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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A big positive for Arsenal emerged against Udinese

By 1970’s Gooner

Yes we did not dominate as much as we used to against teams like Udinese. They had more shots on target and really looked threatening whenever they went forward.

I blame the midfield and Chamach.

Rosicky is gone past his best a few years ago. He could not cope with the pace on a few occasions, did not dictate play and failed miserably in his defensive duties.

Ramsey was god going forward but he also faded out of the game especially in the second half. His offensive play is his forte I think but defensively, like Rosicky, he failed to deliver.

Song was trying to do two jobs at the same time. Destroy and set up. This is not on. I would have preferred Frimpong to have started than see our midfield being overrun time and time again.

Chamach had a miserable night. What is wrong with him? Is he this bad or does he need a run of games to find his form? I hope it’s the latter though I doubt it.

He could not get hold of the ball, couldn’t get into the box early enough and generally was below the pace. It meant that the ball was coming back into the midfield far too often and even then Rosicky and Ramsey were put under even more pressure.

The one positive aspect to emerge from last night and also from the Newcastle game is the defensive performance of the team. Vermaelen has made all the difference I believe. He is very good in the air, on the ground and has the experience and nous to snuff out danger.

Sczesney is acting like a 30 year old goalkeeper. He was supreme.

Even with the absence of Gibbs and Djourou and young Jenkinson playing out of position we managed a “shut out”.

I was impressed and if it carries on we will do much better this season than a lot of people think.


EiE said...

I want some of what you're smoking

Gooner Chris said...

Really? Positive? You must have been watching a different Arsenal to me. We'll be lucky to scrape through qualification if we play like that again - let alone even challenge in the competition this season

Anonymous said...

Very difficult to take any of this seriously. Poorly written and getting names wrong. Get a grip.

Muppet. said...

Superb comments. Ignore the moaners and keep writing. Thank you.

Scottpuffin said...

The comments are a prime example of how fickle and ungrateful the Arsenal fans are of late. Two tough opening games, yet to concede a goal, and the fans are still moaning. You lot really are shocking.
Good article, and I agree.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to relax a bit. The guy we've been missing is Jack Wilshere. Go and take a look at all 1st halves of our preseason games and see how well we performed. There was no nasri or fab but yet we looked dangerous.

Bring Jack back and RVP to attack and we become a different animal (though not ready to challenge for any title).

I expect Arsene to buy a world class MF and Scott Dann in defence (Im sure he will say 2 clean sheets in a row justifies his choice of Kos and Verm, so hence to no Cahill or a bigger name in defence). I also hope Bendtner doesnt go. Chamakh in an arsenal shirt simply makes our attacking play toothless.

Obviously, if we dont add a few signings before the window closes then we are doomed to failure. I am not too worried about the starting 11 per say, but as has been trend for the past few years, when the injuries start to set in, we simply do not have the quality in depth to sustain our high level of play. This is my greatest worry.

Paulo DI Gunnio said...

Good postive outlook, but you'll need to address the errors in spelling player names if you want your opinions to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

I've always tried to remain positive but after last night, unless there is serious additions to the squad (3 needed) we won't finish in the top four and may even have to settle for Europa league this season.

indian gooner said...

Wow you are the eternal optimist arent you?I got nothing out of the game truly.No attacking flair or even desire.In defence too we had a few of the arsenal moments but thanks to some solid display we scraped through.Let us not kid ourselves. An underserviced and aging striker from udinese threatened us more than we did them the whole night and that my friends is a fact. If AW doesnt buy 1 proper LB, 1 playmaker and 1 striker - none of them young 18 year olds- then we have some chance with any trophies this season, else it is ta ta to AW i would say.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with th defensive display, but I still feel that we need cover at the back. If any of the two cb goes missing, it is hell again. So, I hope he adds a new cb. I also thought that we played better when Frimpong came in. It made Ramsey more offensive and more dangerous than he ever looked in the match. Frimpong also made a positive attribute even if he made some clumsy challanges. I hope he really steps up in the coming matches

Anonymous said...

i agreee with the vermaelen and schezny comments they are growing game by game but the other players need to step up aswell for us to have any chance. its hard to make so many transfers in one window and challenge the same year. not convinced on gervinho? i think this starting 11 would challenge this season.

schezny, sagna, verm, CAHILL, gibbs
wilshere, song, ramsey, HAZARD, RVP, walcott, subs:djourou, Jenkinson, koscielny, AOC, miyachi, fabianski, gervinho, frimpong

looneygooner said...

when Clichy left Tight arse Wenger said he didn't need another LB, well that has come to bite him on the arse, we need a dm as Song is a liability what on earth made him stamp on Barton?, weed another striker as Bendtner and Chamackh are not good enough, we will hear excuses from Wenger but I think this is it for him, we are in for a long haul over the season

Anonymous said...

The more clean sheets we can keep the better. This is a time when we just have to battle through. Vermaelen makes a massive difference to the mentality of this side. Yeah the squad is short with injuries and players leaving but its up front where we are weakest. Chamakh was very poor again. Without Song in front of the back 4 we are likely to get turned over in the next few games.
Any victory is welcome.

Anonymous said...

As for Chamack, is doing Ramadan, a bit difficult to pace up your game in those type of hard time.

Anonymous said...

Good articel ! and yes it's not al doom and gloom ... time to get behind the team ! i am sure the issues u raise will be adressed... and i hope chamakh finds his form i like his determination .. he is a good team player but seems out of rhythm and communication with the rest

Anonymous said...

@ scott puffin.

Did you watch the game mate?
I'm a season ticket holder and went. From my view Udinese cut through our back line like a knife through butter way to often. Chesney kept us in the tie by the end of the night and we've got a very tough time of it coming up next week.

The midfield is all out of balance, and this causes the defenders to make mistakes.