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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Montpelier coach sets price for Spahic’s transfer to Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

A lot has been written lately about the “imminent” transfer of the 29 year old defender, Emir Spahic, from the French club Montpelier to Arsenal.

First there was the player’s quotes that the “deal was close” but this was swiftly followed by an official statement by Montpelier itself denying there has been any contact with Arsenal.

"There appeared in the media information that Montpellier are in negotiations with Arsenal regarding the transfer of Emir Spahic. Montpellier deny any contact with Arsenal regarding this issue"

Now we have a bold statement coming from the team’s coach Rene Girard who has set a ridiculous price for agreeing to the transfer:

"Indeed I am astonished. There has never been talk of this departure to the Emirates, he said to the local media and in answering the question of whether he will cooperate with Arsenal if they get offers he replied:

"Yes, but only if the English are willing to pay us 25 million pounds."

This rubbish is to be expected of course as Montpelier know that the player desperately wants to leave and they cannot stand in his way. They are merely trying to up the price as much as they can.

This transfer looks a wise move by Wenger. He will not only make sure that he has enough central defenders but will also be adding maturity and experience at the back.


Anonymous said...

of course they can stand in his way. He signed a new 4 year deal in Jan.

Anonymous said...

thats an old article, before spahic came out with his quotes....

Anonymous said...

"This rubbish is to be expected of course as Montpelier know that the player desperately wants to leave and they cannot stand in his way. They are merely trying to up the price as much as they can."

Hahaha...does this not remind you of another ongoing situation? Just replace the word "Montpelier" (sic) with "Arsenal". Given that he signed a new contract recently and the club don't want to sell, which should they not be able to hold on to him? Just as we'r trying to do with a certain little Catalan...

Anonymous said...

The difference is that we're willing to offer market value for the player, and that the potential selling club would probably benefit from the money we paid them.

For the Cesc situation, they have not even offerred half of his value, and even if they did we do not need the money nor would we be capable of buying a suitable replacement with the money.

Danish Gooner said...

If we sign Spahic for more then 3 million pounds i am personally going to kick someone at Arsenal PLC.

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Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger was right when he said prices were jacked up as soon as Arsenal's interest was known.

wad as in chad said...

Well we certainly need a 4th centre back before the season starts!

juan carlos alcocer said...

We have money, according to wenger.

Did he or did he not SAY back in june that the club finally had money to spend, and that in fact, we could compete with chelsea for top transfer targets.

We desperately, Desperately need defensive reinforcements. Its a joke currently, our most senior CB has ONE stinking year of experience in the league. ONE.

how this situation has developed at A.R.S.E.N.A.L F.C. is BEYOND my comprehension. it really is.....

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