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Friday, August 05, 2011

Fabregas before Mata, Cahill or Jagielka, Samba waiting

By 1970’s Gooner

I must say that Wenger has got hold of Arsenal’s transfer tactics this season by the horns and has reversed the general idea that was building up regarding the disintegration of the squad and its star players.

Fitstly and most importantly he robustly told Nasri he is going nowhere and certainly not to a Premier League rival. That shut Nasri, Man Utd and Man City up right away. They realised that the Arsenal Board would back Wenger’s stand of loosing the player for nothing next year.

This needed to be done to send a message to all the lurking suitors to back off not only from Nasri but from Fabregas too.

Indeed it told Barca that if Arsenal were prepared to forgo 20m on Nasri’s sale who had only a year left on his contract then for Fabregas who had a few more years still left they will stick it out even more resolutely. Until the right price for Cesc was offered.

When you think of it Cesc is only 24 with the experience of a 27 year old having played so many games at a high level and one of the best midfield players in the world. He is worth at least 40m.

That is what Barca would have demanded if he was moving the other way. They have to cough up and that is the message that Arsenal are sending and Wenger shows that he means it. That’s good tactics.

Mata’s transfer negotiations are advanced in case Barca do cough up. But it will only be pushed through if Cesc goes. It is also good tactics not to do it before because Barca’s offer for Cesc will inevitably be lowered.

And at last Wenger has realised not that he needs central defenders (he bought two central defenders last season remember) but that he needs British or central defenders brought up in the British way of defending.

However Jagielka who is first choice does not look like he will be the one. Everton will drag it till the end and demand exorbitant money for a 29 year old. Wenger will never buy a 29 year old for 15 m or more. This is not on.

He will however consider Cahill for the same money who is a lot younger and thus has a resale value. His club want to sell him as they need the cash. He is also a good defender.

So is Samba who is at the right age (27), is a no nonsense defender and wants to come to Arsenal. He is also a lot cheaper.


Anonymous said...

Thank god for some intelligent analysis from someone, for a change. Frustrating as it's been, Arsenal fans have to stop freaking out. At least until there are some actual results to freak out about.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is out the question, Wenger would never spend over £15mil for a player with 1 year left on his contract.

I think that a deal for Samba or Scott Dann is far more likely.

Anonymous said...

im quite stunned..doesnt Gooners grasp it yet..we’re waiting to offload cesc and nasri until the final seconds of the transfer deadline..just so the board wenger and the miracle transfer dealer gazidis can pocket the money…and me im very pleased…first we get to see our splendid youngsters play..secondly we will have reached our potential this summer..and dont ever doubt it fullfilled The Arsenal’s ambition..MAKING MONEY…winning isnt what we’re looking for anymore..thats for sure…
The Arsenal have become no more than a company like coca-cola or kentucky fried chicken..doing business earning money..what team or players we field is of no importance…
im delghted..bravo wenger and gazidis you make me proud to be a Gooner..not to mention the class act hilly woody..superb work..

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, no one can predict the future.That seems to be on hold until nasri and fabregas are sold. I can see mata and Cahill coming in, which to be honest I'd be happy with. Ramsey and wilshere will fill the central roles with song, with mata (22 mill) gervinho (11 mill) and rvp in attack. Add that with Cahill (17 mill) and you have 3 players in for est 50 mill. With nasri and fab generating 66 mill, profit is available towards stadium costs, and possibly the capture of samba with the bendtner, clichy and eboue sales.
Does that seem optimistic? well see were we are come end of august

Anonymous said...

don't worry guys, We will definitely challenge for the title next season. Wait till you see who will be the next signing.....

Nasri will definitely stay next season, and finally sign the new contract, but he has to wait until fabregas situation is solved within next week.

With fabregas... soon or later we have to let him go. It just a matter of time before he go to his so called home club, so... don't worry about him too much...


Anonymous said...

Wenger will never do this, Wenger will never do that? who are we to know what wenger will do?? we are all purely guessing, fun as it maybe guessing who he will sign, the only person who knows is him! he knows exactly what we need and he will get it! we need to be patient and understand that our manager has knowledge about every player out there more than fergie, mourino or anyone. He hasnt had much money to spend before but i believe he has now, im expecting 3 top class players to come in, CB, CM and CF!

Anonymous said...

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