunia did make a crucial save when denilson had hit the deck so i think ur being harsh on him .hes good no doubt but arsenal need a world class keeper

Boris Godunov said...

When you look at a bigger picture, what's changed since last year? We lost more quality than we gained. Ramsey, Wilshire, Walcott and Vella haven't improved much, RVP's out, ACN, two first choice left backs are out, even Bendtner crocked. Anyway you look at it, we're in deep shit when it comes to winning the league. Good enough for top four, but not close to trophy. Adding quality and experience and concentrating on one competition EPL or CL would give us a chance. With such depleted squad we can't hope for much more at this stage.

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