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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Squillaci follows eboue and eight other things you didn’t know about him

By Aries

1. Sebastian celebrated his 30th birthday eight days ago on the 11th August

2. He was born in Toulon, France and has represented his country 21 times. He played in France’s defeat to South Africa in the recent World Cup.

3. He is only 6ft (1.83 m)

4. All his clubs bar the current one, Seville, have been in the French leagues. Toulon, Monaco B, Monaco, Ajjacio, Lyon

5. He has played 49 times for Sevilla scoring one goal

6. He played for Monaco in the Champions League final against Mourinho’s Porto losing 3-0

7. He won the French League championship twice with Lyon in 2007 and 2008

8. His goal scoring record is not that great. Played 372 games in total and scored 23 goals

8. Sevilla sporting director Ramon Rodriguez 'Monchi' confirmed: "The player asked not to play (against Braga in the CL qualifying game) because of the offer from such a big team” to ensure he won't be cup-tied in the competition for Arsenal.

9. Squillaci is said to support the eboue cause as he is a rastafarian eboue follower.


Anonymous said...

I've been on Wikipedia too, so I knew all those things - minus the slightly negative spin (centre half in poor goal-scoring record shocker !). Have a pleasant evening...

Anonymous said...

why did you turn everything into a negative spin?
other sources say 185cm 6'1"

Anonymous said...

I didn't any of those things so the two previous anons please shut up

Anonymous said...

The Eboue thing is funny. To be honest I don't want him at Arsenal. He's not a world class defender. This goes against wenger's policies. Spend some money and buy someone decent Arsene!

andy said...

i love all these commenters who think they are better a spotting talent than professional scouts.

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