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Monday, August 08, 2011

Congratulations Mr Wenger

By 1970’s Gooner

It’s only four days to go for the start of the Premier League campaign 2011/2012 and Arsene Wenger has failed to strengthen the squad in the key areas of central defence and central midfield.

Firstly the on going saga of Nasri’s and Cesc’s possible transfers have taken so much time and effort by Wenger and his few aids that the most obvious area for strengthening the squad has been ignored. And there are only a few days left for the start of the season.

You could say that the window does not close until the end of August. But we all know that most if not all English clubs will not part with their key defenders three weeks into the season will they?

Nor will Mr Wenger want to have a new defender who has not come on board for the preseason, acclimatized and bonded with the rest of the players ready for the start of the League.

Which brings me onto what I have been fearing all along.

Mr Wenger WILL NOT buy another defender this season. He did not intend to buy one in any case. Or put another way he is not willing to pay what he considers the exorbitant English transfer fees. Especially for a defender…

He bought two central defenders last season (Konscienly and Squillaci) to add to the two we already have (Djourou and Vermaelen). He is not about to admit that he bought wrong is he? He will hope that their initial year in the Premier League will make them much better defenders this season.

So the end result is that we have our two best players disgruntled and pissed off while they have not “really” kicked a ball in the whole of the pre season. Certainly not ready to start a League game (in 4 days time).

And if one of them (or both) eventually get their wish this season then who will replace them?

Add to this the fact that we have only strengthened in the attacking positions with only one player who could be classified as experienced and ready to start. Chamberlain and Jenkinson certainly aren’t.

My God what a shambles.

But why do I still feel that we will surprise a lot of people this season?


Anonymous said...

we will defo surprise my friend dont you worry !!!!

is it a bird?? it a plane???..
no its Alex Chamberlain !!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

In January when Vermaelens injury looked like it would keep him out for the rest of the season Wenger said he might need to buy someone to cover for him. As we know that didn't happen, so why does anyone think he'll buy someone now he's fit again?? I won't be holding my breath!!!!

gooner50 said...

With the season about to start the team and club need backing - not being sniped at by so called Arsenal blogs. Your article was crap.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion people are not getting the whole picture.

Our defence is not as bad as people make out, yes the end of last season was bad and so far friendlies have been horrible too but our defence had the best defensive record from open play last season, how can they be that terrible? I remember it took until mid Feb for the first goal against us to be scored.

Our problem was set pieces and yes some were the centre back's fault but many were midfielders/forwards not defending them properly, signing Samba or Cahill wont change that.

Second, I felt our main problem last season was having back ups that could make something happen, this year is clear that is going to be Gervinho, Ryu (hope he gets work permit!) and maybe Chamberlain.. I honestly know very little about him.

I would not be surprised if we sign a CB, would be more surprised if we did, lol... Denilson going to Brazil is being replaced by Lansbury...

There has been no news on the Nasri/Cesc department because there is nothing to report.. to me is clear that Cesc knows he is very important to us and will also feel Barca are not offering enough, he loves both clubs but he will probably feel Barca should do more if they want him as much as Arsenal.

Nasri IMO is going to make a decision about his future during the season... if we sign players he likes he might sign, if we do really well and win cups he will sign as well... but if we do not sign and end up without a trophy then he will leave for nothing.

Yuri Kostun said...

Kos will definitely be better this year, as will Chesney. Personally I think we'll be better off with either Gibbs or Traore at LB since they don't have Clichy's ball watching bad habits. That alone should strengthen the back, as well as the emergence of Frimpong as a legitimate threat to Song's position. Djourou should also be better than last and having Verm really does change the composition of the defense. However, I wouldn't mind a Cahill or Samba either. I just don't think it'll cripple us if we don't, mainly because of the amount of enthusiasm I have for Chesney.

But I like that something in your noggin is telling you good things - we will surprise people this year. Just like every other year they predicted we'd finish sixth.

Just one time I want to see this lineup, just one time:

Sagna, Kos, Verm, Gibbs
Gervinho, Wilshire, Frimpong, Ryo
RVP, Walcott

Speed and energy to burn.

Anonymous said...

you don't deserve to use arsenalanalysis as you domain for your website, didn't you do your analysis of wenger comment that we would see 3 new player by this week? well one down and 2 more to go. For me I will reserve my negativeness until end of month.

Anonymous said...

Bring back George Graham.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now, now Arsenal fans, let's all get together and have a biiig group hug. Are we hugging. Good. Get into a rhythm. No fondling! Say it with me now:


Anonymous said...

we hate tottenham !!!!!!

(burn their stadium down lads. lol)

Anonymous said...

I wonder wha RVP feels about not being one of your 'two best players'?

Anonymous said...

of course we will surprise people.but only until February like we always do.

Anonymous said...

i would start a riot about it but thats a bit of a hipster thing to do

Anonymous said...

They will Surprise alright, buy crumbling straight out of the gates. Nothing , at all, has changed defensively. This team gave up in the last few games, they have no heart. I wish it were another way. Its gutting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dirk does your dad take you to matches? I presume from your purile and simpleton outburst that you have a mental age of Cesc's shirt number.
Learn to debate and expand your limited vocabulary, muppet.

Anonymous said...

So Arsenal/Arsene is willing to pay 12 million pounds for another young upstart.He is not willing to pay for the cd who can make a differnce to the defensive cohesion .Is there nay guarantee the Saints man will be wc in two to five years time?
Walcott is a good example. Touted as wc he has been put on the wings and back to the centre.I know Henry was converted with brilliant results but it cannot be like this all the time.Some of the raw diamonds have been not up to the mark.
The first five matches including the ones with Udinese will tell us where the gunners are heading.If the gunners are eliminated by Udinese expect fireworks.

Anonymous said...

I reckon the biggest defensive signing we need is a coach. Teach 'em how to defend first. Second, cut down on the rediculous free kicks given away, which put us under pressure. Third, some experience on the pitch, someone who can organise and be looked up to, maybe Mertsacker - but we'd to play a little deeper, he's great coming on to the ball.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nasty you should watch what you say on here it could get you in trouble as what you said to that fan was a threat. You might be unstuck if he did meet you at St James and might give you a slap lol, maybe you should go join the thugs riotting our country. But going back to our Arsenal. It's a good signing he is better than Theo and will do well. I also think Wenger will sign Cahil and mert. Then he needs to replace Nasri and Fab with someone who is not interested in only money. Maybe go get Mata with the money he's made from Nas and fab, bentner. But we should not be threatening each other we should be sticking together. I wanted Wenger sacked does that mean you will gob me off now lol. Would be a huge mistake though. But let's get together and support our team and get off to a good start in league.

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